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Luckily, modern technology has whisked antennas into the 21st century. The key to success is to manage your expectations and prepare yourself for a little trial and error. In the end, a little effort goes a long way to helping cord cutters stay off cable for good. Here are some tips on how to install a TV antenna in your home, as well as how to hunt down the perfect one for your location. Plug in your ZIP code and street address and the site will show the locations of local TV broadcast antennas relative to your home. For instance, at our address, a medium-sized directional antenna would appear to be the right choice. Yet, we can pull in nearly every station available with a small, multidirectional antenna.

This allows for greater coverage in less than ideal locations.

Installing an Outdoor HD Antenna

It can be mounted in the attic or on the roof. Thanks to its quick-connect assembly, this antenna has a unique, integrated diplexer for reliable, multi-directional UHF and VHF reception. Ideal for rural areas. They build custom stackers and have been producing them for many years with good success.

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Here are several examples of custom antenna stackers they have built shown below. Combining two HD antennas can have a positive impact on your overall channel coverage and reception. If you are looking to increase your signal coverage it may be worth experimenting. Please feel free to comment below for questions or if you have experimented with any of these types of setups. What were your results? You can also submit questions to our forums page.

How do i hook up my hd antenna

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How to Convert Video Output Signals. Just use an antenna combiner or coupler with two antennas before your connection to your Tivo. Use separate wires to each that are the same length with the other end connected to a signal combiner. Would combining the 2V with a directional antenna to get the channel I want be ideal?

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Already have one of the recommended combiners and would use the same cables and lengths. Also, do I introduce the preamp after I combined the signals?

Adding a second directional antenna could help. The general rule of thumb is to install the antenna preamp before the combiner. You can try experimenting using both preamps on or just one on and the other off.

One scenario might work better than the other.

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It might take a few adjustments to get it working. Good luck and let us know how it all worked out. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

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July 1, 0. Last ated: Monday, July 6, One of the most frustrating things about watching TV with an over the air antenna is finding a good signal. There are several ways to go about it. You can use a compass and an app to point the antenna in the direction of the broadcast towers. The other option is to use an over the air signal strength meter. This will ensure you are getting the strongest signal from the broadcast towers. A signal strength meter is a small portable device that is plugged in line with the OTA antenna.

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There are plenty of wireless pieces of equipment in your home, and this equipment is not helping you receive the strongest signal possible.

Remember that interference is the enemy of a good signal. This is a necessity to use your Internet service across devices wirelessly.

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This traffic will degrade a signal and cause your reception to suffer in the process. Imagine adding 5 cars surrounding you on the road, this will add traffic to your trip and slow you down dramatically.

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A good test of this is placing your router next to your antenna. You can power down your router and test your signal quality again to see how strong it is. If you find that your signal is a lot stronger when the router is off, change the location of the router.

Your antenna almost certainly comes with a nifty coaxial cable to connect your antenna to your television. The goal is to have a little extra cable so that you can put the cable on the wall and have more coil left.

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A longer cable also allows you to place the antenna higher up on the wall. The higher position allows you to receive that stronger signal that you need to receive all the free channels possible and even the quality of the signal. TV antennas require some adjustments and a few hacks as mentioned above, but being able to receive dozens of channels for free is worth every second spent on trying to get the best possible signal.

Antennas have remained a stagnant technology for decades, but Livewave has the potential to change all of that.

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Free television? As most experts will tell you, the height of the antenna is the most important thing. When testing the best indoor antennastry places like the attic or a window in an upstairs room. The higher up you can get the antenna, the better the reception is going to be.

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This means that the basement is not the best location for your antenna. Not only that, but placing the antenna in the basement may interfere with your cable internet signal. If you want the best signal possible, place the antenna at the highest possible point indoors. The more things in the way of the signal, the weaker it will be. But trees, walls and everything in between will likely hinder your signal in some way.

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Do your best to find a spot with as few obstruction as possible, so you can enjoy the best signal possible. It should go without saying that the direction of the antenna is extremely important.

First and foremost, find out where the towers are in your area. Once you find out where they are, you can figure out which direction to place your antenna. Remember, you want to point the antenna in the direction of the tower to get the strongest signal possible. Sometimes, changing the direction slightly may also give you access to more channels that you may not have access to right now.

Finding the right location before making a permanent installation is the key to success.

Nov 04,   Attaching a preamplifier or distribution amplifier to an antenna coaxial cable isn't terribly difficult. Depending on its type, you install it at a certain location on the line to your TV. You should however ensure there's an AC power supply like a wall socket available nearby. Installing an Antenna . Pick up digital TV (ATSC) channels by hooking up an antenna and tuning it into local broadcasters. Using an antenna to pick up digital TV channels works great if you live in a big city; it may take awhile if you live in a small town. The costs of putting in the new transmission and [ ]. Scanning for Channels on Your TV Now turn on your TV and go into the settings menu. Find the option where you can select between cable and antenna input and select "antenna". Here's how it looks on my .

Installing the TV antenna is the easy part. Finding the right spot is the tricky part.

broadcast in HD signal, you can get high definition versions of most network shows using a good old fashion, rabbit ear antenna - if you live in a city or metropolitan area. The first step to connect an antenna, is to find the input port on your HDTV. Look for the VHF/UHF input. It's usually on the side or in the back of your HDTV. Jan 29,   You connect the antenna cable to the Ant In VHF/UHF jack on the back of the TV If your antenna cable ends in bare wire or U hooks, you can buy an adaptor that will let you connect it to the Ant In jack. Adaptors are available at electronics stores. Mar 15,   The next step is to connect the antenna to your television. You'll do this using a coaxial cable, or "F" cable. The cable will be either a screw in or a push in model. Either one of these styles is fine, but the screw-in type has a better fit and may have a stronger signal as a result.

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