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Chicago vs. New York, The Windy City vs. The City Bordering New Jersey. Liebling deemed us the Second City, although taking travel advice from a man who looks like Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit is highly questionable. So, here are 12 reasons why Chicago beats New York In a matter of minutes Chicagoans can walk from the heart of downtown to sun themselves on the sandy shores of a great lake. And getting all the way to an actual beach is a public transit odyssey.

City v. City. The Chicago skyline and New York skyline are probably one of the most admired cts of Chicago and NYC by travelers. The New York skyline is loved by many because it is dense and encompasses the world's largest skyscrapers - truly a sight to see. I lived in Chicago for 4 years and currently live in NYC (been here since 97 w/the Chicago hiatus in the middle). I would obviously dismiss the opinions of anyone who actually hasn't lived & worked in both cities. To me, this is an absolute no-bra. Chicago vs New York. I had this question from my AMA awhile back about my experiences now in Chicago compared to my previous time in New York, and I figured I'd expound on my response in a separate post. Here's my answer in two parts: money and lifestyle. Money in Chicago vs. NYC "A salary of $70, in Chicago, Illinois should increase to $, in New York, New York.".

While the Chicago skyline is beloved due to its aesthetically pleasing structure, which wraps around Lake Michigan. So which city is your favorite? Also, do you prefer the attractions in Chicago or New York's attractions? Which city has the better pizza? In the end it all comes down to personal taste, and both cities have plenty to offer!

If your heart is set on Chicago - no worries!

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Related Articles Chicago. I've been in Chicago for the past few weeks on business, and have been pleasantly surprised by the level of talent. Yeah, not bad for a City College boy. I bought my way in, now all these Ivy league schmucks are sucking my kneecaps. Gotta brag to people who get it haha, but really NYC is a bitch on real estate as we all know, I'm looking for better apartments price, location and size wise for a year from now to get an idea and can't find anything worth it.

I find it funny how a lot of people say thing like work in NYC for a few years and then move to Chicago. I'm kinda in the opposite boat.

My only problem is that I literally couldn't afford to live the way I do in Chicago in NYC right now, and probably can't until my base salary is in the 6 figures. It's a bit harder but by no means rocket science like some people might tell you.

I would take the NYC price of chew any day. Whenever im down in the states I pick up as much chew as I can because the prices up here are criminal for tobacco and alcohol. And people wonder why us Canadians are always flocking over to NY or PA to pick up alcohol and tobacco. The argument that 'Oh, people get by with less,' is fucking retarded. I didnt get into this to make it by.

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People dont deal with the shit you deal with in finance to live in a split level in burbs. It's actually totaly possible. Just because you graduated college and got a good entry lever job doesn't mean that things should be like a Sex and the City movie. You are just starting out. If you want to live in a trendy NYC neighborhood, get 2 other roommates or move to NJ and take the PATH in, create a budget, max your k, repay you loans, save a but more the minute you get paid, cook your own fuking food like a responsible adult, if you MUST get trashed then pregame at home, etc.

Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses and have some willpower and dignity instead of being a follower. I may have exaggerated somewhat. I cook both my lunch and dinner days a week. So I do save a tiny amount. But that's in Chicago. Maybe my only experience in NYC has been internships or visits, so I really only went to touristy areas, but the cost of living in my short experiences hasliterally been double.

I would be dead broke. I never worried about that too much. But otherwise, I'm in finance to play monopoly.

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I pretty much agree. I end up saving a couple hundred every month without really trying, but I think it's worth being a little loose with money when you're starting your career assuming no debt and an emergency fund.

It's the difference between a decent standard of living and living like a grad student.

You're still saving your bonus. And, as long as you don't ramp up your lifestyle with your pay raises, you'll be saving a lot of your salary as you go along. Meh, depending on bonus for savings makes me pretty nervous since it has such high variance maybe because I'm a trader, could be better for bankersespecially in your early to mids.

This is wrong in so many ways.

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If you like living in a concrete jungle then sure NYC might be for you. If you are a fan of the outdoorsChicago has lots of nice close options. I can get to the state line in a hour. There are tons of nice lakes and outdoors within a 2 hours drive north Plus there are miles of beach along the lake for the summer. Lots of places to bike, camp, boat, etc. Only thing we can't do is surf, but who cares?

I can't wait to get the fuck out of FL and move to Chicago next year.

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After reading, researching, and visiting although its hard to simulate real life during a vacationI'm pumped for it. I don't know how some of my friends are going to stay in the same area they grew up in and don't have the big city itch.

Also forgetting that it's pretty much impossible to own a vehicle in or near NYC. You are going to love Chicago. The winter weather blows, but that just means summer is 10x better. I'm sure winter sucks, but 1 FL "summers," aka 10 months out of the year, wear you down after a while and 2 Busy season tends to be in the winter anyway.

Thanks for sharing man! That will be my decision for FT offers.

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Going with NYC or Chicago. I know exactly what you're talking about. I'm on a year long assignment in Houston right now and the heat is absolutely wearing me down.

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I like the change of seasons a lot better haha. I'm moving back to Chicago in the winter, which will suck, but I'm excited to be able to ski, ice fish, and snowmobile this year. I missed out on last winter. Honestly, suburban life in my 20s is terrible. It's even worse coming from an urban school. Going from college in a city to the suburbs of Minnesota is the worst thing ever. I'd take any city over this.

New York, Chicago, Boston, etc.

Anything just to be around people that aren't 40 years old with a family and mortgage. I don't care that my rent is low or that things are cheap out here. It sucks and it's boring. So true.

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For most people in their 20s the suburbs are too slow paced. City life until you start to feel old.

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Although NYC is more expensive, would the network and job opportunities especially after a 2 year IB stint make it worth more? SF is just as expensive. This is just in my experience from researching when I was trying to decide on a place to live. Whats everyone's take on San Francisco v.

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NYC v. This is my impression as well. SF is known to have high salaries and to be notoriously expensive. I'm not sure of SF vs. SF is surpisingly expensive. I'm paying more for rent than my buddies in NYC. Weather is nice though. Temperate 50's to 70's all year round. One thing about this city is the cultural "backwardness. SF is probably the best place to go of the three if you like the outdoors. Skiing in the Sierras is close notice I say close before you freak out in terms of quality to the rockies.

Dating chicago vs new york

The Santa Cruz mountains provide tons of hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, etc. There's lots of quality boating to be done in the bay. The list goes on. Also, I personally feel you really can't beat the whole micro-climate weather in the bay area. Money has been a little bit tight lately, but at the end of my life, when I'm sitting on my yacht, am I gonna be thinking about how much money I have?

I'm gonna be thinking about how many friends I have and my children and my comedy albums.

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Leaderboard See all. Rank: Senior Gorilla Chicago vs New York I had this question from my AMA awhile back about my experiences now in Chicago compared to my previous time in New York, and I figured I'd expound on my response in a separate post.

Here's my answer in two parts: money and lifestyle. Money in Chicago vs. Decided to Pursue a Wall Street Career? Learn How to Network like a Master. Comments Excel Model Templates and Training. Aug 6, - am. Red Barchetta:. Best Response. Private Equity Case Interview Samples. Prefer Chicago style pizza or that of NYC?

Hedge Fund Interview Questions. No complaints about Chicago.

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Also living downtown. Mehhh it's just money. Toughest PE Interview Questions. Aug 6, - pm.

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Cabrini Green was torn down I may have to give Chicago a look. Great Post! If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses - Henry Ford. Where do most analysts in Chicago live?

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