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The early manifolds have a longer drop to the carburetor where the later models had a thicker intake chamber which made this distance appear much shorter. The early 9N left up to serial number 9N had a much smaller diameter generator than the later models rightand the later model used a spring tensioner to keep the belt tight. An oil line was added to the governor for better lubrication on later models.

Also note the upper spindle steering arms. The early arms used only a wedge bolt to keep them in place where the later arms '43 had a Woodruff key and a bolt across the split rear to keep things tight.

They worked much better than the early ones. Another feature unique to the early 9N was the adjustable left side lift link The bottom fork was threaded and screwed on to the upper section. The screw-on pto cap cover was made of cast iron. Other early features not pictured include grease fittings on the forward side of the front spindles and chrome plating on the shift lever, throttle quadrant lever, choke knob, leveling box crank and other places. Early models also had a larger capacity uthatliz.comessurized radiator with a chromed cap.

The infamous 9N rear "smooth axle" left was replaced by a stronger 2 piece riveted axle hub around serial number 9N The smooth axles are coveted by collectors today. A wider 10x28" rear tire and wheel was offered as an option to replace the standard 8x32" inch rear tires.

The double ribbed 9N rear fenders left went through at least 2 reductions in the number of rivets that held them together before the fenders were replaced by the single rib model right that was used on the N tractors for the next dozen years. A safety interlock starter button was introduced at serial number 9N The button was moved from the left side of the dash to its new spot just in front of the shift lever. The operator was now required to have the tractor transmission in neutral before the button could be depressed.

The aluminum dash panel went through a couple more changes as the starter button was moved with the ignition key ending up on the lower left side and the red indicator light disappearing. At serial number 9N the dipstick was moved from the upper left side of the transmission cover in front of the filler cap to the right rear side cover on the differential housing.

It can now be flipped forward for access and stays attached so it won't get lost. Note the through-the-hood type air cleaner inlet extension. These were a dealer installed accessory option available to fit the 9N-2N tractors. The last big change of the year was at serial number 9N when a new steel grille with vertical bars right was introduced to replace the fragile aluminum grill used since '39 left.

Known as "the '41 grille" it was used only about one year and is different from later grilles which have additional slots in the center bar. The tractor was becoming very established and most changes now were minor engineering changes. The grease fittings were moved from the front side of the spindle to the rear side. The brake pedals were redesigned so that the right and left pedals were now different. Changes continued to the tractor's dash.

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It was changed from one piece cast aluminum to one piece cast iron. Then at serial 9N it was changed again to a two piece cast iron column with a steel plate dash panel. The shifter base was also changed to cast iron. The steering wheel changed to a plastic covered 3 spoke design with a chrome nut and washer holding it on.

The ignition key moved to the left upper side of the steering column. The country was now at war which affected supplies and production of numerous products, including tractors. A model number change was in the works for the tractor. Early in amid wartime material shortages, Ford soon realized if tractors were to be built at all they would have to be built without electrical components and rubber tires.

Some believe Ford took advantage of this situation by declaring that the stripped down version of the tractor was actually a new model. Price freezes did not affect new models and the price of the new 2N model "2" for tractor could be slightly higher than the previous 9N price. The first 2N tractors were built with steel wheels and magneto ignitions and had to be started with the hand crank because it had no battery or starter.

The choke knob was moved up next to the grille in front so the operator could work the choke as he cranked the engine. Little else changed. Most people still refer to these tractors as 9N's. It didn't take long for Ford to convince the government that the tractor was as important to the farm back home as the other war products were, and restrictions were relaxed.

The 2N tractors again could be built with starters and batteries and rubber tires. All the chrome plating previously found on the 9N tractors disappeared and those items were now painted. The 10x28 rear tires became the standard size.

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The tool box mounting was changed when the battery tray became steel. The Ford emblem on the front of the hood got a small "2N" stamped into it just below the Ford script.

Jan 02, For a fun, safe and uniquely Chinese dating experience, join free is the trusted Chinese dating site specifically for international men who are honestly looking to develop a relationship that embodies friendship, romance, love, life partnership and perhaps marriage with women of China or of Chinese 08, Template # Type: Website Templates: Author: RockThemes: Downloads: Keywords: online shop shopping digital market publisher study knowledge e-book story Mall ebooks book-store digital-book. However, pumps have been changed over the years, so this date should only be considered to confirm other dating clues. Below are the serial number ranges and some of the features of the tractors in that range. Serial number 9N1 - 9N The 9N (and later 2N) tractors were painted all gray. Because the steel stamping dies were not ready.

The grille was changed to have four slots in the center bar. This would be the last change to the grille until the introduction of the 8N. The steering wheel was changed to a hard rubber outside with 3 uncovered steel spokes in the center. This basic design was kept and used on all Ford tractors through They were equipped with heavy duty hydraulic brakes. Most of these saw military duty during the war on carriers and on airstrips pulling the planes.

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Many of the survivors were later stripped of their heavy steel plating and converted for farm use. At serial number the 9N radiator was replaced with new 2N radiator which was slightly smaller and was pressurized to 4 psi to increase the boiling point of the coolant. The new radiator cap was stamped steel and was painted black. Also at serial number the front steering arms and spindles were changed to a keyed design.

Part way through the '44 production year the front axle radius rods were changed to an oval tube design that was lighter but just as strong as the old I-beam style radius rods.

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The dealer installed lighting kits were changed to include sealed beam Ford headlights, replacing the larger C. Hall headlights which had been in use since ' A longer oil line was added to route the return oil from the oil filter through the governor for added lubrication.

From through there were very few changes to the 2N. The tractor was doing well and the engineers were busy designing the new 8N tractor. The model 8N tractor was the result of the first major redesign since It was all Ford designed, since Harry Ferguson had gone his own way and was no longer involved.

Production of the 8N model began in July Although it still looked basically the same as the 9N-2N, it had many improvements. The paint colors were changed to a bright red with lighter gray sheet metal, which earned it the nickname "redbelly".

The bolt circle of the wheel lug nuts was much smaller than the 9N's and 2N's. Horsepower went up due to an increase in compression ratio from 6. The new transmission was a 4 speed with all helical cut gears. Position control, a much needed feature on the 3 point lift, was added to the hydraulic system. A small lever on the right side under the seat switched the system between position and draft control.

The brake system was improved and made easier to service by the addition of removable drums. Both brake pedals were now next to each other on the right side. Steering gears were changed to a ball nut and sector shaft type for easier steering and backlash adjustment.

Running boards were added.

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The hood had a screened air intake on the right rear side and the Ford script was embossed into the hood sides. The steering wheel was higher than the 9N-2N models.

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The serial numbers are usually not stamped very deep or very straight. All earlier 8N models have the stars. All serial numbers will begin with 8N followed by the number. The exception to this is the 8NAN prefix which identifies a kerosene burning tractor. Some casting codes on 8N engine blocks, transmission housings, and rear axle housings can also help pinpoint a date of manufacture.

These tractors were sold as '48 models, so it's technically not correct to refer to one as a '47 8N. It should probably be referred to as an 8N built in ' Early models up to serial number had a clutch pedal linkage consisting of a bolt on the pedal which pushed on a short lever arm to release the clutch.

They were prone to breakage and at the linkage was ated to the style that continued through the NAA tractors. Some of the earliest tractors still had holes in the grille for the Ferguson System badge that was used on the 2N but they were covered with brass plugs.

The radius rod front clevis resembled the 2N type, and the PTO engagement lever mounted on a cast iron cover.

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The engine block was the same as the 2N block and did not yet have the "8N" cast into it on the left side behind the starter. At serial number the engine block casting was changed for better cooling around the valve guides.

At the same time the old mushroom valves were replaced with straight stem style valves, one piece guides, shorter valve springs, and heavier valve lifters.

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The engine block now has the "8N" casting mark on the left side directly to the rear of the starter. The radius rod clevis was redesigned and the 8NC replaced the -A sometime mid year.

The camshaft and head were upgraded between serial number and At serial the 4 blade fan became standard and the 6 blade fan became optional. At serial the generator changed to the larger capacity 8NB generator.

Most other changes were minor or internal and not visible. There were some notable changes in ' At serial number the cylinder head studs were replaced by bolts. At serial the engine pistons were changed to aluminum with chrome top rings.

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At serial the oil filler tube was shortened. At serial a thrust spring was added to the front of the camshaft and at the studs in the engine main bearing caps were replaced by bolts. Starting at serial number the top link rocker was changed from a single hole to a 3 hole design. The steering box was changed at serial number to a Spicer type with tapered sector shafts for better backlash adjustment.

There are set screw adjusters on both sides of the newer style steering box. The dash panel was also changed to fit properly with the new steering box.

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At serial the 8NA "long pin" was eliminated as part of the Ferguson lawsuit. At serial numbernearly the end of '49 production, an inner grease seal was added to the rear axle housing to help stop the common problem of gear lube leaking onto the brakes. New axles were required to accommodate the new seals. This was a big year for changes to the 8N. At serial number the engine oil pump was redesigned to use longer gears to provide more volume.

At serial number the one piece shifter handle with the small forged knob was changed to a threaded handle with a black plastic knob that screws on. A new engine block was cast so the distributor could be relocated at serial number The engine now had a side mounted distributor with separate coil on the right side and the new 8N generator was mounted on the left side of the engine.

The "8N" casting mark on the left rear of the block was changed to "8N-B". The Ford script was embossed into the rear fenders at serial number Also at the governor was replaced with one containing a drive for the upcoming Proofmeter.

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Dealer installed accessory lighting kits eliminated the headlight "wing" mounts and replaced them with round stamped steel mounts. At serial the carburetor was changed to the TSXA. The Proofmeter tach and hourmeter was added to the instrument panel at serial number At serial the oil filler cap was changed to a larger model with a replaceable filter element inside. At serial number the carburetor problems were solved by a change to the TSXB. The ''50 front distributor engine block left and the ''52 side distributor block right.

Note how the oil filler tube was moved down and toward the rear of the block to make room for the generator to be mounted on the left side. The oil filter was moved rearward also. Cast pads allowed studs to be installed in the block for the generator mounting bracket.

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At serial number the engine exhaust valves were to changed to the free rotating type and the valve lifters were changed to the adjustable type. At serial number a dust shield was added to the inside of the distributor to help extend the life of the contact points. At serial the tractor hydraulic pump base was changed from aluminum to cast iron. The engine block cylinder bores were enlarged and the sleeves were changed at serial number to a cast iron material with a. The "8N-B" casting mark on the left rear of the block was then changed to "8N-C" and the star on each end of the serial number was changed to a diamond.

Because Ford stopped supplying the steel sleeves, many older engines were rebored at overhaul time to use the new cast iron sleeves. The engine oil pan casting was beefed up to give it extra support to resist cracking from the strain of front loaders. The three 8N dash panels used during production. From serial number 1 to leftnewer steering box dash from serial to centerand the Proofmeter dash used from serial to the end of the 8N production.

At serial number the front tie rod ends were changed to have a longer stud and use a castle nut and cotter pin to keep them from working loose. The spindle arms were also changed to bend upward slightly to make clearance for the castle nut above the axle. At serial the lube hole for the steering box was put on the front of the upper column between the steering wheel and dash board. Sometime in late '52 a change was made to the transmission housing on the left rear side that would allow for a larger reverse idler gear to lower the reverse gear ratio.

This change was already in production in the new NAA-Jubilee model.

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Note - we have found no proof that the larger NAA type reverse idler gears were ever installed in any of the modified 8N housings. The upper rear lift arms were beefed up with a more rectangular cross section shape for increased strength, another change that was already in effect on the new Jubilee.

In late '52 Ford introduced the all new, completely redesigned NAA series tractor for '53 which marked the end of 8N production and started a new chapter in Ford tractor history. The NAA - Jubilee had a more powerful cubic inch overhead valve engine, live hydraulics, and redesigned front sheet metal with the "cyclops" medallion in the center of the hood. It is slightly taller, longer, and heavier than the 8N.

The serial numbers on the first 22, NAA models were stamped on the left front of the engine block just below the head as shown in the photo below.

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Serial number location on later NAA models was on the left side of the transmission case just below the flat above the starter bulge as shown in the photo below. Serial numbers on all NAA models start and end with a diamond symbol.

Because of the two locations for the serial number and the common practice of owners buying rebuilt engines on an exchange basisit's possible to have an early NAA with a later engine that will have no serial number at all.

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