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He is 37, divorced with one teenage kid that he sees every other weekend. Here is my dilemma. You wait and pray for there to be a good guy left on this earth and finally one comes along and you find him boring or at least not challenging. He is completely into me. Calls, writes me letters, texts, takes me out, does family outings, asks about my day, washes my car, is clean, is fit, responsible, understanding, compliments me, etc, etc. It was okay, not mind blowing or anything. Am I being picky?

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Your date thinks the guy was totally hitting on you and disrespecting him. Or, your date gets into a fight with someone and later claims that it was a big setup or the guy was out to get him.

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He totally misreads situations or twists them. He makes intense eye-contact.

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When a guy looks into your eyes, it can be really sexy. He has grandiose plans. For instance, he might have just got a new job and he claims that he can easily make a million dollars in a year.

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He tells you about how his friend fell and broke his arm in three places, but he laughs all the way through the story. His emotions change in a second.

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Emotional instability is a big symptom of being mentally unstable, so you should be worried if he can go from raging about something to being super-calm the next second.

He charms you by focusing on your weakness. His ex was totally mad and she crashed his car, his brother stole from him, his best friend left him stranded at a party. There's no real tip for getting guys to ask for your number, you just gotta be pretty really unless they know you then your personality may win them over.

So if guys who ask you out aren't your type, get some friends and see if they can help set you up with a guy, or start initiating convos with guys rather than waiting.

Tho there's also the consideration of whether your ideal guy is realistic or not, don't always aim for only one specific type of dude even if it's your ideal. Boy crazy, probably not; lonely most likely.

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First thing you need to do is stop pining after the unavailable guy. Go look for the available guy that is similar to him. Xper 7. Well I am not very good at texting, but I am pretty good at listening to people.

Am i dating a crazy guy

So if you wanted to text me I would be happy to help; especially since I could use the experience myself. And I can keep it completely platonic if that is your concern.

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Does he feel happy, at ease and comfortable being himself? They consider how they feel around a girl.

But a crazy person will make intense eye-contact that makes you feel awkward and a bit like he's violating your space. He has grandiose plans. When you ask the guy what his dreams are, he's got crazy, over the top plans that don't seem too logical or like they'll work. I hate looking around and seeing all my friends in relationships and happy. It makes me sad because I would kill just to text someone. How do I get guys to ask me for my number or something this is depressing. I wouldn't say I was that bad looking. Guys ask me out but they are either players or. Sep 22,   And that was the game-changing truth in how I think about dating. I can't remember how I discovered it-if I had read it online, in an obscure book, or if it magically came to me in a dream, but one day I realized that the majority of my dating woes could be solved with one statement: If a guy is making you feel absolutely insane, you should step Maria Walley.

He factors you in. He considers you before making decisions, and carves out a place for you in his life.

He prioritizes spending time with you, no matter how crazy his schedule is. He considers your feelings, your desires and your needs, and he makes them a priority.

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He calls. He cares.

As I mentioned above, I am a nice guy who was treated very poorly by several women in a row, and it made me very bitter, angry, and cynical for a number of years. I had to become a hermit, and regain a love for myself before I could get back to being the nice guy I am at core. I have noticed a callousness in so many women these days. I am a believer of sexual freedom and expression as long as both (or all) parties consent. I don't think it's fair to label someone as crazy for being a cuckhold/cuckquean. I personally am a cuckquean, but I am also a wonderful, kind, intelligent successful, confident, attractive woman who any guy .

He makes time for you. He texts. He books the next date.

5 Signs You're Dating a Toxic Person (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

You can just be. A guy saying he cares about you is nice.

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The true measure of how a man feels is the way he behaves. What does he do to show you he really cares?

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A guy who cares will want to be there for you when you're upset.

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