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When you are Christian von Koenigsegg, you have much going for you. You create some of the most exclusive cars in the world and live a charmed life. Who knew he and his group would have such a lively sense of humor? They certainly put together an interesting piece called Time to Reign. Released on .

The end result is a geometry, strength and weight optimized part.

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It is machined form billet aluminum on 5-axis CNC machines and hard coat anodized in black. The roll center has been corrected and bump steer has been virtually eliminated. The shock mount was also lowered by 50mm, accommodating lowered vehicles and gaining back shock travel. We have retained full compatibility with OE heat shielding, sensors and bearings. The whole upright is not just optimized for suspension geometry but for strength and weight.

Porsche The final revision of the air-cooled was further refined with multi-link rear suspension and a sixth gear. In a sense, the symbolizes an end of an era for Porsche. The strikes a great compromise between the old-school driving experience and modern refinement, it looks quite good while it's at it too.

To ensure best performance on track, the part was subject to extensive FEA testing to be 2x stronger than the OE part. It has also been optimized for weight.

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Each upright is just 5. FEA Tested for strength vs.

1997 Porsche 993 Turbo S Driving

We are very satisfied with the part and the impact it has on these older platforms. Combined with our spherical control arm joints, inner and outer tie rods and a solid coil over setup - it really transforms the car as a whole.

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We have sold over 50 sets now since the product launched. The Carrera 4 S and the later rear-wheel-drive Carrera S shared the Turbo model's bodyshell, but housed the naturally aspirated engine in the rear. Both of the S models had slightly lowered suspension as compared to standard Carrera models.

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The Carrera RS is a lightweight variant of the Carrera. It features a naturally aspirated 3.

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The headlight washers were deleted for weight saving reasons. A seam welded body shell with an aluminum bonnet supported with a single strut was used along with thinner glass.

On the interior, the rear seats were removed, and special racing seats along with spartan door cards were installed. Sound proofing was also reduced to a minimum.

PORSCHE / CARRERA CABRIOLET L Available now is this gorgeous Carrera. Finished in Grand Prix white on classic gray leather interior. Back dating bodywork? Body. Vehicle Therefore, my ultimate air cooled would be a normally aspirated + 2WD backdated with wide bodywork - combining the advancements of the s (6 spd, improved suspension, hydraulic valve lash, hp, improved brakes, etc) with the Turbo look version of my favorite body thatliz.com my. By basing his car on a Roger is able to use the 's stiffer body structure and multi-link rear suspension. Wherever possible Roger used series-production Porsche components, making his car both cheaper to build and servicable by Porsche dealers. But in appearance, Kaege Retro couldn't be further from a

The suspension system used Bilstein dampers and the ride height was lowered for improved handling. Adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars and an under-bonnet strut-brace further increased handling. The Clubsport came equipped with a welded roll cage.

Porsche and platforms are still considered quite sophisticated for their time. But time is unforgiving when it comes to technology advances, materials and design. Time simply leaves everything in its dust. The market has improved support for these cars with hardware, accessories and electro. The Porsche is the internal designation for the Porsche model manufactured and sold between January and early (model years - in the United States), replacing the Its discontinuation marked the end of air-cooled models. The was much improved over, and quite different from its predecessor. According to Porsche, every part of the car was designed from the Engine: L- L air-cooled naturally . F-Model G-Model Backdate/Modified Carrera GT Taycan Panamera. Suchen. Search for: Private Seller New. Porsche under 30, Porsche under 50, Current Auctions Porsche Oldtimer for sale.

Certain comfort features such as carpets, power windowsair conditioning and radio were deleted. Exterior wise, it sports a larger rear wing and a deeper chin spoiler than the standard RS.

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The Carrera RS was produced in model years and It was street legal in European and many other countries around the world, but was not approved for export to the United States. Production amounted to 1, cars including Clubsport variants. By the mid s, most of the sanctioning bodies of road racing had placed severe limitations, if not outright bans on the use all-wheel-drive systems, due in part to Audi's earlier success in campaigning their various Quattro cars in touring car races around the globe, to Porsche's and its racing version theand in part to the Nissan Skyline.

It was in this atmosphere that in order to take their turbo-engined racing, Porsche developed the rear drive GT. The deletion of the all-wheel-drive drivetrain also brought with it the benefit of significant weight savings to the competition car. To qualify the car for racing, a limited number of street legal variants were created for homologation purposes, which are now highly prized and valued by collectors.

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Exterior wise, the fenders of the Turbo have been cut back and replaced with bolt-on plastic pieces in order to accommodate large racing tyres and to help ease the repairs of damage to the fenders that are an often reoccurring event in auto racing. Only 57 road legal variants were built.

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The racing variants have different engine set-ups depending on the applicable racing series. In contrast to the G-model and thePorsche never officially offered the in a Speedster body style. The Seinfeld speedster was originally delivered as a cabriolet model and later sent back to the factory "Exclusive" department to be "rebuilt" as a speedster.

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Additionally, a few convertibles were converted to the Speedster body style by aftermarket coach builders. After the 3. The generation of the is often referred to as the best and most desirable of the series, not only because of its beauty, but also because of its great performance, even by modern standards.

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The is quoted as "the last complete 'modern classic'"; "the was and forever will be that last fresh breath of air that Porsche gave the world; elegance and muscle all in one package. The was replaced by the This represented a dramatic change for the As many enthusiasts agree, "the is one of the sweetest spots in the 's half-century of existence," and while "more modern versions might be more dynamically capable, they're bloated behemoths in comparison to the lean From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Fourth generation of the Porsche sports car produced from - This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: Porsche GT2.

Porsche CabrioletThe Porsche Cabriolet featured here with 84, miles on the odo. There is a huge difference in the back between the and Like the front, the back of the is much higher than the In addition to the difference in height, the is also a bit wider so the metal work is just as complicated. Feb 14,   The filtering mechanisms on these dating sites similarly emphasize the importance age takes in I lost my wife of 44 years to cancer in online dating sites implement these three services have indeed fundamentallygeneral social networking sites (Row 13), or massively multi- player online is the premier dating and chat site in Europe.

It's amazing how much Porsche tuning has changed within the last two decades. TechArt wheels and aerokits were popular.

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Gemballa was making flatnose kits for s. While aggressive, modern looking air-cooled cars remain popular, backdating is very much in vogue. These super high-dollar creations rely on a wide array of bespoke parts, fine interior materials and unique powerplants.

When Roger Kaege decided to build his own backdate he took a different approach. To Roger, many of Singer's decisions were illogical.

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For instance, why did they use a as a base car rather than a ? The was the final to use semi-trailing arm rear suspension, which Singer's cars retain. By basing his car on a Roger is able to use the 's stiffer body structure and multi-link rear suspension. Wherever possible Roger used series-production Porsche components, making his car both cheaper to build and servicable by Porsche dealers.

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