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So on this Valentines Day, as the only single member of The Junia Project admin team, I want to write a little bit about egalitarian dating. He was sweet and kind. He made me laugh and he loved Jesus. We had a lot in common, including growing up in Southern California and coming from large Christian families. We met the second semester of our junior year of college, and we fell in love hard.

Now she's retired to be a full time beach bum in Tamarindo, Costa Rica with the monkeys and iguanas. She is also a thalassophile.

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She also left behind years in a Quiverfull church and loves to chronicle the worst abuses of that particular theology. She has been happily married to her best friend for the last 33 years. You can read more about the author here.

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Why would he think it Jesus would want something different? He was just so dang refreshing. And the gender role issue should come up naturally.

Yes, this. Now that we are married we have joint money with a very small line item in the budget for each of us to do what we want with it. Hi Angela! Thank you for the encouragement! I never dated when I was in college because I never seemed to find guys that really understood this egalitarian concept and that we had mutual interest in each other :. However, my boyfriend now is an incredible man with a heart for Jesus that I originally became friends with BECAUSE we both were Jesus feminists and egalitarian-that was our initial connection before either of us were romantically interested in each other.

Additionally, as I am a woman in ministry his full support of my leadership in my ministry is essential, it is something that makes our relationship all the stronger as I face the daily struggles of being an agent of change as a woman in ministry at a suburban, complementarian church.

About your specific questions, in our relationship we go back and forth with driving, with paying and with opening doors. Since we began our relationship with an egalitarian assumption because we had talked a LOT about it already it has always been a given; I know that when he opens doors for me or pays, it is out of love for me and the desire to give good things to those he loves, and he feels the same way when I do them in return.

I also agree that it comes down to the heart of things. Many men offer to pay for meals, open doors, etc. But personally, I think that opening the door for anyone, male or female, is the polite thing for everyone to do. And offering to pay for meals, and eventually having a discussion about why you want to help pay, does create some space for deeper discussion about your thoughts on traditional gender roles.

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Every situation is different, but I think these smaller acts of chivalry are ways that everyone, male or female, can serve others in a loving way, and they open up doors to conversation about this important issue. Good post. I am married, but my best friend is a single gal so I am always interested in things like this that are relevant for her. My husband very often opens my doors, carries my bags, gives me his seat etc.

Those are also things that we are teaching our 4 young sons to do for women as well as elderly, infirm, and younger children.

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For us it has absolutely nothing to do with power or abilities for the record, I am an athlete and perfectly capable of doing all those things on my own. For us it is actually a way to show honor or preference or even submission. You see, I have lived most of my life overseas as a child and an adult in places where women are not valued, and in those places you would NEVER see a man giving up his own comfort for a woman. Because she is subservient to him, why would he open a door and allow to go first?

I think it is kind of sad that we are trying to take this form of submission away from men by calling it offensive. Hi Maygrrl, Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It is a great reminder that women are not valued in this way everywhere. I too think there is something special when a guy is motivated to do nice things for women in order to honor them, not to show dominance. Thanks for bringing a different perspective! I also open doors for men and purchase meals for men. I applaud you and others who are asking these questions and willing to experience unpleasantness in the process.

You are acting prophetically. I stand with you. And I would be happy for you open the door for me.

Aug 06,   Yesterday, I reposted an article on what I believe about women and men and why I'm not a feminist or an egalitarian. Part of my article discussed how complementarianism as a movement has been defined. There was some confusion over my comments, so I'd like to make some clarifications. First, here are my beliefs about. Should egalitarian dating look different than complementarian dating? Let me know your thoughts by commenting below. Oh, and Happy Valentines Day! Graphic Credit: Kate Hickman. Author; Recent Posts; Kate Wallace Nunneley. is Co-Founder of The Junia Project & Lead Pastor at Wellspring Free Methodist Church. Mar 09,   For me, dating must always be marriage-focused. I don't date just to date. If there's no possibility of future marriage, I will not date someone or continue dating someone. Of course, being complementarian means I view marriage as a covenant in which the husband is the head and the wife submits to him as the head.

Hi Kevin, I love it when you comment. Thanks for commenting friend! I think the deeper in a relationship that you get, I think it can become something that is decided on a date by date basis. Is it his birthday? Is it a concert you really want to go to and he probably would only be going because you want to?

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I think a man that assumes he is always going to pay without considering if that is what his girlfriend wants is not being respectful of her feelings.

Conversely I feel that a woman who thinks her boyfriend is trying to control her or perpetuate some antiquated gender roles by paying for her all the time is not really respecting his true intentions. Bottom line I think communication about this issue is key.

To me, this sort of stuff is not about gender roles, but about being polite. But that has nothing to do with him being a man and me being a woman. Again communication is key. I think that is really key to healthy relationships. And general politeness and decency are good rules to go by haha. Good point. Would love your thoughts.

Feb 24,   Complementarianism is a theological view in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, that men and women have different but complementary roles and responsibilities in marriage, family life, and religious word "complementary" and its cognates are currently used to denote this view. Some Christians interpret the Bible as prescribing complementarianism, and therefore adhere to . Aug 01,   Grudem says that the group coined the term complementarian at a breakfast meeting of the CBMW council in the main dining room of Lisle Hilton on the morning of the press conference. John Piper, Wayne Grudem, Bruce Waltke, Wayne House, Kent Hughes, and a handful of others were all there for the meeting where the term emerged. 3. Complementarianism. Complementarianism is the theological view that although men and women are created equal in their being and personhood, they are created to complement each other via different roles and responsibilities as manifested in marriage, family life, religious leadership, and elsewhere. It is rooted in more literal interpretations of the Creation account and the roles of men and.

Hope your laundry was good to you!! For some reason, that blog makes me uncomfortable. I feel like a lot of that stuff not only reinforces gender stereotypes, but also can be one sided against the guy. Interesting to think about.

Jun 21,   Complementarian Marriage and the Lies They Tell Themselves Part 8 June 21, Suzanne Titkemeyer. Patheos Explore the world's faith through different perspectives on Author: Suzanne Titkemeyer.

Thanks for sharing! Great question, Mark! As an egalitarian woman, I appreciate chivalry in men when it is done as a courtesy and with respect. He does do that when we are out for a special evening, though. What do you think? I think a lot has to do with language and terminology. I think that therein lies the key. Is it out of duty? This is my life right now. Well, not the dating part so much, but the single, egalitarian and looking part.

Obviously communication is key here but so is your gut feeling. I tend to think that details like who pays or who opens doors will sort themselves out pretty easily if you are dating a respectful and polite person.

Have conversations.

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Spend time together. Pass along blog posts or books that challenged you. Learn and grow together. Ask questions. Avoid defensiveness. Dating is supposed to be fun, right? Hi Lindsey, wow great thoughts! I am so glad you commented. Yup, us egalitarian ladies have to stick together in this tough dating world! It can be hard to even find someone with a similar view of relationships.

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I feel you. Hopefully the more we talk about it, the more minds will be changed, and the easier it will get.

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I like to think that there are men out there open to relationships built on mutuality, but who have never had a real flesh-and-blood person in front of them who is passionate about this stuff.

Most of the time it takes someone in our real life who takes out of the realm of the theoretical and into the personal to push us to grow and get outside our comfort zones. Expectations are complicated. Am I contradicting myself? Is it still possible to want to share housework? Is that selfish? Is this a dilemma or not? The hardest part is talking about things that might sound contradictory. When we got married and were both working, household duties got evenly split.

We started having babies and for the first 6 years, I stayed home with the kids. About 6 months ago, we had to sit down and re-negotiate life because we both became grad school students and were in ministry full time. I guess what I am trying to say is that these thing change in different seasons. There might be a time when you need to take over at home, and another time when he does.

Best Advice for Dating Couples

Taking turns is a great way to do it. My general practice is, if I get to the door first, I hold it open. For anyone. Third date conversation. And I would bring it up, straight out. Thank you for your thoughts Robyn! It sounds like you have practiced these things and have great advice.

Jul 06,   A listener named Joe writes in. "Hello Pastor John! I'm a young complementarian man dating a young evangelical-feminist woman. We are considering marriage. What do you think would be good or bad about a marriage with this dynamic? Would this make a more accurate portrayal of how the church follows Christ? Or would it be a heavier distraction? Like missionaries, egalitarians today must meet complementarian women where they are at in their journeys. This might entail simply living an egalitarian life and being ready to explain when the chance arises. However God uses you, whether as a bold defender of egalitarianism, a trailblazer in your church, or a faithful friend ready to lovingly. Aug 31,   The main gist of the book - that constant, purposeless, serial dating before marriage often leads to sinful sexual intimacy - is still true. It is a biblical principle that hasn't changed, even though it was massively misapplied. Proverbs speaks loudly, clearly, and persistently about the dangers of playing with temptation.

I like your suggestion of being explicit about my own thoughts on the subject. Thank you for sharing! We should just go and have fun. Unless you are going to live a life of feminist activism together, you will need to find comon ground elsewhere. So I say- look for that common ground first. I think Question 1 is a great ice-breaker. Treat him like you would any other friend!

His response to that may be telling, or it may open the door for conversation about your beliefs. If you are a man- assume you will pay and be ready to. If she surprises you with an offer to pay this time, let her. I will answer question 2 with a question: How do you treat your same-gender friends? Do that. You are Egalitarian, after all. Just relax and be who you are. Move on. Question 3 is probably something you should just let come naturally as you spend time together.

It will likely come out with the scenarios that play out from question 1 and question 2, and more than likely will be instigated by the other person as you treat them with equality and an expectation for the same. Hi Greg, Thank you so much for your response. Thank you for such a thoughtful comment. You are a valued part of this community and I love reading what you have to say! I look back at my own dating time with my now wife and chuckle a bit to think through how we handled these questions.

I am single. I am complementarian. Most of the time when we think about complementarianism, we automatically envision marriage and the relationship between husband and wife.

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To be sure, marriage is an excellent example of what complementarianism looks like. However, complementarianism can still shape and influence how singles live their lives. Marriage is a great example of complementarianism, but it actually points to something far greater. In Ephesians 5, Paul explains that biblical marriage is a picture of the gospel. The relationship between a husband and wife is to reflect the relationship between Christ and his church.

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The husband loves as Christ loves and the wife submits as the church submits. There is more here, though, than the outlay of marital relationships.

This passage trains our eyes on the authority of Christ over his people. Every member of the church is to submit to Christ. It helps me to have a correct view of how I am to personally submit to Christ as the supreme authority in my life. Christ is Lord. I am his servant. Submission is not a dirty word; it is a high calling, the calling of every Christian James Being complementarian also shapes my understanding of Scripture. It allows me to affirm with gladness that there are many passages in Scripture that point to the fact that men and women were created equal, but with different roles.

From the beginning, we see that God created us in his image as male and female Genesis Continuing through the rest of Scripture we see clear evidence that men and women were created for roles that are different-but equal Gen 3; Prov 31; Eph 5; 1 Peter 3; Titus 2, to name a few. When I see the beauty and truth in God creating us equal but different, I see the beauty and truth in everything else he has said to us. Complementarianism gives me a framework by which to make sense of my world, and my life.

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Since complementarianism has shaped my understanding of Scripture and submission to Christ, it has laid the groundwork for my participation in the life of a congregation. Submitting to Christ means submitting to his great plan and purpose that can only be fulfilled by his body, the church.

God has made it clear in his Word the importance of being a part of a local body of believers Heb ; This speaks not just to weekly attendance, but to a spirit of sacrificial involvement in the body.

Through the Holy Spirit, we have each been gifted in a certain way Romans and we are to cultivate and use those gifts for the building up of believers all for the glory of Christ.

As a complementarian, I hold to the conviction that women should not be in leadership or teaching positions over men in the church.

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