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The Parker 51 is a fountain pen first introduced in Parker's continual advertising during the war created demand that took several years to fulfil after the end of the conflict. The pen and the ink were both named 51 to mark , the company's 51st anniversary, during which development for the pen was completed U. Patent 2, filed. By giving the pen a number instead of a name, Parker avoided the problem of translating a name into other languages.

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Although Parker no longer manufactures these specially formulated inks, the pen's construction is suitable for most modern inks such as Parker's Quink. A pilot who is suspected of falsifying flight records in his logbook in order to overstate his actual experience is said to have logged "P hours".

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The 51 is popular with pen collectors, and in Parker issued a lookalike model called the 51 Special Edition. Inthe larger and heavier Parker was released. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations.

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Dating of Parker "51" pens is easy, down to the quarter it was made; at least for the barrel. Parker used a date system of one digit, surrounded by a series of dots to signify the quarter the pen was made in. The year was started with three dots and as the year progressed, a . The Parker 51 went into production in , and remained a best-seller for decades thereafter. The majority of examples in circulation, however, date from the s. Perhaps no other fountain pen has been so unanimously acclaimed as a classic. Nor is it merely a triumph of styling - though it has a place in the Museum of Modern Art's design. Jan 31,   Dating a "51" Pens made before Parker stopped date-coding its pens have a date code on the barrel. For instructions on reading this code, refer to Parker's Date Coding Systems. Pens made after Parker stopped using date codes (early to mids) cannot be dated to a particular year, but you can at least narrow the possible range of years.

Fountain Pen Network. Retrieved 28 April Parker "51" 1st ed. United Kingdom: Surrenden Pens Ltd.

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InParker came out with a new "51" vacumatic model, the Demi-Sized model. This pen was much shorter than a regular "51", and was advertised for women.

Other than that, all other barrel components were identical to a regular "51", using the same hood, collector, nib and blindcap. One noticeable change was the unique sized cap designed for the Demi. Although identical in diameter, it was shorter, giving the pen a much better balanced look. Only two cap patterns were available for the Demi, as seen on the "Caps" page, one in Lustroloy and one in Gold Filled.

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It should be noted that one can often find Demi "51"s with a regular size or even regular sized "51"s with a Demi cap, not an original combination, and most likely a result of a later switch. Visually these pens will not look right, although the caps do seem to fit.

Dating parker Fromthe date was denoted by another two-digit system: "50" was the mark forand "51" for The system was dropped not long thereafter the earliest US date code we have seen is "34"; the latest, "55". Posted 29 September - Community Forum Software by IP. Community Blogs. General Help Classifieds 1: User. Dating a parker Page 1 of 2 - Where Are The Date Codes On A Parker 51? - posted in Parker: Greetings all, I was looking over my Parker 51 Aerometric out of curiosity; to try and find out when it was made, but I couldn't find a date code anywhere. I looked on both sides of the clip, all around the base of the cap, inside the base of the cap and all around the aerometric filler, (which says PARKER 51, squeeze 4. Development completed on the 51st anniversary of the Parker Pen Company. Parker "51" test-marketed in South America and Caribbean countries. Parker "51" test-marketed in selected U.S. cities. The Parker "51" is introduced in the U.S. market. Parker "51" Ink introduced. Parker "51" Red Band filler introduced and made for approx. 1 year.

Production continued through Parker "51" Aerometric Filler InParker introduced its redesigned Parker "51" with its new "Foto-fill Filler", later renamed to the "Aerometric Filler". It announced a series of 15 different improvements, including the capability to be carried at high altitudes.

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These sacs are still going strong after more than 50 years, and one seldom finds a bad one. Of the three all-metal models, only the Signet was available in Full and Demi sizes.

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This continued until the end of production for this model in Also, the early pens had a choice of a gold filled clip on a Lustoloy cap, an option discontinued by There were various cap choices available, although not as varied as the earlier Blue Diamond style caps, detailed in the "Caps" page of this website.

A new range of colors was developed for the Aerometric "51"s as follows, in order of rarity:.

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The latest pen example with a date code I have found isand the latest pencil is dated Some dating aides can be found under the Parker "51" Chronology page. InParker introduced the "51 Special", a lower price alternative pen, with a steel nib and shiny polished cap with a black jewel.

Dating a parker 51

A smaller Demi pen was available from the beginning of the aerometric production. This was a Parker "51" pen in all respects, similar to the Full size aerometric version, but with smaller proportional dimensions. It should be noter that the cap of the aerometric demi will not fit any other "51". The last aerometric demi was made inand I have found one with the breather hole moved to the side of the barrel, a change that took place around the same time.

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The "51 Special" was also available as a Demi. In the first years,the filler was fully covered as in the full size version. Beginning inthe filler cover was changed to an "open" style, as illustrated below.

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This was very similar to the "51 Special". InParker introduced its Jotter Ballpoint. In the same year, Parker introduced a matching "51" Jotter. The Jotters were available in all the same colors of the fountain pens, with the exception of Plum. The were available with either a Lustroloy cap or a Gold Filled cap with converging lines only.

1. Date codes on Parker Pens. ated Oct In mid Parker began marking most pens and pencils with a date code, both the barrel and the nibs were marked, but lacking a date code doesn't necessarily mean that the pen was made pre, since many imprints have been worn off with use. The first date codes, found for example on the Vacumatics, consists of two digits, the first one.

Early production "51" Jotters have metal threads, making them heavier and heftier. These early production versions are more desirable than the later all plastic barrel production pieces.

If you prefer not to see any adverts, support FPN by donating towards an Ads Free view, either by a monthly contributionor a yearly contribution. Started by cornicheFeb 05 Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Oh, Boya! Posted 05 February - Greetings all, I was looking over my Parker 51 Aerometric out of curiosity; to try and find out when it was made, but I couldn't find a date code anywhere.

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I looked on both sides of the clip, all around the base of the cap, inside the base of the cap and all around the aerometric filler, which says PARKER 51, squeeze 4 times, use only Superchrome ink, etc. Can't find any date codes? Looked for older dots and dashes and couldn't find any; looked for the newer letters and numbers and still couldn't find any.

All the best, Sean Edited by S. Colfer, 05 February - I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, although he be dead, shall live: And every one that liveth, and believeth in me, shall not die for ever. Believest thou this? Posted 05 February - I am not a Parker 51 expert, but if I am not mistaken it is on the barrel right above the clutch ring. The clutch ring is the ring between the barrel and the section.

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So basically, look along the open edge of the barrel when the barrel is unscrewed. A lot of times the imprints are warn pretty thin, so it might be tough to find Good Luck on your hunt, Brian.

Irony is not lost on INFJ's-in fact,they revel in it. Posted 05 February - Sean, Here are a couple of photos to illustrate the explanations given by the John and Brian, above.

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Phil Edited by philm, 05 February - Posted 05 February - More details about Parker date codes can be found here. If your pen does not have one, you can always narrow the date range by the details given here. Posted 05 February - Hello all, Thank you all for the info provided and the links. All the best, Sean. Tom A veteran is someone who wrote a blank check Made payable to 'The United States of America ' for an amount of 'up to and including my life.

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Posted 06 February - Just looked at mine and one has the Made in USA 50 but no other markings, the other has no visable traces of any marks. I don't know the changes listed in the chronology to date the second Very cool though, my gold nibbed 51 special was made in 50, as long as the body was not a swap out The colors match purfectly so I doubt they where.

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Posted 06 February - Since my 51 doesn't have a date code; it must have been made betweenif I read the Parker link correctlyan when Parker reintroduced date codes. May be, but if the filler of your pen says "Superchrome ink" then you can narrow the year up to Last year for Superchrome on filler sleeve.

here's also the rare button filled Parker "51" referred to as the Red Band, which was produced for a few months only from June until the end of , and the Cartridge Filler Parker "51", produced until These were however produced side by side with the standard line. Mark I , had the (late) Vacumatic filling system with a plastic plunger hidden behind a blind cap. May 31,   There is one additional puzzler associated with the "51". Some Vacumatic-filling "51"s bear a date code of T6 or T7 (with varying numbers of dots). Today, no one knows for sure what the T means. However, the best minds in the hobby believe that it means Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where Parker had a factory. The Parker 51 is a fountain pen first introduced in Parker marketed it as "The World's Most Wanted Pen," a slogan alluding to restrictions on production of consumer goods for civilian markets in the United States during World War thatliz.com's continual advertising during the war created demand that took several years to fulfil after the end of the conflict.

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