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To some, divorce can be a release. To others, it is a devastating blow. For others still it heralds a new and better beginning. So why does the experience vary so much, and why do men especially seem to struggle with divorce? Yes, that is right, men struggle with divorce.

So why do some men thrive, while others sink into a pit of despair and destructive behavior? After divorce, men go through a crisis that is all too often oversimplified in their own eyes and the eyes of society. Being sad and regretful is one thing, but these are transient phases. Anyone male or female who loses something important to them experiences what we would commonly call grief. It is a process to overcome that enormous loss - one that has a profound effect on how we see ourselves and our place in the world.

A man who is divorced must come to terms not just with this loss, but how that loss affects his ego.

Dating a man after divorce

I should break off here to explain ego. While the term is often used to describe someone who thinks too much of themselves - as in having a "big ego" - the root meaning of the word is our internal sense of who we are as a reflection of other people and society. It is how we view our role and place in society based on a lifetime of interactions with the society in which we live.

The ego is a necessary thing for us to function in society, but it also causes some extreme problems when it comes to loss and grief due to how tightly our ego is tied up with family, love and marriage. Often men who get divorced have to contend with the fact that his entire sense of self worth was tied up with his marriage.

He had locked his self worth to his heart as soon as he said "I do" and probably well before that. The binding of marriage to his ego was then reinforced by society's notions of commitment, love, fatherhood, and responsibility of being the head of the household. A man who has been divorced finds himself adrift without knowing his place or worth because he gained so much of his sense of self from his partner and had not developed a true understanding of his real self.

When you feel the pang of loss and grief, this is your ego raging against the situation. This is what causes the anger, the depression, the anxiety and desperation. With this information, we can begin to understand a man's emotional turmoil after divorce.

We can also see why certain patterns of behavior appear and what they really mean. Long have women been amazed at the behavior of some divorced men, where they fling themself into extreme situations that end up being quite self-destructive. Some men turn to work and throw themselves into it with ferocity, some men choose alcohol as a salve, some choose harder drugs, and other still turn to dating well before they are ready.

All of these things and more are linked to a single thing - an ego that is hurting and the desperate need to boost their self esteem to feel valued, or feel pleasure in other ways. This is a terrible trap for the unwary as any activity that raises your self esteem temporarily is followed by a crash when you come back to earth and you still have a shattered ego.

This should seem obvious, but when you start getting into tit-for-tat battles with your ex-spouse, you often do not realise just how harmful your actions are to your children if you have kids. Children are innocent victims of divorce, and while it is often the painful reality that men become isolated from their children because of divorce, no good can come of trying to manipulate them or the situation around them for your own gain.

The best thing you can do is to give them the most stable and loving life possible in this situation. Being a good father is the best thing you can do, even if it is in a limited capacity. Knowing that you are doing the right thing by your children in trying circumstances is also a way to gain more self-respect for yourself, which is an essential part of overcoming issues of self-worth which bring misery to men after divorce.

To follow on from the last point is another about your feelings of self-worth. This is at an all-time low in your life after divorce, which leads to a very bad set of actions that too many men take to feel a little better. What I am talking about are short-term self-esteem-boosting actions that make you feel more powerful, more in control, and more wanted.

The problem is that anything done so quickly never lasts long. Alcohol, violence, loose women, drugs, and many other actions that make you feel good for a short time quickly fade, making you feel even worse. In extreme cases, these things become an addiction as you feed your ego over and over again with things that do not nourish it, but instead make it even hungrier! In this section, I hope to give some usable hints on what you need to be doing to survive a divorce, be happy and give yourself the motivation and direction you need.

When you get divorced, you go through a mental process that is the same as any other situation where you lose a loved one. This is grief, and it is an important process to go through to move on from the situation and accept it. This cycle follows these stages for nearly all people in this situation:. Just knowing that there is a process that we are all hard-wired to go through is an important part of being able to move through these horrible bits of your life quickly and learn from them as well.

So do not be afraid to feel these emotions; just make sure to view them in context and learn from each part as much as you can. Once you have let out all of the negative feelings, it is like purging yourself of a poison and being able to live without a bleeding and festering wound. Another thing that I see many men say is that they could not control themselves when they get angry, or spiteful, or depressed or take any sort of destructive action. While it may seem harsh, the truth is you must always own your actions, no matter what.

If you do something, you let yourself do it; your emotions and feelings influenced you, but they did not force you to do anything. No matter what rage or injustice you feel, you are in total control of your own actions.

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Lack of self-control is a lack of self-respect, which as we have discussed is an essential part of being a happier and better-adjusted person. IF you cannot control anything in your life-your ex-wife, your financial situation, your children, your work, and of course your volatile emotions-you can always ONLY control yourself. If you seize this opportunity to control your actions and words, you are taking a step into being a stronger and more capable person who will cope and be happy in time.

I said that to myself a number of times before I saw the truth at the heart of the matter. Being bitter, holding a grudge, storing away your anger to serve as some sort of misguided warning to yourself and to others as you talk to about the perceived "evils" of marriage is all too common and serves no purpose.

It will never inhibit your ex-wife in any way at all; instead, you restrict how happy and fulfilled YOU can be. The way to truly get over this is forgiveness. This is not condoning anything; this is not forgetting anything. Forgiveness just means that you no longer carry this burden and you no longer have the capacity for hatred even if you may never understand what happened or what they were thinking! This requires you to have a better grasp of your own self-image and self-worth first and is the final stage in your journey of divorce recovery.

I hope that this article has been useful to some men after divorce looking for some advice to help them cope. I understand firsthand how unbearable the situation is: the loss of identity, the feelings of emasculation, loss of contact with children, loss of emotional nourishment and the feelings of rage and hopelessness that invade your every day.

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My wife of 23 years was diagnosed with trichomoniasis, was convinced I committed adultery, contracted it and passed it onto her. I did none of these things. She did not believe me as she took the medical advice that it was sexually transmitted, which I know is untrue.

brilliant idea necessary

However I could not convince her of my absolute innocence and we are in the process of divorce, 16 months down the line. My 3 grown up daughters are also convinced I am guilty!

I feel totally lost! My family and future has been torn apart by this. Does anyone have knowledge or experience of this? Been married for 13 years. She wants a separation for me to get myself together and for her to see if she can make it on her own. She started dating again after about 4 weeks.

Oct 12,   Dating after divorce for a man comes with this romantic notion that there are millions of women just waiting for him, the stud-man, to be the one to Author: Laura Bonarrigo. Jun 18,   Men after divorce often live an invisible life of pain and suffering. The absolute disintegration of their life and identity takes a toll that few people see or want to deal with. Society is happy enough to see and deal with the tears of women, but we seem collectively uncomfortable seeing a man in distress and so ignore it.

Emotional stability is absolutly key. No bottle of it up.

Dating The Divorced Man (how to date a divorced man)

Let it out. Never get married in the first place. Money will never stab you in the back like people do. I wish the darkest of karma for all of the back stabbers of the world. Once I learned how to love money I learned to feel better. Trust no one. I went thru a trifecta of bad events. Then bankruptcy and then divorce. We were together for 15 years. It was never a good Marriage. The divorce took 2 years to get Thru. It was a lot. It took so much work and a lot of therapy!

It is possible to be happy and thrive. Hope this helps someone out there. Last night was the first time I ever decided I needed to actually read about what I was going through. I'm 6 months separated from my soon to be ex-wife and I was going through a patch of guilt over the hurt she was going through.

I find myself romanticizing the memory of her 12 years after not seeing her for extended periods of time. It was starting to feel like I wanted to go back. After trying everything in my power and then also professional help for us, it came to the point where I couldn't take it anymore. I feel like its one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make in my life because she is a good woman. A fantastic woman. One in a million kind of woman. But just not the right woman for what I needed in a marriage.

And she would take me back in a heartbeat, even though I had the affair. But how does one go back to something you've tried working on for 10 years and never succeeded. Doesn't matter how much she wants to say she's only now realised what I've wanted from her all this time.

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The problem I have is that I am still seeing the woman I had an affair with. Everything I've been reading says that you have to give yourself time to "find yourself" again, grieve, heal. Talk about the most bizarre turn of events. There is just SO MUCH confusion, turmoil, mixed emotions that I'm just feeling like I'm stumbling around in the dark, blindfolded with the floor strewn with lego blocks.

While in the thick of the middle of all this, I'm thankful for articles which outline things that make me realise I'm not going crazy. At least not as crazy as I think.

Although 'support groups' aren't really big in my country from what I know. Wow this is sooo right on! I am working thru these feelings of my world falling apart currently with the help of a Phsycologist and a divorce group. I think ther may be something to this forgivness thing. Because it clears the road for you to travel.

Still gunna be tuff with decisions about moving on and where to but Even the longest journey Forgiveness is something for yourself. Let it go. Forgiveness is VERY hard to process and do.

It's not a switch. It's a discipline. Unlike Steve below, I do believe forgiveness is the way to go. She doesn't need to know. It's mostly important to ones self. My ex walked out after 22 yrs. We had issues - mostly communication related. I was unhappy and discouraged but, never considered or wanted divorce.

Just improvement. She walked out. Came back several times, only to leave again within few days. Placed all the blame on me. As time went on the accusations, defensiveness, and voracity got worse. It's taken me two years to realize, she was done long ago and falling for her old hs boyfriend. Half way thru counseling, she quit, detached, filed for divorce and moved miles away.

We haven't seen nor spoke in 2 years. I've accepted this all to be true now. I was VERY angry for a long time. I tried but could not.

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I will forgive her within myself. I'm slowly learning it is easier on me to have that control of myself and my feelings.

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I won't hate her. I doubt I will ever say I forgive her - that would require lots of conversation that will never occur. It only requires a few hours. My mindset is to: forgive, heal and let the memories of marriage fade into as much 'nothingness' as possible. It is more important for healing, peace of mind and life.

She will never know - which, is best. Simply - she will never know. The author is wrong about forgiveness. There is no way to forgive my Ex Whore for what she did. Notice the author doesn't tell you how to work yourself up to forgiveness, just that you need to do it. He doesn't tell you how because he can't; it simply is not possible for a normal healthy rational man to do.

He equates forgiveness with not having the capacity to hate her anymore as if that is a good thing. I suggest that if a man can truly forgive his Ex for her crimes it does not mean he has to stop hating her. Nor is hating her a bad thing. It can have very positive consequences such as protecting oneself from the Ex in the future and not making the marriage mistake again. Our Liberal society has devolved to the point where there isn't one good reason for marriage, ever.

But if a man chooses to make that mistake again after being raped in divorce then he gets what he deserves. To conclude, real men after divorce do not forgive. That is the reality of life.

I will stop hating my Ex when I have my revenge on her and that will be when I pay a visit to her grave and relieve myself on her to pay my respects. I promised her I would see her again when they were putting her 6 feet under and that is one promise I plan on keeping! I just found out literally 16 hours ago that my wife of 9 years together 17 cheated on me recently with a man she had a long term relationship with over 25 years ago.

She loves him and is moving accross the country to be with him soon. Things have been not-great for a couple years, and it will be better for both of us, but I never thought I could experience this much emotional pain. The next several months are going to be incredibly hard.

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The content in this site provides some much needed comfort and perspective. Why are these articles that are supposed to help men move on so completely different than what women are being told?

But not all situations are the same. Men reading this and other articles are seeking help through confusing and difficult times. Yet they are being directed to. To forget any hope of reconciliation and to basically have tunnel vision about what their future holds. But some relationships can be salvaged.

So many couples jump on the divorce bandwagon and end up unable to see anything but hate. This tears apart both parties from the inside out. But there are many methods to be considered and tried before a couple reaches the point of no return.

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As I learned in my own marital experience, counseling is something a couple should consider at any stage of marriage when things begin to feel rocky. So many couples hear the word counseling and immediately imagine the worst. Counseling is just a tool to discover any underlying issues, to teach better communication skills, and it allows both parties to speak freely about their feelings. If that is the case, then it is time to move on.

Thanks so much for your advice Mr author, i divorced my wife in up now am just leaving with my kids tho my heart is telling me to look for samoneelse but am scared because I don't know the person am looking for and how she is going to keep my kids.

Am humbling ask for your favour if you can help me by arranging someone for me since u have experience in this thing. It Will be 2 years since my divorce my career is fantastic ,i met a nice lady 5 years younger than my ex-wife ,over the years of being with my ex-wife i realized she has a Narcissistic personality disorder i will forgive her but for people people like its better no contact they emotionally damage you.

Just 3 months shy of our 25th wedding anniversary I found out my wife has been cheating on me. Shes attended AA where she started having affairs after the meetings.

She blamed it all on me, the alcoholism, incessant social media, depression, over eating and now affairs. No apology, no regret so the decision was very easy. I kicked her out. It absolutely devastated me but I know it had to be done.

She promptly moved in with one of her lovers. Panthro01, your ex sounds much like mine.

are absolutely right

It took many years but we finally got a diagnosis about 6 months before the end of our marriage. She was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder among a list of other mental issues.

If your significant other is driving you crazy, blaming you for things you haven't done, nothing making sense, nothing adding up, consider a personality disorder. Men drive themselves crazy trying to psychoanalyze their mates when nothing adds up. The equation becomes very simple if you add the consideration of mental disorders.

It gave me peace that while I'm not perfect, the challenge I had trying to help my ex was impossibly difficult and it was not my fault. When I read up on BPD, it was like someone had handed me a manual on her.

Unfortunately the prognosis for BPD relationships is very poor. My divorce was finalized this week. We were separated 3 years, and married hardly a year.

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Still the pain of the divorce was crushing. I came here to see, understand better what my ex husband may be feeling. I can't tell cause he always has that poker face. This article is great as it gives practical advice for men facing divorce. You were right about women having good support systems and so we are able to talk it out and grieve. My ex had a drinking problem which eventually made me want to leave. He too was unhappy in the marriage but dint want it to end.

It hurt me to cut off calls, not respond to messages, but it was the only way to completely cut off and let him know it was over.

I believe divorce however painful, gives us an opportunity to see ourselves as we are, to see our demons, I have a bad temper and this affected communication with my husband while we were married. I would not have known the extent of my temper tantrums if I was not in this marriage. Now as we are aware of our demons, we can control it instead of the other way around.

I sincerely hope my ex can recover from his alcohol addiction and lead a peaceful and responsible life.

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And hope we can forgive each other and move on. Hi all, I was married for 26 years and lived together for 4 years making it a year marriage. After first 10 years, things started going to pot she would accuse me of things I had never done blaming me for her feelings and all the time I could not understand where any of this was coming from.

I discovered a marriage guidance to try and work through our issues and it cost a fortune for us to attend once a week but nothing seemed to be working I would walk out afterward and still seemed as confused and when I went in. I thought there was something wrong with me.

Anyway one day I was working in my shed and she came in to talk and we did which started out great then I said to her at least I have never cheated on you at this point she stopped talking and made an excuse to leave after 10 minutes I thought this was strange so I went after her and repeated myself and then the bullet to the head she just openly said she had an affair 20 years ago.

Apologise, dating a man after divorce has got! agree

She has been battling with herself for 20 years lying and blaming me for all her sins all the arguments we had which made no sense to me. All the time we went to therapy and she did not even have the courage to tell me in a safe environment.

Dec 02,   "One sign a man is ready for serious dating post divorce is showing interest in women and dating. For some, a divorce can be a loss and trigger grief or short term depression. Jul 01,   With this information, we can begin to understand a man's emotional turmoil after divorce. We can also see why certain patterns of behavior appear and what they really mean. Long have women been amazed at the behavior of some divorced men, where they fling themself into extreme situations that end up being quite self-destructive. For some people, that happens before they move out. Others are still emotionally married after the divorce is final." Dena Roche started dating while waiting for her divorce papers to come through.

We are now divorced and living separate lives and I have only seen her once at my daughters graduation. I know its over but I cannot seem to forgive her even when I really try. I know the questions I have will never be answered and try not to blame her but to forgive her but the unresolved issues I have is driving me insane.

remarkable, very much

How do I let it all go? Its been months. For the first time since the split I am finally happy and things are going well. I look better, feel better, and have self worth again.

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I am also now seeing someone who gives me what I never thought I could get back after our split. I spent the first two months crying and being emotional. I felt so lost, so disconnected. I tried to fix things only to realize that I was just being toyed with.

But it's ok. Because after all of the darkness and sadness happiness will come if you let it enter your life. For whomever should come across this.

I would just say that the article was very right about the stages. But do it all in your time. And don't let the ex hold you back or keep you from being happy because sadly alot of people in this world would do that to you just because they weren't and aren't good people.

When you finally live above your bad marriage and realize that things are better for you now and there is love and life after it. You will finally be happy again. And who knows maybe that person you really needed will come along. If not love yourself. God bless you all and the newcomers going through this. You are not alone. There is light at the end of this. Just do your best stay strong and try, try to be happy for you. I still hurt at times and get angry - I find forgiveness is the key!!

And do yourself a favor! Accept that it's done it's over! Don't drink don't drug face this hurt and accept!! It's not you!! It's her - choicesrespect her choices -Remove yourself completely from her!! Sooner the better!! I have been battling to hold my relationship together for the past two years. I've had one failed relationship after another mostly my fault, as I was you and stupid.

But this time it was completely different for me.

piece nonsense!

Everything in our lives had to line up exactly the way they did for us to meet. Both her and I had children young dropped out of school and sought out work to take care of our children. So long story short we both decided to get our GED and pursue careers. That's just so happens to be the place we met. Since then we've had a beautiful baby girl together. But all of a sudden she couldn't get along with my oldest daughter so she moved out and visits on the weekends.

Which breaks my heart as I've had full custody of her since she was two and is now twelve. So that has struck up argument between my spouse and I and led to her telling me she been trying to find a way out of our relationship because she can't stand me.

I am now faced with having to leave my family. And be completely on my own. I live to see my family come home to happy children. With my oldest moved to her mothers. And having to leave my family.

I'm literally breaking down and this is blog has been the only vent for me. But will do my best to head the advice of this article. Thank you for this article. My wife and I separated and I just found out she's sleeping with random men from dating apps. Your article hit home on so many levels for me. Thank you. I don't know,my soon to be ex and I separated 2 months ago and he was instantly on dating websites, meeting up with girls younger than him, spending money on ridiculous things that he can't afford and now hes reconciled with his ex wife, wife no 1, but says its just for the adult children they share, who he said cheated on him and lied to his children so they would have nothing to do with him.

We are still living in the same home, separate rooms, so thats why I know all this, unfortunately, I have cried and cried and asked how he can move on so quickly, he said he hasn't been in love with me for months.

Im so heartbroken and hurt and he hasn't shown any concern for me or my feelings at all. My wife and I for 10 years have just split up and will probable get a divorce. I feel so lost with out her. I am so tired of every article assuming men play limited roles or have limited time in their children's lives post divorce. Everytime that happens it further perpetuates an archaic dynamic that is no longer acceptable. If you play a major role in your kids lives before divorce, step up don't step back.

Unfortunately this societal pressure to step back exists and it's heartbreaking.

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