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Since , Kay has been making instruments of the highest quality for both students and professionals. I have pictures of him with the guitar when he was a kid. He was born in Thank you. The Kay is in solid gold circle with 4 little gold lines on each side of the circle.

Looking for info on a L number on a Kay guitar form the 50's or 60's. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Need help identifying model and age of a Kay acoustic with DeArmond pickup looks factory installed. Just found it at an estate sale.

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Number stamped inside is L It looks like Jay LP black, and has a serial number which is W0 The number is on a golden sticker that looks old, on the back of the neck. I just bought a k archtop guitar, from what I have read. It has a spruce top with striped maple back and sides.

The thing that sets it apart from the norm is the maple stripe running through the middle of the fret board. I have googled my brains out and only found 2 pictures of it, plus mine. Can anybody help me out with some info and pics?

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My friend has an old craftsman electric guitar it belonged to his girlfriends grandpa has a number stamped inside was wandering what that number means. I had a Kay K that my folks bought for me in and had it until when I had to sell it to feed my family. I would love to find another one like it. It had a blond top and sounded fantastic. I sold it to Alabama Music in Birmingham. It had a DeArmond pickup in the sound hole and it amplified the quality of the guitar perfectly.

Looking for another guitar like it.

"Kamico" guitars were lower-priced versions of Kay's original guitars. They were among the first guitars to use a humbucker type pickup, predating Gibson by some few years. Produced along with Kay brand name guitars from , according to most sources. The most recognizable model is the Jumbo Jazz. Kay also made banjo's under the kamico thatliz.comry: Musical instruments.

Let me know if you see one. I have one it's electric, not sure of the model. Right now I am in the process of finding out what it's worth, then I will be selling it. It comes in the original case. Was wondering if anyone could tell me what year and value of this guitar. Great shape. Original case in great shape. Stored for years.

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Has steal finger picks that wrap your finger and a slider which I cannot find a similar picture anywhere. Oh has flat screws. I can send pictues.

My boyfriend recently acquired a Kraftsman guitar, but I am having trouble finding any info on one. One the headstock it just says Kraftsman, not Old Kraftsman.

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The neck looks like it's rosewood. The body is light colored with double F hole cutaway and has K42 stamped inside. The trim and pick guard are done in a multi brown tone. Any information such as manufacturer, year, and possible value is greatly appreciated.

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I can email photos, wolfinator yahoo. Does anyone have any info on a kay "favorite" accoustic guitar line?

Dating Vintage Guitars and Amps by Source-Date Code. 03/02/ Return to the Feature Index. Return to the Main Index. Introduction. Sometimes there just isn't enough information on electric instruments and amps to allow them to be properely dated. And many people ask me to try and determine the year of their old amplifier, or to help them with. Kay guitars are just plain cool! From the world-famous and instantly recognizable "Kelvonator" headstock all the way down to the "Blade" and "Kleenex Box" pickups, Kay guitars pay homage to an "art-deco" era where sophistication and style were just as important as sound and playability. less, this is the most complete listing Of Kay guitars to date, and should provide an excellent starting point for dating any instru- ments you encounter. Many Of the guitars made by Stromberg-Voisinet were distrib- uted by various major distributors using their own numbering.

Thanks, Bo. I would l UI development TVike to know the year it was made and what it's worth who ever had it took care of it very well it plays great and sound good I was told it was s r 50s I welcome any thank who ever could tell me the number inside the body is L in I recovered this guitar as a gift and would like to know more about it for insurance purposes if anyone can tell me anything I would appreciate it.

Truetone L N I have a Kay acoustic the serial number is L, it has been in my family for a long time and I was just wondering what year it might of been made and more about it. If you could help I would appreciate it.

Trying to find info (date, value, etc) of my Kay archtop L and Custom Kraft LP copy, stock # ser # Can not find any info on either and have been looking for years. Both are excellent guitars, play and sound great. The acoustic has a vintage DeArmond pickup with vol/tone controls. Can email pics if necessary. Thanks for any and all. Dating Kay Guitars Kay instruments are tricky with no understandable serial number system, questionable reliability on finding stamps, and model numbers that change or are reused. This is my best attempt at pooling information together to help people identify their instruments. The Kay Guitar Company manufactured guitars from the late s. The guitars were generally made for department store chains such as Sear's and J.C. Penney. ID Method 1: Production/Serial Number. Check to see if there is a number printed inside the guitar body. This number seems to be linked to a production code rather than an actual serial.

It has a V neck profile, stenciled headstock label, ladder braced, paddle head, pyramid bridge, O-sized, the marking, "K-2" is impressed into the back of the head and D is stamped inside the guitar. The fretboard is the same material as the rest looks and sounds like Birch although there is a wood pattern painted over it I was told that it was made inis there any way to determine if that is correct?

I may need to get the neck reset but it will be worth it, the sound is fantastic!

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Were you able to find info on it? I too have acquired the exact same model and I agree, fantastic sound!

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I am using it mostly for slide right now as the neck needs to be reset, bloody awesome sound though! I know very little about guitars.

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I just bought a K guitar with plain front and sunburst back. It has steel strings. Through research I found it was made by the Kay company. How would I find the age? Is it valuable?

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Thank You. Kay model numbers begin with the letter K in the format "K- xxxxx". Identification is complicated by the fact that Kay re-assigned these numbers aroun so many models have two different model numbers, one which was used in the '50 and another in the '60s, despite being the same guitar.

But it's not hard to go through the catalogues, and to date most guitars by noticing slight changes in the models over the years - such as pick-guard shape, tail-piece type open or closed en etc.

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By going through the catalogues, most guitars can be pinned down to within a couple of years. More specific dating is possible with electric models by checking the stamp on the back of the pickups, in the format "mmddyyyy" e. Of course, that only dates the manufacturing of the pickups themselves, which may have been in stock for some time before they actually went into an instrument, so strictly speaking that stamp only establishes an easliest possible date for the instrument as a whole.

As for the vexed issue of monetary value, most posts naively assume that there is an absolute answer to this question, but of course, there is not.

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Value is set by two factors: demand and supply. This equation changes on a daily basis, and so no answer can be given to these questions other than saying check these links regularly, and watch how prices are evolving.

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Auctions are a much more accurate guide of actual market value. And finally, to the so-called "experts" who will tell you that Kay guitars are not really collectable, I will quote a slight variation on the immortal words of P.

Summer NAMM '08 - Fritz Brothers Kay Guitar

It's a great way to learn lutherie. Who's going to practice re-setting a neck on a 12 grand Gibson?

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Hi I have a Blonde hollow body Guitar with two pick ups and a single cut away, fitted with a Bigsby tremelo arm. Can anyone tell me how to check out the serial number printed inside. Serial number : L Can not find any info on either and have been looking for years.

Both are excellent guitars, play and sound great. Can email pics if necessary.

After , Kay guitars were manufactured under an Asian import company. Unlike other guitar manufacturers, Kay rarely placed a serial number inside its instruments, so to determine the age of a guitar a visual inspection of a model's specific characteristics must be made and checked against photographs of vintage instruments. Oct 28,   The guitars were made by Kay and the amplifiers were produced by Valco/Supro [2]. An article on Premier Guitars claims that the line was launched in and were produced until Kay was purchased and subsequently went under in though some instruments still bearing the name appeared into the early s. [3]. Get the best deals on Kay Guitar when you shop the largest online selection at Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices.

Thanks for any and all help I have an acoustic guitar, not an archtop, it has a gold sticker on the top with the letter "K" exactly like the Kay logo. It has a model number inside of K Can anybody tell me anything about this guitar and it's value?

I can't find anything on it.

Dating kay guitars

It's in great condition, seems to be all original and I believe it's from the 70's. I would like to know the value of a like new Kay guitar mentioned in the subject line. This was a Fathers Day gift to me. Thank You, Jim Perry. Hi, I have a Kay Archtop guitar and the model No. Does anyone have any info on this model and why the "19" was written in? I was wondering if anyone could give me any info on a Kay acoustic guitar I purchased at an estate sale.

Kay guitars are just plain cool! From the world-famous and instantly recognizable "Kelvonator" headstock all the way down to the "Blade" and "Kleenex Box" pickups, Kay guitars pay homage to an "art-deco" era where sophistication and style were just as important as sound and playability. Kay Vintage Reissue guitars are masterpieces of art as well as fine musical instruments with a unique sound and feel you will not find with any other guitar.

Kay Guitars have been played by some of the world's most recognizable musicians. Featured below are some of Kay's notable artists and players, past and present. Wouldn't you like to be part of the legacy that showcases some of the most influential and exciting players on earth? Make History Play a Kay! Paul McCartney K Barney Kessel K Eric Clapton K Sheryl Crow K Jack White K T Bone Burnett K Tom Petty K

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