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Today, dating can be very easy not just with dating websites but with dating apps too. With Tinder and Bumble, you can just swipe who you like and who you do not that it becomes a game. The winner feels better about themselves and might get into a real relationship. It is important to treat dating apps like something fun to do instead of depending on them for your happiness. You know you have an obsession if dating apps take over your life. You could be constantly checking your phone for new matches or messages or get nervous when you do not hear from anyone on the app.

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Try checking your phone once or twice a day instead of every few minutes. That way, you do not miss out or anger any of the people you are with. It is also unhealthy if your friends, career, family, or hobbies are no longer important to you compared to your dating apps.

It will make them feel like they are not good enough to be around or will be turned off that they do not have your full attention.

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If you do not take part in any hobbies because you are too absorbed in your dating apps, then your dates will not think that you are interested in anything and it will be hard to find anything to take about. Remember the life you have outside of dating apps.

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If you want to change your relationship with dating and love, you have to change the relationship you have with yourself. This means you can no longer berate or beat yourself up about your past dating mistakes.

Apr 05,   In the same way, Natasha Dow Schull, anthropologist and author of a book on the link between tech and addiction, says there are similarities between slot machines and dating apps. Step 1. You admit to yourself that you're spending too much time on dating apps. Once you're able to do this you're allowing yourself to let go of the hold and influence dating apps have over your life and your self-esteem. Step 2. You recognize that you're trying to get something from dating apps that the app . Feb 13,   The more we spend time seeking, whether in search of drugs, sex or dating app dings, "we get less and less pleasure out of it, and the less and less balanced life becomes," Morten Kringelbach, a neuroscientist and Senior Research Fellow at The Queen's College at Oxford, told me. "That's the tragedy of addiction.

Before you joined all these apps, what did you like to do? Did you like to play sports? If so, join a co-ed softball, kickball or capture the flag team.

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Did you like to cook? Take a class.

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The best thing you can do is stop looking inward and start looking outward. Find the goodness of this moment-in a book, in powerful words, in a comforting image, through the writers and artists you love and all that you hold dear. This will get you through.

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Mar 21,   It is important to treat dating apps like something fun to do instead of depending on them for your happiness. In Match's Singles in America study, one in six people felt like they were addicted to dating apps and Millenials are more likely to be addicted to them. You know you have an obsession if dating apps take over your life. It's an addiction that's rooted in the need for survival. I've been on the gay dating app Grindr since I was 18, but even before that, I was a young gay kid. I was one of very, very few LGBT people in a small town who was open about their sexuality, chatting with other potential romantic partners - OK, this was before "Catfish" and I was naive. Sep 07,   But you're also much more likely to develop a dating app addiction. In a study published by the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, researchers interviewed undergraduate students who used online dating apps. They asked the students to describe their levels of loneliness and social anxiety. Researchers also asked them if they.

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Step 4. After years and years, it's become second nature to me, and though I now live in New York City and often meet plenty of men in bars and get hit on in real life, I still find myself reverting back to reaching for my phone and those good old dating apps out of comfort, familiarity, and of course, boredom.

Dating apps have grown tremendously in popularity.

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For one thing, I'm aware that they often provide a platform for things like racism and body-shaming, which I've seen first-hand. I've also experienced that digital communication can lead to miscommunications about things like relationships as opposed to simple hookups or one-night stands, which I'm not necessarily looking for as time goes on. Also, I sometimes feel myself getting a little too much validation from compliments or getting hit on by faceless, nameless, or unfamiliar people on apps.

It feels as though I'm not living in the moment when real, actual guys could be hitting on me or approaching me. And I've always secretly dreamed of just meeting someone face to face, the old fashioned way.

You check your app(s) obsessively. If you start hearing notification sounds when your phone actually hasn't beeped, you probably have a dating app addiction. You spend most of your free time scrolling through hundreds of eligible singles. It's the first thing you do in the morning, the last at night, and as frequently as you can in between. A survey of dating app users from the UK, commissioned by JigTalk, dating app users, found that almost 30 per cent of users spend seven hours per week swiping and scrolling to find a match. Online dating hasn't been taboo in at least a decade; in fact, it's now a necessity if you're looking for love. It seems like everyone is on either Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, or eHarmony (or all of the above), including me.

I blame romantic comedies. Day one played out exactly as I expected it to. In those more mundane moments, I reached for my phone and to quote Taylor Swift, a blank space greeted me. What would I do now as a substitute?

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This was particularly difficult before bed, when I check apps kind of as a winding down procedure before going to sleep, sweet dreams of "hey what's up" and "you're cute" playing in my head. I stared at the ceiling. Counting sheep just wasn't as fun.

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After that, I realized that this was proof how ultimately unhealthy my relationship to dating apps really could be. This wasn't what these things were even intended for, yet here I was using them as a social crutch or retreat during times of monotony as well as some sort of strange bedtime story.

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I learned that I had to put myself out there. And actually, I ended up feeling much more relaxed and refreshed before setting my alarm and turning my phone over on my nightstand for the night.

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But I also noticed two things after a few days: I was thirsty for compliments, feeling disconnected from that sense of male validation.

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