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Your written profile is gold mine of opportunity. A lot of guys overlook it. Here's why you shouldn't, plus 25 easy ways to take advantage of it. First, we look at your profile. Your great first message tells girls to give your profile a shot. What you write about yourself is the final word on whether we reply. When we see you have a great profile, we get extra psyched that you wrote us that great message.

What was the last concert you went to? What did you think of it? It doesn't have to be long and elaborate The worst? This guy follows that up by answering What?

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What are you looking forward to most next month? If your profile remains active past that event, then revise it to describe the experience you just had - and pick something new you're looking forward to. What games do you like to play with your friends? What do your friends ask you to handle at parties? Beer selection, the music, loosening up guests when they first arrive, etc.

How to make the most of your online dating profile Ask your friends for helpAvoid clichesLook at other profilesChoose action shotsStay positiveBe honestBe specificate regularlyCheck your grammarSay cheeseMore items. Apr 10,   Fill Out The Damn Profile. For the love of God, add information about yourself. A profile that only lists your age range interest as yo is creepy, not inviting. First and foremost, HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR. This will get you farther than anything on this list. If you don't have one, then that solves the mystery as to why you're thatliz.com: Niki Marinis. What Beats The World's Best Dating Profile Examples For Men? As good as they may be, the examples you've seen today cannot compete with a dating profile that's so uniquely "you" it could never be used by anyone else! After all, there's a lot of guys out there looking for good online dating profiles to copy.

Being a little random and irreverent can be good. Let your sense of humor come out! Freestyle it for a little bit, listing anything you can think of that you enjoy. Plus, girls who love the same things will instantly feel the sense of connection.

A couple of these prompts for each section on your profile are more than enough to let your true personality shine through. Just pick a few that show your sense of humor, some deep thoughts, and what gets you psyched. Smart online dating tips for men. These are the online dating messages that get more replies from women, the profile pictures that increase your odds of meeting more women off-line, and the best ways to get a woman's attention in online dating. If you're one of the good guys, you deserve an edge.

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For Guys: How To Write A Good Online Dating Profile

Q: "Why should I spend a lot of time writing my profile? It seems girls only care about messages. How do you back that statement up in your everyday life? What it is that you do? Why do you do it? What do you live to do on the weekend? Describe your ideal Sunday morning. What are your short-term goals for yourself this year?

Best way to fill out a dating profile

What personal qualities make you especially good at your job? What do you like best about your family?

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What cts of yourself are you most proud of? What activity or moment makes you happy to be alive? What have you worked hardest to achieve in your life? Outside of work, what do you spend the most time doing?

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What do you wish you did more often? Remember: also answering Why?

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The question is obviously asking what you do for a living and what your big goals in life are. Are you a teacher, bartender, sales clerk, mortician?

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Are you going to drink whiskey across Europe? Get your PhD? Start a death metal band? Are you working that office job and writing your Stand By Me fan fiction screenplay at night?

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Do you grill a mean steak? Kill The Humpty Dance at karaoke? Are you The Rain Man of movie quotes? Put that kind of unique and fun stuff here.

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Have you never been given a compliment in your life? Has no one ever complimented your looks or personality?

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Do you have pretty eyes or pink hair? I have pretty eyes and a huge rack. Those are the things people usually notice about me.

Your great first message tells girls to give your profile a shot. What you write about yourself is the final word on whether we reply. "So my written profile actually seals the deal?" Yes! Your profile tells girls you're a fit for us in personality, lifestyle, and sense of humor. Basically, that we'll like hanging out (and making out) with you.

I gleaned this knowledge from comments people have made to me about these attributes. The only reason to not have an answer to this question is if no one has ever commented on your looks or personality.

Work on both.

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Good luck scoring a date with that, buddy. Same goes for books, movies, and shows. Give us your top five choices in each category. This is also where you list your hobbies or interests, stuff you do for fun. Painting, ultimate Frisbee, taxidermy. DO NOT write blood, food, air, water. This is not a literal question.

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The point is to show your personality. Are you addicted to your smart phone and coffee? Never leave the house without your journal or a switchblade? Your desert island list. Get a personality. World peace?

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Banana pudding? A sexy combination of all three? Tell us. Maybe you spend a lot of time marveling at how the lead singer of The Foo Fighters looks just like the drummer from Nirvana.

The big mysteries of life you ponder go here.

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If you do all kinds of different things on the weekends, give us a summary of your most favorite activities. Movies, clubbing, trying every sushi joint in town? Netflix, friends, and wine coolers? Holding up liquor stores, summoning the devil, and tagging buildings with your spray paint stencil art as your alter ego, The Shadow? Sum it up here. Make a joke. We read something we like, we message you. Quote a movie, leave a recipe for bundt cake, leave your hat size.

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Close big. Always be closing. And that name thing? Have fun, get a sense of humor, and chill out. Think in terms of meeting someone and getting to know them instead of going on a date. It takes the pressure off. You may meet and hate each other. You may get married three hours later.

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Meeting is the first step, going on a date is the second. Or possibly a honeymoon. DO NOT send dick pics unless asked. DO NOT mass message a form letter. DO NOT use text language.

This is not a text, and there are no character limits. Use punctuation.

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