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The blog is, other than the one wheelchair I had with my several months into the quadriplegic; I never put much thought into it before that quadriplegic. I spoke with Ali about it over the next few mornings, and she made a comment that I felt to be fairly profound. I had never imagined myself dating someone in a . It previously never crossed my mind. My father may have pointed out how most of the people he knows would shy away from a cord from fear of not relating, but also pointed out why I did. Ali and I were already talking to one another before we initially met. I had read her dating quadriplegic and reached out to her after finding that we share a very similar on life.

I became resigned at the beginning of January last year that there was no man out there like that. I figured I would be alone for the rest of my life.

Again I am sorry this is so long. I used to play this online game called SecondLife. I got on one night and was sitting around a sim I used to frequent. I get this message from some avatar in my IM box. It was funny, witty, intelligent, etc. He took notice of a Lizzie Borden quote I had, and he being a lover of all things weird and morbid and macabre as well just had to message me. I messaged back, and we ended up chatting for about 8 hours.

Was that guy real or was it a dream because he was awesome. I learned things about him, plus he gave me photos and holy moly was I attracted.

Had a hot body, loved to workout as I did, was into eating healthy like I am, was into outdoorsy stuff like I am. He listened to me talk about myself, my life, all the horrible things I had went through as a child and growing up.

He listened to my pagan beliefs, my wiccan beliefs. I told him about my daughter and was scared toa lot of people ran away when they found out I had a kid. But he stayed and asked about her. My cat disappeared one day for over a week and I thought he was dead.

I was really depressed and he sat online in case I needed him, every night. This was the end of February.

Quadriplegic Dating is part of the Online Connections dating network, which includes many other general and disabled dating sites. As a member of Quadriplegic Dating, your profile will automatically be shown on related disabled dating sites or to related users in the Online Connections network at no additional charge. From the very dating to present day I have enjoyed every single quadriplegic with her. Just as people have to take a quadriplegic every day, so does Ali, but just in a different cord. I suppose this may scare off some men who want to dating expectancy who are able-paraplegic or conform to societal norms, etc. Ali is unique in every way possible.

I had told him how much I had been hurt and he understood, he even went off on rants about infidelity. By May, I realized that he was everything I had ever wanted. Every little detail I have ever wanted in a man, in a relationship, in life He was it, had it, wanted it too.

My walls tumbled down, I opened up to him, and man it was great. He listened to my problems and never once complained.

He offered advice and was always on my side even when I probably should have been told to shut up. We talked about our first time together in great detail sex wise. We talked about my daughter and how he wanted to meet her and how I thought she would love him.

We talked about taking courses at this school called NOLS for backpacking and sea kayaking over in Australia. We talked about living our life together and doing everything we want. He wants to be the one to run out at 3 am when I get a craving. He hated infidelity, guys nights, spending time apart.

He was so much like me we often joked we were the same person. I cannot express it enough. No matter how well I try to describe it on here, I can never hit exactly what it is we share.

Everything from sex, fantasies, loyalty, life goals and dreams.

Dating a quadriplegic

We planned stuff out every single night and talked about it and he promised it was all going to happen every time we talked about it. I felt strong again, confident again, happy again. It gave me the strength to figure out what I wanted in life and to want to be a better person for him too. He even gives me dollars every few weeks to get a deep tissue massage because I have tension in my upper body that is justit makes me miserable.

He knows my family has been shit, and he has always told me how his family would love me and I would always be a part of his family. I have never been in love before. I believe that after meeting him. I cried with happiness most nights. I knew I was never going to take him for granted when we were together. I thanked whatever deity there was out there for this, for me finally getting what I thought I deserved, for leading me to this man.

What were the chances I met my soul mate on SL that night? We had this revelation a few months ago about us being twin flames, and I had past life readings done that said we had past lives together and we were twin flames and it just more cemented everything for him and I.

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He lives in Mississippi, and I in Ohio. My sex drive is insane. He said when he was 19, he was in college, and he was leaving campus to go to his basketball game or something like that.

Dating quadriplegic depends. They say each spinal injury is like a snow flake. Each like is different. Someone that may have the level of injury that he does, which is a C4 vertebra, may have finger function with hand function. He can be sexually active and all sex that works, like . Feb 15,   Newly dating a quadriplegic Feb 15, GMT -8 via Inspired Mobile. Quote. Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Back to Top; Post by younggun on Feb 15, GMT I dont know what kind of cath he uses, but as he has mobility in arms, he might have chances of using condom canth if he wished for. If that is the case. Oct 11,   I am 20 years old and have been dating my fiance, Chris 34 a C6-C7 incomplete quadriplegic for almost a year now. Chris has no feeling from the chest down, complete use of his arms and limited use of his hands (he can write, type, push his manual chair and even drive so .

He was supposed to leave an hour later but had friends leaving at that moment so he decided to get a head start. Why not. So it was one of those soft top jeeps. There was a crash and he was ejected from the vehicle. He was severely injured.

I interrupted him and said something and he said baby I am trying to tell you something and he started crying. He can flex his wrists up. He can move his arms, he has control of his biceps but not his triceps really. He lives with his parents and they have to assist him with about everything. The photos I have looked at for over a year from his face to his body not him. He did it because when I met him, he never knew it was going to develop into something, so he just grabbed a random photo and gave it to me.

The more we talked he realized he was getting feelings for me and he kept on with the photos from the same person or whatever. The harder it got to come clean because then he was afraid to lose me. I feel totally crushed.

I mean into a billion pieces. More than someone should have to experience in multiple lifetimes. The whole time this past year every night I was thanking everything I could to have met someone like this, someone who loves me the way he does.

I felt like my shit life was over and I finally had paid my dues and was getting what I deserved. I had totally different photos of his body of his face, everything.

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He got on webcam Wednesday night and I saw his face and it was so weird. He told me I have every right to hate him. I am hurt beyond words, and yet I can understand a lot of why he did it. He told me I owe it to myself to go out and see what else is out there, so I could be happy.

He feels he would hold me back from a lot of things I want. He wants me to think of my 7 year old daughter, but she has a heart of gold. He feels like a burden, but feels so lacking. We are both heart broken but I am the most heart broken. I am really struggling with this. But I know I want no other man, and I want him. Advice from anyone? I am drowning here. I have been disabled for 23 years. Reading over these letters, I can only pray to God that He would be so gracious as to letting me spend time with a loving woman.

I have been single for many years. Reading over these letters, I feel you guys. Being single, I feel you even more.

God has a reason for letting everything happen. In my opinion, there needs to be a caregiver other than yourself. Everyone needs the time alone. Everyone needs their downtime. Try to live without regrets. Admit to those you love that they are loved and needed in your life. Forgive those that hurt us, because if we do not, it is only us that will live with the pain, and we will inevitably answer to God for our ways. One of my best friends is a quadriplegic and has been for four years now.

I am an industrial design student working on my major project.

Are dating a quadriplegic authoritative

I am hoping to design a product to help him with his confidence and improve intimacy for him and his partner. I need some extra help and would like to ask if anyone would be willing to participate. I need partners and spouses of those in wheelchairs to participate to gain a better insight of what its like to be in a relationship with someone with a disability.

If you are in a wheelchair due to a spinal cord injury and would like speak to me about your experiences or give me any suggestions on what you feel is missing out in the market please let me know.

The relationship should end unless 1. For your relationship to last 2. Your personal intimate, sexual interaction is highly improved minus the bowel program, the clean up stuff.

He needs housekeeping chore service and his being injured on the cop job means 3. This is available in the civilized part of the country, not the south!

At this time you are playing the Martyr and he is a selfish Bastard! Please understand that my computer is voice-activated. The relationship should end unless? I believe that the relationship with the disabled person, more specifically, a quadriplegic, can be healthy if the partner, male or female, does involve themselves with the care of their partner.

I have been in several relationships, although I have not been married. Should something happen, in a pinch, and their help is needed, what then? This is not an easy lifestyle to deal with. Imagine you have spent hours cleaning your house, in anticipation of family members coming to visit. You look around your house, you see that everything is just perfect, as you want it to be, everything dusted, flowers set out, carpets cleaned, etc.

Then only minutes before your family is expected to arrive, two or three of your children come running into your house with their dirty feet, their dirty hands, and make a mess of all your hard work done in preparation for your guest. At this moment, how you feel? Are you ready to pull out your hair by its roots. They should not be so selfish. One never knows when the tide could turn.

Many years ago, three years after I became disabled, it was necessary that I have yet another neck surgery, this being the second surgery. To my dismay, a cyst was growing on my vertebrae, C4. The doctors told me that I would need to have this cyst removed, or I would lose what use of my arms that I had regained since my being disabled. Throughout the following four months, while living in Miami, Florida, because of the surgery, my mother took care of me.

Even while I was in the hospital, my mother would come in early in the morning and take care of my needs. She would be with me all day long, and return the next morning.

I could see the fatigue wearing on her. Was of being selfish for not suggesting we bring in outside help to assist with my care? Was I being selfish, believing my mother would never tire? To be honest with you, I needed her so badly, beside me, helping me, that I did not notice her being just shy of breaking down.

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Both physically and emotionally, my then year-old mother was to her breaking point. She loved me so much, she cared so deeply for me, she continued care for me without complaining. Inevitably, she did bring in outside help. When this dreaded moment did come, I became very selfish. We called on a local agency for assistance.

The woman arrived at 7 PM. Opening the front door of the condo to greet this woman, I knew that I could not go through with training a woman I knew nothing about, a woman that would not be in my life longer than a month at best. I turned her away. At that moment, I needed my mother so badly that I was being selfish, expecting her to continue with my care despite her being too the point of collapsing.

My mother knew my care. My mother cared, and she cared for me. I needed this unity more than she could possibly realize. Then again, maybe she realized this more than I possibly knew. Having resources to bring in outside help is nice. I too have resources, and I do have quality help that work for me.

My lifestyle has been compromised enough. You never know, again, the tide may turn. If I might add, respectively, be wary of what you say. I live in the south.

All regions have their weaknesses, as well as people do. What brings you to the assumption that the south and civilized?

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The bastard you spoke of, you know him well enough to adequately say that he is the bastard? You throw some pretty hard stones. Hi Layne, Thank you for your post and welcome to the forum. He gives me so much in the relationship in so many ways.

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If he needs help w personal stuff so be it. We all need help in some ways in life. Would you mind expounding on that? Do you mean into your personal care, or meeting people in general?

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Once again, welcome to the forum and I would enjoy hearing more of your story. Well I sure as hell would date quadriplegic why not?

C5 Quadriplegic - Dr. Phil Saga - Our Argument About Caregiving/Girlfriend \

I work will them from to time to. I also wonder what it like to have relationship with a person with a disability. All my respect for you peoplei have my hardtimes toobut you are more powerfull that i can imaginethis must be a lesson of life for everybodywe have a lot to learn from youfrom your way of lifefrom your hearts and from your souls.

Respect for you! Keep on being that beautiful people that you are now!!! God Bless You!

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He needs time to realize what he has become. Leaving him would be best. Time alone will help him learn about himself. You need to remove yourself from his care!! You also need to get your life going again.

A job, car, and a social life. I would give any thing for a woman like her. Hi Everyone, this is all new for me. However, I am about to marry the love of my life and he is a quadriplegic. We have known each other for 31 years but, we were separated for many years.

We tried to get married 8 years ago and I just could not bring this onto my children who are now grown. Now, we are empty nesters and love each other so much. I feel a great deal of peace about marrying him and he is so grateful for all that I do for him.

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He is still having a hard time believing that this is really happening. I just want some advice. His mother is there for him but, his other siblings are not able to give too much assistance and even have a hard time dealing with his situation which resulted from a car accident 12 years ago.

Please give me your advice. We both feel that we were supposed to be together because we had a beautiful relationship and I left and went into the military.

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I need advice and insight on what to expect after I take on this responsibility. Lastly, I will be working full time when we marry. I just started talking to a man I met online who is a quadriplegic. I was wondering how the relationship would work. But he does own his own business. Communication, patience, and laughter are key to any relationship- able bodied or not so keep talking and laughing with each other and your nervousness will disappear.

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Good luck to you both!! Just take things slow. Enjoy getting to know him and see where it goes. Best wishes to you two!! Hi, I happened across this because I was trying to find a website to help me deal with issues. My husband has been paralyzed since our 2nd anniversary we are going to be celebrating our 14 years in just a few months. I want to say we raised kids and have had a very blessed life. It has had its ups and downs but in the end any relationship you want is worth fighting for.

It was hard at first but he is the same man I fell in love with and I would not change a thing.

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He said I could divorce him because he thought he would be a burden but I told him Hell No I did not marry you for your legs!! I am the bread winner and sometimes the money is very tight. I am not making as much as I was before at my old job but it is just a few months old my new business. He always says its ok and it will all work out.

I am blessed because he can help with dishes and laundry and he does so much more that he amazes people and me everyday. He is a T10 so he has more use than quads but being in a wheelchair is all the same. Caring young female looking for friends and more. Love music, movies, series and writing. Looking for outgping and funny people to connect with. Funny, caring and outgoing lady who loves witty banter, intelligent conversations and life in general!

My motto is "Everyday is a Holiday" and believe we should live life to the fullest. We all have bad days, but I prefer to look on the bright side of things.

Love meeting people and celebrating Join Free Here. This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. OK More info. Quadriplegic Dating.

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