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Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts. Share this podcast with your loved one who is going through this process with you. This will help both of you. Sarah Epstein is a Marriage and Family Therapist, and her husband is a second-year emergency medicine resident. They started dating when he was starting to study for the MCAT. Sarah is the author of Love in the Time of Medical School.

She started writing the book three years ago when her husband was a third-year medical student.

Couple things I've noticed from my med school friends (i'd say out of my 9 closest friends that were in relationships): 2 that were married prior to med school remained married, 1 engagement called off due to infidelity and ultimately ended up in failing academically, 1 arranged marriage called off due to long-distance issues, 4 breaks up due. The Hardest Times to Be Dating in Med School. In terms of study periods, Sarah considers Step 1 as by far the hardest. She recalls after Step 1 was over, she was just talking to Bryan and broke down crying because there were so many things she hadn't gotten to tell him. There were so many conversations they had to put on hold. Apr 14,   14 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Med Student. You'll see each other once a year. By Lane Moore. Apr 13, Fox. 1. She's a listening thatliz.comtion: Sex & Relationships Editor.

He was on his surgery rotation, which felt like the pinnacle of all the challenges. There was so much she wished she had known going into this process-in terms of what she can expect, what medical school looks like, and what kinds of relationship issues would come out each year.

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So she started putting all this together. Sarah started writing about her own experiences. She started conducting research on physician couples. And she started interviewing others who were dating medical students. Sarah started dating her husband Brian when he was a senior premed. They went to the same university.

Im from "40 minutes outside a big city" and you learn that if you want to enjoy the city whether that is dating, eating, hanging out, whatever you just take the trip. If you dont find anyone to date in med school, you just make the trip into the city (trust me 40 minutes isnt bad) and find people there.

A month after they started dating, he started studying for the MCAT. But she got to see the whole journey, from taking the MCAT and applying to medical school all the way through to residency. Being supportive, asking a lot of questions, and finding interesting ways to spend time together when he was studying a lot became the key for them.

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They had to find ways to just be in the same room or spend time together where they could take study breaks. They started to think of it as something they could face together.

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They had a team mentality. He was doing all the work, but she was cheering him on.

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Marking his progress studying made her feel like this is something they were doing together. Sarah and her husband talked a lot. And over the course of medical school, that was one of the fundamental keys to making it through each step. Unlike other kinds of training, every year of medical school is something different. So they talked through what it means for him to do well on the MCAT.

She would also tell him her concerns about getting to spend time together.

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And having that dialogue and re-negotiating over the last seven years, over and over again, what their relationship is going to look like, was crucial.

As the significant other, how much do you get to contribute to the decision-making process for the student? When Brian was applying to medical school, they decided that their relationship was not far enough along that she would have a say in where he applied.

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So she played a supportive role. When he had his acceptances, she helped him decide what made the most sense for him. Sarah recommends thinking about where your relationship is when it comes to those application times. Have that conversation with your partner about whether you should have a say. And this is the first taste for the partners of people in medicine that medicine really does call the shots sometimes. Premed students are very protective over their ownership of the process.

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So they feel like they really own it. But I would love your help to look at the options. So be gentle about it. In a way, try to include the person by asking them what their thoughts are. For Sarah, this is one of the hardest parts, especially for the significant other. Because medical school is rigid. Sarah and Brian were actually long distance during his first year of medical school because Sarah was in Thailand.

When she got back, Sarah moved to Miami where Brian was enrolled in medical school, not knowing anyone.


So she picked up and moved to a place where she knows no one to see if they could make it work. And it was really hard for her, for a number of reasons.

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So it was a hard decision for her. Everything was practically new for them. And one of the things that really helped them was that before she moved to Thailand, she visited Miami and she saw his apartment. They walked around the medical school. So being able to picture it made her connect to his world. She was able to picture what he was doing and who he was spending time with. The hardest part for them was Brian not being able to conceive what her life was like in Thailand.

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She was living in a fishing village and teaching Thai children their ABCs. And being unable to come to visit her to get a sense for her world was difficult.

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They also had to grapple with the fact that before they were long distance, they could pick up and talk to each other whenever. So consciously making times to Skype with each other was vital. They had to prioritize it, even if they were both tired or it was first thing in the morning.

Expect them to talk about medicine all the time. No matter what.

Dec 23,   I dated several medical students back in the last century before I met Mr. M. We met at med school parties (I wasn't in med school but lived close by), through mutual friends, and at a conference luncheon. If you don't have 3 hours/wk (avg less than 30 minutes/day) for a dance party or dinner together, or a chat, or a walk, you are a sad soul. Nov 18,   I hope I can start dating guys in med school but I'm pretty shy. VincentAdultman Senior Member. Physician. 15+ Year Member. Jun 18, 1, 3, 38 New York Status Attending Physician Nov 17, #2 Pretty much you meet people how you . May 27,   Intense programs like med school and law school will change the dynamic you have with your significant other. As will certain jobs. We took a moment to speak with Katherine Braden about how she's coping with dating a med student after college-and how those lessons apply to anyone with a significant other who's going through some.

No matter who they are around. Nothing anymore is normal, it all has medical connotations. What are your thoughts? Cancel comment reply Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Are You Tough Enough?

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Looks like Fall! Send this to a friend. I've talked to aspiring surgeons who told me not to date aspiring surgeons, so I know what I'm talking about and you'll be fine. Medical residents work hour shifts that may turn into 28 or 30 hours.

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She has a great ability to stay up beyond what is humanly possible. This also means she needs to sleep, and often at weird hours.

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If she has Saturday off after working a hour day Friday, yeah, she's not going to wake up and go to brunch Saturday because she will be in bed all day.

Her drive and motivation are contagious. This will push you to work your hardest and to be your best, which is second nature for her. Go for that promotion or that job you never thought you'd get! She will stand behind you and respect you for it, you know, once she looks up from studying.

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She still parties like a college freshman who's never had booze before. After all the tests and group projects, she will still inevitably go out and get wasted like she's a freshman in college.

Oct 04,   Dating a med student is hard and to be honest, I didn't know what I was getting into when I started dating my boyfriend. We started dating before he even decided to go to medical school. Medicine was just a distant thought in his mind and he already had a career a good one. Jan 06,   Dating in medical school is not impossible. Whether it is looking for that special someone or being in a thriving long-term relationship, you can always find ways to make work. However, medical school is not easy, so you will have to prioritize and sacrifice for the people that really matter to you. you might want to know about dating from a med student's point of view, so here's one - 1. we are usually tired by the time we come home. countless hours of standing in the OT makes it even worse. so if you plan to do anything together just ask hi.

Few people drink as hard and fast as med students after exams, god bless 'em. They are so sleepy and psyched to get hammered. She won't freak out if it doesn't work out between you two. She's been through years of rejection from med schools around the country so you not being ready for a relationship right now is unlikely to send her in a tailspin.

She works so hard at what she does, so she'll work hard on your relationship. Most med students are generally perfectionists, so as hard as they're working on changing the world and helping other people, they're going to work just as hard at being the best girlfriend they can possibly be. You know, unless you date a surgeon, which I already specifically warned you about.

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