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The following are some signs of emotionally emasculated males: Men that always concede leadership decisions to their wives I have been married for almost 32 years and have learned the importance of mutual submission as taught in Ephesians I have learned that I am to surrender myself and my life to please my wife and family on most issues. But, in issues related to making life-altering decisions related to our finances, ministry direction, and where we will live to name a few , I am the primary person God will hold responsible for the direction of my life and family. Thus, I must have the final say on matters of this kind, while being very open to the wisdom and counsel of my spouse. Men that allow their emotions to dictate their actions Although men, like all humans, are emotional beings, we are taught in James that the anger of man does not work out the righteousness of God. Hence, we need to make sure that we never allow ourselves to be led by our emotional state but by principle and divine purpose.

Making rules that you insist your partner follow is a step in the right direction of totally making him feel like garbage. The only way that you should be making rules for him is if they are rules agreed upon by both parties in this relationship.

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However, if you are making them without his approval, you are being extremely controlling. Emasculation comes in many forms, but one major one is when you bully your male partner. Making him feel bad when he messes up or purposely trying to crush his dreams would also be considered bullying him. This is a great way to make him feel terrible about himself.

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And hopefully eventually, if you do this, it makes you feel bad about yourself in turn. No one should treat someone they love this way. Spending time with other males when you should be with your partner is a great way to make him feel unworthy. Flirting with people in front of him is as well. Trying to make your partner jealous or make them feel as if they are not good enough for you is wrong on so many levels.

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That might be because you are subconsciously trying to sabotage his confidence. Constantly comparing your man to try and make him be better is awful and if you are doing it, you should feel ashamed.

Always pointing out his mistakes is a great way to make your partner feel like dirt. Everyone makes mistakes and when they do, they usually already feel badly about them. You are just pouring salt on the wound by bringing them up at every chance you get.

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Especially when you use these mistakes in an argument. You are surely going to drag his esteem through the mud by doing so. We mentioned how you might bring up his mistakes in an argument. This is definitely an emasculation technique. You need to believe in your partner most of the time to make a relationship work.

Never believing in each other is a good way to let resentment build up. Your job is always to encourage your partner to succeed. Emasculating him would include always discouraging him. A healthy relationship is made up of supporting your partner no matter what and being there to cheer them on. You may be a little confused by this one and that is absolutely understandable.

When a man feels emasculated. A man always feels emasculated when his wife or girlfriend believes he's not good enough. Egos play a big part too. When a woman loses an ego battle, she feels controlled and restricted. And when a man loses an ego battle, he feels emasculated. The first sign of emasculation in a relationship. Posted by in Facebook's Pentecostal Theology Group View the Original Post. The following are some signs of emotionally emasculated males: Men that always concede leadership decisions to their wives I have been married for almost 32 years and have learned the importance of mutual submission as taught in Ephesians Aug 31,   Things You Do To Emasculate Your Man. You Dominate Everything ; Emasculating your man starts by you deciding to take everything into your own hands. And we do mean everything. You stop letting him have a voice in decisions making. That is a problem on every level. Relationships need shared dominance or they will not work out. Unless you are dating a submissive man.

What we mean by this is that you stop putting effort into sex. You might tell him that he is terrible in bed or that others can please you better. You may even fake it in the bedroom, but make him aware that you are pretending. This is definitely a technique to emasculate your man. Being controlling is bad enough, but picking and choosing who he can and cannot hang out with is worse.

Your partner should be free to hang out with anyone that he pleases.

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These are ways that you prove you are just being bossy and controlling. Your relationship will never work if this is how it is set up. There may be a time where partner is confident, but you are right there to question him at every turn.

This is harmful to his confidence on a dramatic level. Sometimes you need to trust that your partner knows what they are talking about. Or else how do you expect them to believe in you in return?

You might be emasculating your man if you do everything in your power to make him depend on you and only you.

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You refuse to let him think for himself and instead make him come to you for thoughts and opinions. This is manipulation and should be abruptly stopped as soon as possible. Although you may not do all of the things that we have listed above, you might do some of them. Doing more than two on a repeated basis means that you are emasculating your man. You may not realize that was what you were doing, but we hope the list helps you realize it now.

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Everyone can change if they are willing to put the effort in. You might save your relationship by reading and acting on the following tips on how to change below. Instead of tearing him down, do your best to support your partner when he truly needs it. Cheer him on when he needs someone to stand behind him. This will help him feel loved and confident!


You should really only be making decisions for someone if you are a guardian or a parent. Doing it for your spouse or boyfriend is a terrible and unnecessary thing to do.

Always let him be his own person. Kindness is key. You should always be nice to your partner. You are supposed to love and care about them in every way possible. By exhibiting that love, you are letting them know that you believe in them.

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Appreciation goes a long way in letting your partner know how important they are and regaining their trust. Be authentic in everything that you do with your partner at all times! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Nowadays, it's easy to emasculate a man. It takes a little time to take a strong, proud male and turn him into a little sissy. Here is a funny guide on how to emasculate a man in 5 steps. Apparently, the author is ironic, but what he describes is what's actually happening in many relationships. That's why today I want to point out some of the most common ways that women disrespect and emasculate their men. Sometimes just shining a spotlight on a problem is enough to make us realize that changes need to be made. Here are 17 things women do that emasculate their men and drive them away. 1. Withhold respect. 2. Talk down to him. 3.

Don't know what to do with yourself when he has to go out of town? Snap out of it. No one should even be your entire world. You also run the risk of being annoying as hell with the barrage of "I miss you" texts pouring into his phone while he's at work.

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A good man is probably going to start sacrificing his personal time in order to satisfy your desire to be close.

Don't be that girl. You're really bossy.

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Please stop telling men what to do. I never quite understood how much women like to boss men around until I had a little boy. I watch, fighting back laughter as little girls tell him how to sit, where to sit, what to play with, how to play with it, what to say, when to say it and what to eat.

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Let the man do what he wants, the way he wants to do it. There shouldn't be much conversation about it unless he asks for your opinion or if what he's doing is actually causing your pain or anguish. Otherwise, get a grip. You try to fix all his problems.

Dating an emasculated man

That's what his mom would do. You aren't his fixer. He should be perfectly capable of fixing his own problems. He might just like to know you're actually aware that he doesn't need you to fix his problems. You fake it in bed. Don't do this. For millions of reasons, but mainly because it's extremely obvious when someone isn't enjoying sex.

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Bear in mind that a perceptive man the kind you want is going to know perfectly well you're faking it and he'll fake not noticing right back. But the take-away will be, not only that he can't satisfy you, but also that you're the type of women who puts her own pleasure behind convenience.

Talk about what feels good to you and strive to improve your sex life together, but don't settle for a sub-par coitus. You make him hold your purse. You're also telling him you think he's a walking coat rack and that you need a man to help you handle your life.

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