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He was born on Friday, September 6, Is Asher Angel married or single, who is he dating now and previously? Asher Angel is an American actor. He began his career as a child actor in the film Jolene, starring Jessica Chastain. He has been active in theater, performing in more than 10 productions put on by the Desert Stages Theatre. Bush Republican was the U.

When Andi leaves the diner, Jonah follows her out. Amber tells Jonah that he only left because he likes Andi and Andi likes him back.

Amber tells Jonah if Andi looks back, it means she likes him but Jonah doesn't want to wait to see. So he leaves. Both Andi and Cyrus look back. Jonah goes to Cyrus to figure out what's going on with Andi and Cyrus wants to help but Andi is not willing to let them like Jonah again.

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Cyrus tries to cheer him up by telling him about the Space Otters game but Jonah is too upset to even go. So, he asks Cyrus to tell everyone on the team that the game is canceled. To end all the stress, Jonah decides to break up with Amber. Amber blames Andi for "manipulating" Jonah into breaking up with her but Jonah says it has nothing to do with Andi and Amber is the manipulative one. Jonah asks Amber to give back Andi's bracelet, the one she took away from him. Amber walks away, threatening Jonah.

After breaking up with AmberJonah Beck returns the bracelet to Andi.

At first, Andi doesn't accept the invitation but Jonah asks her to think about it. Andi is later convinced by Bex to go to the party. After the party, Jonah tells Andi about the break up with Amber. He admits that he likes being around Andi. Andi gives him the bracelet back, saying that it belongs to him now.

Later, Jonah finds out that Amber is now working as a waitress at The Spoon Diner and goes to talk to her. Amber opens up to him about her financial and family situation. She tells him that her dad got fired and has been keeping it a secret. They don't have any money and she needs to work to help her family. She asks Jonah to keep it a secret.

Andi mack dating

Jonah accepts and hugs Amber to show that he still supports her. Buffy notices and assumes that Jonah might still like Amber. So, she threatens Jonah to never hurt Andi or any of her friends. Jonah walks away, intimidated. Jonah goes to Bex 's apartment to give Andi her phone because she had left it behind in the cafeteria.

Jonah offers to join Andi for the feast. Andi tries to uninvite him to avoid the awkwardness with CeCe but can't figure out how. Jonah goes to change but comes to the party wearing a white shirt instead of a red one since he doesn't understand anything about the Chinese culture.

Ham gives him a red shirt instead. During the feast, Jonah struggles to avoid Andi's cousin Ronald the Magician. He also starts getting hungry because he hadn't eaten. But Andi tells him to wait for the festival rituals to end first. During one of the rituals to the ancestors, Jonah can't wait anymore. He reaches out quickly and grabs a dumpling, hoping no one notices. Everyone notices. Jonah is embarrassed.

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He urges them to go back to The Spoon. He tells them that Amber is going through something difficult and could use friends like them. Jonah offers to teach Cyrus how to skateboard but Cyrus is scared at first. After Jonah mentions that he wants him and Cyrus to be able to skateboard together, Cyrus gets encouraged to put more effort into it.

Unfortunately, Cyrus lacks control and balance. So, he falls and gets hurt. Jonah calls for an ambulance and goes with Cyrus to the hospital. He also texts Buffy and Andi about the accident. Andi and Buffy confront Jonah for teaching Cyrus how to skateboard because he should know that Cyrus is very clumsy. It's his defining characteristic. They're later relieved to realize that Cyrus only hurt his finger.

Andi is finally ready to hold hands with Jonah but Jonah hasn't initiated the move first.

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So, Buffy asks her to make the move. However, just before holding Jonah's hand, the two are separated by Dr. Metcalf into two different groups for a social experiment about injustice. Jonah goes to Group B which gets the worst treatment while Andi gets into Group A which receives special treatment. Andi tries to talk to Jonah while he's painting a wall but Jonah tells her she'll get caught.

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Jonah is starving the whole day until Andi and Cyrus break the barrier from their group to help Group A. After the experiment, Jonah praises Andi for being so smart that she figured out Principal Metcalf's experiment.

Emily Skinner has been in an on-screen matchup with Asher Angel in Andi Mack . Emily Skinner is a member of the following lists: births, People from Mission Viejo, California and American child actresses. Contribute. Help us build our profile of Emily Skinner! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. Nov 29,   If you've been keeping up with Season 3 of Andi Mack, then you know A LOT has been going of main plot points of the entire series is Andi and Jonah's relationship and fans patiently waited for Andi and her longtime crush to finally get together. Well, as we all know by now though, the couple broke up early on in Season 3 and now, Jonah has a new leading Jennifer Maldonado. Jan 15,   The couple started dating in They've been together for approximately 3 years, and 6 days. Actress with credits in Scandal and Shameless who landed the leading role of Andi Mack in a Disney Channel pilot from the creator of Lizzie thatliz.comality: American.

After the encounter, Andi holds Jonah's hand. It turns out Jonah has sweaty palms.

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Jonah finally invites Andi on a date. Andi is disappointed because she was hoping that she and Jonah would finally have a real date. During the date, Buffy and Marty turn out to have more chemistry than Jonah and Andi. To make matters worse, Jonah trips and falls, hurting his lip. Andi laughs at him, thinking it's funny. Jonah is embarrassed, so he gets mad at Andi but denies that he's mad. Andi texts him but he refuses to respond and later lies that his phone died.

Bex tells Andi to ask Jonah for the third time if he's mad at her. But just before asking him, Andi trips and falls.

Jonah laughs at her. They're even now. Jonah is cheerful once again. Jonah tells Andi that the girl from the other night is Natalie. She's the captain of the frisbee ultimate team at Peabody. And she's just a friend. Buffy and Cyrus later find videos of Jonah and Natalie at her pool party, making Andi wonder if they're just friends. Both Jonah and Natalie attend a frisbee lesson by Furious George together.

Buffy and Cyrus spy on them but can't find anything to report on. When Natalie invites Jonah to guest star in her YouTube video, Jonah forgets that he had promised Andi that he would go with her to a Grease sing-along.

He has a hard time choosing between Andi's thing and Natalie's video. He chooses Natalie's video. However, after being confronted by Amber about it, he half-heartedly cancels on Natalie and goes to Andi's sing-along.

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On the bus, Jonah gives an expression that shows he would rather be shooting the video with Natalie. When Cyrus is chosen to star in a video web series for the school, Jonah offers to help Cyrus out in whatever he needs.

Apr 21,   Andi Mack's Asher Angel Definitely Goes For Girls Like Andi We know you've been wondering about Asher Angel 's dating status, and JJJ is giving you an answer! Buffy showing off. During Buffy's girl's track team practice, Marty is the one timing the girls with a stop watch. Marty introduces himself again to Buffy like he did in Dancing in the Dark by asking if he knows her and Buffy responds the same way she responded.; Buffy remembers Marty as the guy who lied about eating a frog but Marty reminds her he's "Marty from the party.". Andi Mack is an American family comedy-drama television series created by Terri Minsky that aired on Disney Channel from April 7, to July 26, The series stars Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Joshua Rush, Sofia Wylie, Asher Angel, Lilan Bowden, Lauren Tom, and Trent follows year-old Andi Mack and her best friends, Cyrus Goodman and Buffy Driscoll, as they attend middle of episodes: 57 (list of episodes).

He becomes Cyrus' camera guy and spends all day with him trying to shoot videos. Eventually, Cyrus realizes that Jonah would make a better star than him. Jonah starts starring in the video while Cyrus is behind the camera. When The Bracelet starts to fall apart, Jonah stops wearing it.

He gives it back to Andi and tells her that she doesn't need to fix it but Andi fixes it anyway. When Andi tries to return the bracelet to Jonah, Jonah refuses to take it, claiming that he is not a bracelet guy. He tells Andi that wearing a bracelet would make it look like they're boyfriend and girlfriend. He tells Andi that he doesn't like labels. He reveals that he was only calling Amber "girlfriend" because she made him do that.

It turns out, Jonah never really thought of Andi as his girlfriend. To him, she was just a friend. Despite Andi clearly showing that she thought they were dating, Jonah happily thanks Andi for understanding that they're not a couple.

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Later on, Jonah helps Cyrus with picking outfits for his upcoming bar mitzvah. Jonah goes to Cyrus' bar mitzvah and doesn't say hi to Andi, making Andi think that he's avoiding her. He tells Cyrus that he didn't break up with Andi, he just doesn't like labels. When Andi starts talking to Walker, the caricature artist, Jonah starts to become jealous.

He asks Andi if they could continue hanging out together but Andi tells him that she's been obsessed with him for so long and now she's over him.

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This causes Jonah to have a panic attack and almost faint. TJ finds him and calls for help. Later that evening, Jonah goes to Bex's apartment and tells Andi that he is ready to start using the boyfriend and girlfriend labels. He asks Andi to officially become his girlfriend. But Andi just responds with "um Now that he believes he's Andi's boyfriend, Jonah starts showering Andi with gifts.

But he is terrible at giving gifts. Andi eventually asks him to stop giving her the gifts. She also reveals that they're not actually boyfriend-girlfriend.

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She explains that by "um" she meant that she doesn't know if she wants to be his girlfriend. Jonah agrees to be patient. Jonah gets another panic attack and darts into a music store to catch his breath. There, he runs into Bowie and lies to him that he came to buy a guitar.

Bowie helps him pick a guitar and starts teaching him how to play. Eventually, Bowie realizes that Jonah didn't really come to buy a guitar. Jonah admits that he was having a panic attack. Bowie offers to be there for him and is very supportive. He also advises him to see a doctor regularly.

Jonah asks Bowie not to tell Andi about it. Jonah is worried because Andi is not responding to his texts. When Cyrus and Buffy insist that it's over referring to the gamehe thinks his relationship with Andi is over. He gets angry and flips the game board, saying it's not over.

Cyrus and Buffy comfort him and assure Jonah that things between him and Andi are fine.

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Bowie checks in on Jonah's progress with his panic attacks. He gives Jonah a free guitar so that he can play to calm down whenever he has anxiety. He also books Jonah an audition with a music teacher.

However, on his way, Jonah passes by an art gallery where he finds a painting by Andi and Walker. He gets even more worried about losing Andi. He looks at his watch and realizes that he's late.

He panics. Jonah is leading the fundraiser for Space Otters Frisbee Team by making and selling pancakes. However, fellow team members fail to show up because Gus didn't send out a message to them. He recruits Buffy and Cyrus to help but they're fighting. He tries to get them to become friends again but with no luck.

When he finds them fighting and pancakes burning, he panics and tells them that he's having another panic attack. Luckily, it turns out to be just a panic scare. He then opens up to Buffy and Cyrus about his panic attacks. Through this, he helps repair Cyrus and Buffy's relationship. Jonah tells Bowie that he doesn't think Andi likes him anymore.

So, Bowie advises him to do a big gesture like write and perform a song for Andi on stage. Jonah writes the song with Bowie's help. Jonah's performance is amazing and Andi loves it. After the performance, Andi remains behind and kisses Jonah.

Jonah convinces Andi and Cyrus to make a time capsule for Buffy with the idea of not burying it.

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Jonah becomes jealous after seeing Andi wearing shoes she received as a gift from Walker. He storms out. He later invites his friend Natalie to hang out with him at The Spoonmaking Andi jealous and uncomfortable. Jonah tries out for the regional league's ultimate frisbee team. He is nervous but Cyrus comes over to cheer him on and give him the confidence he needs. Unfortunately, Jonah does not make the team. Cyrus comforts him and gives him a supportive hug.

Afterward, Jonah gets a text from Buffy to come over to Bex's apartment. There, Andi takes him outside and gives him The Bracelet as a symbol that they're now officially boyfriend and girlfriend. Jonah goes to the art fair with Buffy and Cyrus, only to find Andi and Walker taking photos together next to the charcoal drawing of Andi that Walker made during Cyrus' bar mitzvah. Andi tries to explain what's going on but Jonah says he already knows - Walker is the artist.

Surprisingly, Jonah quickly and happily introduces himself to Walker. Andi is surprised at how cool Jonah is about it. Jonah tells Andi that he is not jealous because he's the one with The Bracelet.

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Jonah asks Andi to show him around. Jonah has been keeping in touch with Andi over the summer and returns from frisbee camp, believing that they're still together while Andi wants to be just friends.

After their simultaneous admission of feelings, Andi takes it back. Jonah goes to the Macks' house to celebrate the moon festival. This time, he's wearing the right color, greets Celia in Cantonese as opposed to Mandarinand brings tea as a gift. Everything is going well until he sneezes on a candle, splattering wax on the wall. Everything he does to try to get it off backfires and makes things worse. He nearly has a panic attack, but Cyrus calms him down.

When Andi finds out what's going on, he believes himself to be a terrible boyfriend and sparks a conversation as to whether or not they want to be in a relationship anymore. Neither of them wants to be together, but neither wants to break up either.

They conclude that they can be just friends without breaking up. Jonah and Andi are proud of their "no-breakup breakup" as they start hanging out together as friends. They declare themselves the best exes ever.

They take photos together at Red Rooster Records. Afterward, Bowie asks Jonah to perform a song for his open mic. Jonah doesn't have a song to perform besides the one he performed for Andi, but Bowie encourages him to try writing a new song. Jonah performs a song he wrote about Andi crying the night that Jonah left her for camp.

Jonah makes things right by performing a new version of the song at school - now, it's about how he cried. Jonah and Andi agree that nothing can stand in the way of their friendship.

Andi mentions that not even dating someone else could break it. Jonah's look makes Andi suspicious that he might be seeing someone else already. Jonah has a new girlfriend, Libbybut since she's deaf and he doesn't know sign language, their conversations consist mainly of texting. Andi notices Libby before Jonah has the chance to introduce them. She tries calling to Libby but Libby doesn't respond. Andi thinks Libby is icing her, but Jonah explains that Libby is deaf.

He officially introduces Libby to Andi at The Spoon. Since Andi knows basic sign language, she can communicate with Libby more than Jonah ever could. They also both love arts and crafts, so Andi invites Libby to Andi Shackditching Jonah and essentially stealing his date.

Before they leave, Jonah tells Andi to say nice things about him to Libby.

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This doesn't quite work as Libby asks Andi why she and Jonah broke up, leading Libby to the conclusion that Jonah is cute but boring. Andi begs her not to break up with Jonah as he approaches them.

He asks what they're up to, to which Andi responds with an "um. Cyrus invites Jonah to his house to play ping-pong. Cyrus is surprisingly good at ping-pong, beating Jonah. TJ arrives, greeting and complimenting Cyrus and offering to play the winner. Jonah suddenly wants to leave, coming up with the excuse that he has a haircut appointment. TJ and Cyrus tease him for being upset about losing, but Jonah reveals that he has a problem with TJ.

Cyrus clarifies that they worked out the gun situation, but Jonah doesn't care about that and leaves without an explanation.

TJ has no idea what he did. Jonah later complains to Cyrus about TJ's presence, and Cyrus is confused, as Jonah usually likes everyone. Cyrus says TJ could do with some friends after losing his over the gun thing, but Jonah swears he'll never be friends with TJ and reveals that his grudge goes back to when they were in Little League together and TJ stole Jonah's jersey.

Jonah idolized Roberto Clemente as a child, thus he wanted to have the number 21 on his jersey. However, TJ took his jersey. Jonah tried to call TJ out on it, but TJ insisted the jersey was his.

Jonah threatened to tell on him, but TJ mocked him because the coach was Jonah's dad and for getting so upset over a jersey. Jonah says there's no crying in baseball, but Cyrus says that's just a line from a movie. Jonah ended up shoving TJ, and TJ shoved him back. Coach Beck broke up the fight, and Jonah had to watch TJ wear his 21 jersey for the rest of the season, causing him to quit the following year.

Cyrus comes out to Buffy. Buffy joins the basketball team and is later asked by her math teacher to tutor the team captain, TJ; when TJ becomes ineligible to be on the team due to his math grades, Cyrus gives him advice about his learning disability to allow him to play. Cyrus comes out to Andi. Andi and Jonah enter into a relationship. Buffy seemingly moves far away, but it is later revealed that she still lives closely.

Bex and Bowie are engaged. Andi tells Jonah that she would like to just be friends with him, to which he agrees. Buffy is dating Walker, which makes Andi uncomfortable.

Cyrus joins TJ and his two friends Reed and Lester on a dirt biking adventure, but when Cyrus discovers that Reed has a gun, he tells Principal Metcalf and is later questioned by a police officer about it after TJ reported the incident to the police. Buffy attempts to improve the girls' basketball team, but are crushed by their opponents in their first game.

Cyrus comes out to Jonah. Costume Day is held at Jefferson Middle School. Bex cancels her planned wedding to Bowie.

Andi, Cyrus, Buffy, and Jonah are arrested for giving out a company's thrown away clothes for free without the owner's permission. Buffy gets a foot injury which causes her to sit out her team's games for the rest of the season.

Andi's art project to combat stereotypes gets a lot of attention, leading her to apply and get accepted to a magnet school for visual arts. Bex plans a surprise wedding for her and Bowie. Marty's girlfriend breaks up with him because of his feelings for Buffy. After denying their feelings for each other, Buffy and Marty eventually admit liking each other. Eventually, TJ stands up to Kira, after which he and Cyrus acknowledge their feelings for each other by holding hands.

Development of the series began in when Disney Channels Worldwide president Gary Marsh convinced writer and producer Terri Minsky to consider developing another series for Disney Channel. Minsky had created the popular sitcom Lizzie McGuirewhich aired from tobut was initially reluctant to create another teen-oriented series. Minsky eventually found inspiration for the series in an article on how actor Jack Nicholson had learned as an adult that the woman whom he believed to be his sister was actually his mother.

Disney Channel renewed the series for a second season on May 25, On August 20,five additional episodes were ordered for the second season. On February 19,Disney Channel announced that Andi Mack had been renewed for a third season, with the cast informed about the renewal live on Good Morning America by the creator that day.

On April 24,it was announced that Andi Mack would come to an end after its third season and the series finale would premiere on July 26, The series has been praised for accurately representing the lives of young teenagers, with examples including a learning disability, panic attacks, a bar mitzvahand the unplanned pregnancy of the mother of the title character.

The series is the top-rated series on cable television among all children ages 6- From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American television series. Terri Minsky Michelle Manning. Greg A. Hampson Jeff T. Miller Paul Hoen. Main article: List of Andi Mack episodes.

Walt Disney Television Press. Retrieved March 30, And Disney Tries to Adapt". The New York Times. Retrieved March 13, Disney Channel. November 11, Retrieved April 20, - via The Futon Critic. August 5, Retrieved April 20, Retrieved March 2, Deseret News. Retrieved January 14, March 2, Retrieved March 11, - via The Futon Critic.

ABC Retrieved April 22, Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved May 25, Center for Asian American Media. Retrieved May 21, The Enterprise. August 20, Retrieved January 27, Retrieved May 21, - via YouTube. Retrieved October 25, Retrieved February 19,

Andi Mack - Jonah and Andi Officially Become A Couple ?? - Keep a Lid on It Disney Channel US

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