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Sungjae is the third and also the last member of BtoB whose dating scandal will be investigated in this article. As an idol actor who also becomes the most famous member of his group, Sungjae obviously cannot be left out of the dating topic. After finishing the tough cold weather training at a unit in Gangwon-do, Sungjae and the fellow soldiers gathered in front of a heater in order to warm their freezing bodies and had a short time to rest. During the rest time, a few of the sergeants asked Sungjae, who became the youngest member, about the celebrity whom he wants to date. While this may be a stretch and just a pure coincidence, can we not help but feel amazed by this kind of allusion, dear readers? They did not end up as a final couple, but many people think that Sungjae and Kim So Hyun have better chemistry than the original couple that is Sohyun and actor Nam Joo Hyuk. Although their on-screen marriage on the show has ended, Sungjae and Joy are occasionally rumored to be the real couple by their shipper people who want the canon unreal couple to be the true item.

BTOB is one of the top boy groups in K-Pop right now and they have seven talented, funny and handsome members that any girl would dream of dating. But while their fans would love to date any of the seven members, there are some pros and cons that come with dating each of BTOB members.

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He will do everything just to make you smile. From doing his fly aegyo to singing you musical and ballad songs, he can do it just to make you happy. Expect to receive A LOT of songs as a gift for your special and even ordinary day-to-day event as a couple.

He can also do a live rendition of ANY songs you will request. Plus, you have his dog Penny to be jealous of! He can be your best friend- honest and comfortable to be around but he has a manly, romantic side to him which never fails to attract you. Sign in.

Btob ilhoon dating

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Is Ji Chang Wook Dating? Changsub went to Howon University. A member who listens to Eunkwang the most is Changsub. Changsub really like to brush his teeth. Hyunsik : Hyunsik has tattoos on his arm and behind his neck.

Hyunsik was popular among the girls ever since 4th grade elementary school. He had a fancafe on some portal site around 3rd or 4th grade. If Hyunsik was a girl, he would like to date Sungjae. Hyunsik is good at cooking stir fried tuna with kimchi. Hyunsik got a personal cooking lessons when he was younger.

Hyunsik is really active in composing songs most of the time. Hyunsik has studied abroad in Shanghai for 2 years.

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Hyunsik can hold liquor the best among the members. Peniel : Peniel talks well with both male and female.

Peniel learned korean curse words from Sungjae. Peniel was last to join btob.

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Peniel close friends during his trainee days are B. Peniel likes to take pictures of food before eating. Peniel naked when sleeping. If Peniel was a girl, he would date Sungjae.

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Peniel suffers from hair loses. Ilhoon really good at sudden attack games. Ilhoon choosed teleportation as a super power that he wants to have. A member who troubled Eunkwang the most is Ilhoon. If Ilhoon was a girl, he would date himself. Sungjae : Kim Sohyun and Joy are someone who Sungjae wants to has as a younger sister. If Sungjae was a girl, he would date Minhyuk. Sungjae was dropped at the final round of a JYP open audition. Sungjae hiccups when he eats spicy food. There was a time where Sungjae is a yogurt addict.

Sungjae first met V from BTS at the toilet and they became close since then.

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Sungjae chooses Suzy as the female idol he wants to date. Sungjae likes older women. Minhyuk : Minhyuk likes to be in a romantic situation. Minhyuk barely played games. Lol do you know what face of the group means? That is not the same thing as Visual! Minhyuk is the visual a. Sungjae is the Face of the group, which means is the Center during choreography, photos and the image of the group in realty shows. OK i understood. Thanks for the patience and sorry once again. Eunkwang is the best vocalist but minhyuk is the best rapperdancervisualvocalist.

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I loved reading your conversation. Blah blah blah blah no no no lol Eunkwang had the best Sense of humor and has an extreme 4D personality and that makes him adorable!!! Also would they approve of us having a friendly quarrel over them? I think eunkwang lighter than minhyuk, i mean minhyuk easily carry eunkwang around, and just my personal opinion eunkwang acted as both father and mother of the group.

I like how they are so precise with their ideal type of woman. Men who now who they want. Good on them.!! Ilhoon has 4 tattoos total. Hyunsik has 5 tattoos total. Because I went to kbs building for music bank and btob walked right in front of me and the tallest member which is seungjae is the same height as me cm. I guess only they know. I am not really sure if someone already said it but, Sungjae likes yogurt. Can anyone confirm this for me? I remember watching some shows where they bumped into each other.

He even collected the japanese version of H2, his favorite manga. Well, based on his description. Joy used to have a black long hair when they were taping wgm.

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And Joy is also such a cutieee. I have some ate too.

Lee Minhyuk starring in web drama Unexpected Heroes. Changsub also plays the base and guitar. His clock tattoo also stands for their debut day it reads which stands for March 21st. Minhyuk participated in Dream Team Vault Jump special 3 years ago.

HD (ENG SUBS) 121211 BTOB B+DIARY EP 2 (4/4)

Up until now, no one has still beaten his record. Instruments they can individually play: Eunkwang - piano Minhyuk - piano Changsub - drums, guitar, bass Hyunsik - guitar both acoustic and electricpiano Peniel - acoustic guitar Ilhoon - piano Sungjae - bass and guitar acoustic.

If members were a girl, Sungjae will date Ilhoon because he looks the most decent with wig on. Eunkwang wants to have Hyunsik as his hyung so he can show aegyo to him. Secondly, thanks for the heads up, I corrected it. XD Thirdly, thanks a lot for the info! Also, sorry for the late reply, we just happened to notice this comment! Thank you for the comment! I think we need to make individual profiles for the members in order to cover all the new info we received lately.

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Thanks again! Thanks for the comment! Eunkwang and Hyunsik was in Law of the jungle in Mexico. Hyunsik was in Hyena on the keyboard KBS.

Sungjae was known as yook crazy when he tried to crushed a watermelon using his head. I would not cheat, and I will always remind you that I love you everyday. Wait why was Sungjae dropped from Visual and to now Minhyuk being the visual?

Was he too goofy or something? He starred in the musical Dogfight as Eddie Birdlace main character 2. He was the first member to debut his own solo album called bpm He starred in King of Mask Singer 7. He likes to make silly faces all the time Also, Changsub has acrophobia fear of heights Changsub likes all food, except pudding. Changsub is very popular in Japan Changsub prefers beef over pork Changsub has a jinx which he belives in: he will always crack his voice whenever they sing their new title song for the first time Changsub wants to be known and recognized first as a musical actor rather than an idol to the public They were always together in the bus and in one of the rides.

How stupid of me. Minhyuk is the new leader of BTOB. His pet Hamo died last July 20, He will be part of Law of the Jungle in Maldives. And its already state there that they have sub unit. Changsub has starred in Dogfight and Iron Mask musicals this year.

Peniel also joined Law of the Jungle with Sungjae in Sumatra.

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Ilhoon was a special for Idol Room with The Boyz. Changsub will be enlisting on Jan 14 this yr and Minhyuk will also be enlisting early this yr as a conscripted policeman. Minhyuk has his first album out this month! Changsub is enlisted on January 14th. He chose to enlist quietly.

May 14,   BtoB Sungjae Dating News Profile of BtoB Member Jung Ilhoon and Facts. BtoB's Concert Schedule (Dates and Venues) All About BtoB's Main Vocal Im Hyun-sik: Profile, Father, Songs, Tattoo, Movies and TV Shows. BtoB Discography: List of BtoB's Albums and Songs. Ilhoon Profile: Ilhoon Facts & Ideal Type Stage Name: Ilhoon (??) Birth Name: Jung Ilhoon (???) Chinese Name: Jung Ilhoon (???) Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist Birthday: October 4, Zodiac Sign: Libra Height: cm (5'9") Weight: 64 kg ( lbs) Blood Type: B Instagram: @ilhoonmj Twitter: @BTOB_ILL Ilhoon Facts: - He was born in Seoul, South [ ]. May 14,   When it comes to love and dating, BtoB member Lee Minhyuk perhaps is considered to have plenty of stories regarding the subject. On 18 February Minhyuk became a guest on Mnet 'Beatles Code 3D' and revealed that he had a long unrequited love as there was a girl whom he had liked for four years straight.

He posted a prerecorded video on his IG account. And Minhyuk will be enlisting on February 7th as a conscripted policeman. Eunkwang ideal type is almost like blackpink rose since she goes to church sometime, she had double eyelids also have small waist, she had kind heart, and she also put her hair behind her ears almost some of the members ideal type is like blackpink NO HATE.

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I think it would be best if you remove it. Minhyuk looks quite a bit like Soobin from TXT.

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Kpop Polls Poll: Which is your favorite Kpop sub-unit? My bias is Minyhuk!! Megan Ling. Have similarities with Eunkwang. Bethany Kok Sock En. Thanks for your comment, the misspells have been corrected. Minhyuk is my bias!

BTOB Members Profile: BTOB Facts and Ideal Types BTOB (???) consists of 7 members: Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, Hyunsik, Peniel, Ilhoon and Sungjae. They debuted on March 21, , under CUBE Entertainement. BTOB Fandom Name: Melody BTOB Official Fan Color: Slow Blue BTOB Official Accounts: Twitter: @officialbtob Instagram: @cube_official_btob Facebook: BTOBofficial Youtube: . Btob changsub dating - Find a man in my area! Free to join to find a woman and meet a woman online who is single and looking for you. Find single man in the US with relations. Looking for novel in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. If you are a middle-aged man looking to have a good time dating woman half your age, this advertisement is for you.

This was so damn hard!!!! Why would we only choose 3? Thank you so much for providing us so much info, their profile has been ated! Thank you so much for your help! It has been ated!

BtoB is a popular South Korean boy group under Cube Entertainment agency. The group formed in is an acronym for Born to Beat, which consists of 7 members who are Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, Hyunsik, Peniel, Ilhoon and Sungjae. Most of the members of BtoB are multitalented. Not just singing, but some of them can rap, write lyrics, compose songs, act, active in sports etc. Due to their. BTOB is one of the top boy groups in K-Pop right now and they have seven talented, funny and handsome members that any girl would dream of dating. But while their fans would love to date any of the seven members, there are some pros and cons that come with dating each of BTOB members. [ ]. U. Now listen to. Btobs ilhoon of btob is a girlfriend. Hyuna and minhyuk btob hyunshik - 4minute's sohyun dating ilhoon dating. Fans revel in the. Peniel, ilhoon kissing his alleged coordi said he has a couples date, and sohyun and followed up that's because it. May 10, changsub hyunsik has a south korean rapper, or btob facts, mk dating site.

Thank you so much for helping us making their profile better! Sana Farooq. Minhyuk is love. Arreane Tumanda. No problem, happy I could help. Could you do Cross Gene profiles?

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No no no no Eunkwang is the best! No no no no minhyuk.

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