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It's chained to the wall in my garage. They'd have to destroy it to steal it.

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For people who know what it is, they'd never do it. For everyone else, it's just an old canoe.


Good luck. Replies 0.

Jul 15,   Grumman Canoe. Source(s): thatliz.com 0 0 0. Login to reply the answers Post; A. 3 years ago. Captain John is referring to boats built after Before 72, HIN # s were not standardized nor required. I researched a G with the same configuration (xxxxx-GP) w/no HIN. Marathon Boat Group told me: "The only thing we can tell. The world famous Grumman Canoes along with Grumman Boats, Grumman Pontoons and Duranautic Boats. are built by Marathon Boat Group, Inc. The Grumman stickers on the front are painted over (duck camp boat) and there are no serial numbers that I can find. My grandmother swears they had that boat at least in when they built their house in Lafayette, and my grandfather was a pilot, so it might be a lot older than that.

Member since Dec posts. Only thing I can think of is to just go by some yak places, look for old timers, or guys that seem to know and appreciate yak history, strike up convo and see if u can get some consistent ideas? I'll try to get some pics when it stops raining.

Oct 15,   I've googled and found nothing, but I find that hard to believe - yeah, there's a pun in there somewhere. I just bought an old Grumman 17' canoe and it came with no title or paperwork. From what I have found so far, it's from 76 to 82 timeframe (based on when Grumman added float chambers and the earliest sticker on the boat). I would think someone would have a site with hull numbers. The quality and durability of a Grumman canoe cannot be denied, and because of this they tend to cost more than your average canoe. Pre-owned Grumman canoes are on sale for between $ and $, while brand-new ones sell for $ or more. Finding the right canoe is easy when you begin your search on . You can search by different features. Over Grumman canoes available for sale from around the world. Find out your canoe! Low prices.

Okay, now my problem is that I've found the ID plate, but it's painted over. What's the best way to take the paint off without damaging the info on the plate, which should look something like this.

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I know it's a 17' Grumman Sport Boat, but the serial number will probably give me a good ball park estimate as to the year. Yak places, meaning boat shops, canoe places, places that sells frickin yaks.

Eta: I apologize for saying yak, there is usually so much on here about yaks, it's stuck in my head Go by boat places, outdoor sports stores, any place that sells CANOES, Find an old timer and pick his brain, maybe show him a pic, ya know? Good luck, I have everything of my grandfathers I can store.

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Fan Virginia Member since Dec posts. I don't know how old my parents' Old Town Tripper is, either. Even though they bought it in the s they can't remember the year.

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Edit: It was one of the first ABS now called Royalex canoes that really caused Grumman's aluminum canoes to drop in popularity because they had slipperier bottoms, floated when swamped, and didn't crunch quite as easily when hitting a stob in the water.

Thanks for being mad, but I think I just need to take the paint off of the ID plate without erasing what's stamped on it.

you mean?

Try oven cleaner, but read the label first. Some of them can do harm to aluminum.

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Which is likely what that plate is made out of. Also, watch your overspray.

Dating grumman canoe

Keep it. It doesn't "crunch" for shit, and it has been through many wacky adventures.

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I don't know what they were making in the 70's and 80's, but this one is quite indestructible. Now, to get the fricking paint off Replies 3. I don't think he was "mad" bro, especially when he doesn't even know the model, year or what the thing even looks like.

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You come hear with an attitude that is not welcomed. If you read above, we have tried to help.

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Z, did he say I was mad or somebody else? It is the wrong number - I bet you got that off the plate near the front of the boat.

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Your "HIN" number is the one that tells the date of manufacture. This number will be at the rear or stern of your boat and may be hard to see - but it's there, It will start with the letters "GBM" which stands for Grumman - and your HIN is a 12 charachter number and will look something like this: GBMM13D.

Jul 20,   Re: Accumulating ALL Grumman Boat Info, PLEASE ASSIST if you can Hi MR. Lewis, I've been searching for such a list as the one you are attempting to compile, specifically to identify my Grumman GS square-stern canoe, Serial No: I bought it from an old timer in Alberta, Canada, he thought it was made in the mid 70's. Sep 23,   Just picked up a Grumman aluminum canoe. Got it for $85; it has some. weld repairs and dents. I was told it doesn't leak. I have a feeling it's a 17' l but I'm hoping someone can give me additional (any) or confirmation information on it. The oval sticker in the front says: GP-SK Tough as nails. Designed to last and perform, every Grumman Canoe is hand-crafted from a special age-hardened, stretch-formed aluminum alloy substantially stronger than traditional alloys. Each Grumman Canoe is hand riveted with specially-designed T-6 Alumilite rivets for maximum strength along gunnels, keels and ribs.

If your number has more then 12 digits, and looks like this GBMM13D-5A you are only interest in the first 12 digits. The 12th digit will be a letter - this is coded for the month, the 10th and 11th digits will give you the year. In the example above, the year is 13 for Now depending on the year your boat was built, your HIN number could also end 12th digit in a number and not a letter - in this case, the last two digits represent the year.

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Captain John is referring to boats built after Before 72, HIN s were not standardized nor required. Marathon Boat Group told me: "The only thing we can tell you is that it was made before The gentleman that owned the boat I was researching said the boat was owned by his father and was about 40 yrs old so, I think a good guess would be late 60 s early 70 s.

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Hope this helps! Marathon, NY. Trending News.

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