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Caroline : I remember saying that to you. We were dancing at my prom. It's funny the things we remember out of all the years that go by. I remember how you told me that when I was ready for you, you would be ready for me. I'm ready now. I think a part of me has been ready for this day since the moment I first saw you, the new mystery guy in the hallway at school.

Then Stefan arrives and begin to looking for a solution on how to draw her to them and so to stab her with the traveller knife.

Later, Caroline and Matt is with the others in the room of the house Salvatores as they have to Nadia dying there, they're hoping that Katherine appears and she does. Matt along with Tyler are stuck in the room, forced to listen to Caroline's singing. She later on quiz Matt and Tyler about her, claiming they should know all about her since they both dated her.

As Caroline asks him what her favorite color is, Matt answers correctly by saying she doesn't have one. But as Caroline threatens to kill both Matt and Tyler, Tyler gets angry, breaking a wooden chair and making a stake. Matt tries to call his friend down, saying that the humanity-free vampires will kill them.

However, Tyler doesn't listen and goes to stab Caroline. But with her vampire speed, Caroline puts Matt in front of Tyler, making the former werewolf stab his friend instead. As Tyler tries to help a wounded Matt, Caroline watches them and laughs, along with Stefan. In Mommie DearestMatt asks for Caroline's help in saving all the humans who were compelled by JulianLily Salvatore 's former loverto stay dormant and on IV wires in order to keep them healthy for Julian's army of vampire to feed off of.

After Valerie Tulle assists Caroline and Matt, Matt's discovers Caroline's surrogate pregnancy with Alaric and Jo 's twin babies, due to her vomitting from morning sickness and Caroline's conversations with Valerie. Matt is left very surprised at this. In Days of Future PastCaroline is not seen in this episode. However, a voicemail of her voice is heard on Matt's cellphone. Caroline asks Matt why he freed Rayna Cruzwhich ended up sending his old friends running from her.

Caroline wanted to hear Matt himself explain why and not from others. It is revealed after this voicemail that Matt's deceased partner, Penny Areswas killed somehow by Stefan SalvatoreCaroline's best friend and then-ex-boyfriend. They both later attend Tyler's funeral with the rest of their friends, before Damon crashes it and attempts to kill Matt in order for Damon to keep his humanity off. However, Caroline and the others convince Damon to let Matt go. Later on, when the episode's issues are semi-solved, Matt and Caroline at the Mystic Falls' empty carnival as they hang out with the rest of their friends.

Later at the carnival, Caroline shows Matt pictures of the twinsupon recognizing Caroline's new nanny Seline as one of the Sirens the Armory was trying to find, Matt tells Caroline she needs to get home. Peter MaxwellMatt's biological father, is also there and Damon starts taunting them all. Damon explains that he plans on killing one of them and sending them to hell by the end of that night.

Finally, Damon decided to kill Peter for gambling instead of raising his son. Matt begs Damon not to kill him and Caroline reasons with Damon until she could save Peter from being killed by Damon. They are both casually talking about and reminiscing about their time in high school. They talk about their high school days while Caroline visits her old high school on a work assignment.

However, it is later revealed that Sybil pushed Caroline's boss to give her the assignment about the Founders Day history research project. Later on, Caroline desperately calls Matt asking him to help the high school students Sybil sirened. Sybil sirened them as leverage to get Caroline to cooperate with her in finding the Maxwell family's bell. This was unsuccessful on Sybil's part being Matt and his father successfully saved the high school students Sybil used as leverage against Caroline.

Also, Seline got to the Maxwell bell first, which saved both Matt and Caroline enough time to save the high school students as well. Caroline : Am I shallow? Matt : Is that a trick question? I wanna be deep I wanna be like, the abyss deep. Don't leave me alone. Matt : No it's just that I don't like you. I never have, but it was nice. Caroline : What? Matt : We can watch a movie at my place.

Caroline : Uh, with your mom and a six pack? Matt : I knew should have called, I'm sorry. Caroline : What are you doing here? Matt : I don't know, but I was driving home from work and i just found myself here. Caroline : Well are you ok? I've been worried about you. Matt : I miss you Caroline : giggles Matt.

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Caroline : You were dying my blood healed you. Matt : What do you mean, it healed me? How can your blood heal me?! Caroline : Because that's what vampire blood does for humans and that's what I am. I'm a vampire, Matt. Matt : No Caroline : But it's all gonna be okay because I'm going to tell you everything, and you're gonna understand why I had to keep it from you, and we're gonna be fine. Matt : We'll be fine?! Caroline : Yes, because we're together and we love each other.

Matt : Vampires oh my god. Vicki, oh my god, at the hospital, I thought that she was trippin' out. Matt : Vicki. She knew about vampires and and I - what did you do? Caroline : Wha- nothing. Matt : I need to get out of here. Caroline : No no no no no. I can't let you leave, okay, not like this.

Matt : What did you do to my sister?! Caroline : Nothing, nothing! I swear, nothing! Matt : What did you do?! Matt : I get it.

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This is your life now. You know what my life is, car? My life is an absentee mom. And a bunch of bills to pay, and school, and a job, and it sucks sometimes.

When does tyler and caroline start dating

But it's my life. Caroline : I thought you were ignoring me? Matt : I'm not ignoring you. Caroline : You only said five words to me all summer, and those were four of them. And what are you two doing here together? I thought you were supposed to be here with Rebekah. Matt : Plans changed. I need a drink. Matt : Yeah, I'm one of the good ones. I know. Why the compliments? What else do you want? Caroline : I know that you and Elena have been getting closer lately.

Matt : And your point is? Caroline : One way or the other, she's pretty much spoken for. Matt : Elena's my friend, Caroline. I'm just looking out for her. Caroline : And I'm just looking out for you.

Because sometimes the people who love her get caught in the crossfire. Matt : If the council is after you then why are you here? Caroline : Because I don't know where to go. Tyler's dead and everything is different now I'm gonna go home and I'm gonna get my flash cards, and my study guides, and some energy bars. This is gonna be good. Caroline leaves Rebekah : about Caroline You dated that? Matt : She likes projects. Caroline enters the house with a disjointed demeanor, doing the walk of shame.

Where have you been? Caroline : zipping up her jacket In the woods I got lost. Matt : Caroline. What are you doing here? Tyler : Kind of wondering the same thing.

Where the hell have you been? Before he can answer, Nadia appears in the front door, but she's barred from enterting the house without permission Nadia : Did I give you my sunglasses? I thought you said they wouldn't be home. Caroline : Okay, Rewind, start over. This whole time, you've been with Nadia? Matt : It's a long story. Nadia, come on in.

Matt pours himself a glass of alcohol to explain where he has been for the last two days Matt : I was on my way out of town and then there she was, sitting on the front steps, waiting for me.

Nadia : Subtley's not my strong-suit. I felt bad about compelling him; and bad about snapping your neck. Again, subtlety. Tyler : So why haven't you been answering your phone? Matt : Uh I lost it the first night. Caroline : First night where? Nadia : Atlantic City. I'd never been and neither had Matt. Matt : One drink led to three and that led to five and. Caroline : Yes because she's compelling you! Matt : Caroline! I'm wearing vervain. Caroline stands up and walks over to Matt and tries to compel him Caroline : Where have you been the last two days.

Matt : I told you, she's not compelling me. We're having fun. Caroline : Fun? Oh come on! Just like the time when she buried you alive. Pop open the champagne. Nadia : I thought you said she'd be cool with us hanging out? Caroline : and what the hell is that supposed to mean? Nadia stands up to confront Caroline - No Exit. Caroline : Why didn't you tell us Enzo has been locked up this whole time?

Matt : Honestly, I didn't know anybody was missing him.

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Caroline : Matt! Matt : I'm sorry. I was confused by which vampires we liked and which ones we don't. Caroline Via voicemail : Matt, it's Caroline. I know there has to be a reason why you helped Raynabut I need to hear it from you. Klaus then pretends to be dying, and tells Caroline to leave. She refuses, but Klaus finally gets her to leave by starting to transform into a wolf.

Caroline is shocked and disturbed to discover that Klaus is in Tyler's body. After escaping Caroline is happy to see that Tyler is still alive and the two begin making out, however Klaus calls her "love" which leads Caroline to realize that it is really Klaus.

She says that he's disgusting and that she has to sanitize her mouth. Klaus is visibly pleased by the fact that he almost seduced Caroline, stating sarcastically that Caroline is a "glorious kisser" and he even went as far as to say that once he returns to his original body, he'll gladly take on her offer for "hot, hybrid sex".

They find Bonnie to complete the spell and while she originally refuses to use the dark magic needed, Klaus begins ripping Tyler's heart out forcing Bonnie to do the spell. While speaking to Hayley, Klaus over hears Tyler telling Caroline to go to Rebekah's party, and assumes that something has happened between Tyler and Hayley. When Tyler walks into his dad's old office, Klaus is sitting in the chair. Klaus tells Tyler that he thinks when Tyler went to go break his sire bond he met Hayley and they shared a passionate moment.

Tyler gets upset and shouts at Klaus to stop. Klaus then says angrily, "And Caroline has no idea. While this is a fake display to legitimize a break-up between her and Tyler, Klaus believes it. Giving Caroline, Tyler, and Hayley space, Klaus leaves with two other hybrids.

Later on, in an effort to distract Klaus while Stefan is busy freeing Elena from Klaus' possession, Caroline confronts him at the Grill. She states that she wants him to give Elena back, to which Klaus replies that Elena needs his help. He doesn't want to burden Caroline with the details because she has too much to deal with already - referring to her break-up with Tyler.

She tells him that it's none of his business. In response, Klaus assures Caroline that had Tyler still been sired to him he would not have let Tyler hurt her. He then offers her a drink and she accepts, successfully keeping Klaus occupied.

Upon discovering that Elena ran from Stefan, Caroline admits to Klaus her real motives for showing up at the Grill and tells him of Elena's disappearance. Angry, Klaus gets up from his chair and proceeds to leave. She calls after him, but he threatens to kill her despite her beauty if she doesn't stop talking. In a final effort, she tells him that they have figured out how to stop the hallucinations.

This garners Klaus' attention and he gives her ten seconds to tell him how. In a later discussion between Caroline and Tyler, it is revealed that Caroline convinced Klaus to sacrifice one of his hybrids in order to stop Elena's hallucinations by agreeing to go on a date with him. While Caroline is working, Klaus arrives to inquire about the date she promised him. Caroline is initially opposed to Klaus accompanying her to the pageant as her date, but she relents after Klaus reminds her of Tyler's indiscretions with Hayley.

She tells Klaus to meet her the following day at the Lockwood mansion for the event and warns him not to get her anything so much as a corsage - referring to his earlier extravagant gifts from season three.

At the pageant, Caroline is busy carrying out her duties. After chastising a server and the musicians, Klaus asks her how he's doing at helping her host. In response, Caroline reluctantly admits that he's perfect. Later, Caroline and Elena are in a heated discussion about Damon when Klaus interrupts and informs Caroline that she's making a scene.

She wonders how she became the bad guy, to which Klaus suggests they get a drink and he would explain what being the bad guy is like. As they walk along the pond, Caroline explains Elena's strange change in behavior since becoming a vampire. Klaus alludes cryptically to the sire bond as they both sit down on a bench. Caroline urges him to find a cure, and he assures her that he's working on it. As Klaus prepares to uncork the champagne, Caroline asks him if he would ever take the cure.

Klaus replies by wondering aloud why he would want to cure himself of being the most powerful creature on the planet. Unsatisfied, Caroline confirms his response by asking again. He evades her question by asking her if she would take the cure. With Tyler watching from a distance, Klaus recalls that life used to be a lot easier. He then proceeds to remove a paper from his jacket and reads from it, asking Caroline if she missed the days of being Chair of the Mystic Falls Beautification Committee and the Director of the Policeman's Yearly Raffle.

As he reads, Caroline realizes that he's reading from her Miss Mystic Falls application and tries to grab the paper from him. He playfully pulls it out of her grasp and continues reading to her embarrassment. He taunts her and she becomes defensive, but ultimately ends up laughing with him. Later, while Tyler listens into their conversation, Klaus admits to Caroline that there was one time when he thought about being human.

He recalls a trek in the Andes where he encountered a hummingbird hovering in front of him. He noted the bird's heart beating rapidly and appreciated how hard the bird had to work in order to survive each day and how satisfying that must be.

Klaus finds her at the Grill studying the painting he donated to the Winter Wonderland charity event. They exchange some witty banter, before Caroline compliments his "snowflake" painting, adding that there's something lonely about it. Klaus offers her champagne and initially she refuses, worried about the adults that might see. Eventually she relents, admitting that if they're going to be nice to one another she will need the drink after all.

Klaus asks her if that's their thing, to which she replies that they don't have a thing. Later on, when it seems as though Tyler and Hayley's plan to take out Klaus will be successful, Caroline and Stefan both acknowledge their guilt over betraying Klaus, and they both agree that none of them are really better than Klaus. In A View to a KillKlaus is keeping an eye on Damon, who is locked in the Salvatore basement to prevent him from acting upon Kol's compulsion.

After discussing Damon's failure to train Jeremy, their conversation turns to Elena. Klaus wonders how Elena is able to look over every horrible thing Damon has done in the past. He questions whether there is something pathologically wrong with Elena and if Damon has compelled or manipulated her in any way outside of the sire bond. Without any response to his probing from Damon, Klaus falters and plainly asks Damon what it is that he says to her.

Klaus' change in tone and the question spark Damon's interest. Damon suspects that Klaus' questions have more to do with Klaus' relationship with Caroline than his relationship with Elena. Damon believes that Klaus is worried that Caroline will never forgive him for killing Carol Lockwood.

Klaus does not deny this; instead, he accuses Damon of doing worse. Damon disagrees, claiming he has legitimate reasons for his bad actions while Klaus' does not. Klaus refutes this. Damon finishes their conversation by advising Klaus to be bad with a purpose; that you're not worthy of forgiveness otherwise.

In Into the Wil Caroline stops by the Gilbert house surprised to find Tyler still there and Klaus still locked in the family room.

Klaus greets Caroline unsurely which she responds to dismissively. Caroline then urges Tyler to come home to avoid stooping to Klaus' level. Tyler refuses, preferring to revel in Klaus' misery until he can kill him himself.

Caroline compromises by suggesting Tyler gloats and multitasks by helping to clean Elena's house. They start by covering Kol's body and Klaus responds emotionally.

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Klaus reasons that now that his brother Kol is dead along with Tyler's mother, Carol, that they are now even. He beseeches them to call Bonnie to undo the spell. Caroline declares that she will never ever help Klaus. Klaus responds by pointing out his good deeds saving Tyler from the painful experience of being a werewolf and feeding her his blood on her birthday to heal her from Tyler's fatal werewolf bite.

This provokes a hostile reaction in Caroline, who then confronts Klaus with all the bad he's done killing Tyler's mother, killing Elena's aunt Jennainsinuating that his charm could not make them forget these terrible actions. Driving her point home further, Caroline refuses to discuss things further with him, claiming that he's not worth the calories she burns talking to him.

This provokes Klaus, who stakes her with a lamp post. He pulls her into the family room with him and bites her, much to her surprise. Later, Caroline is shown panicking over what Klaus as done as Tyler helps her down onto the Gilbert's living room sofa, while Klaus stares away from the unfolding situation. Tyler tries to calm Caroline down by assuring her that he'll fix things.

Tyler confronts Klaus, reminding him that Caroline will die if he doesn't give her his blood. Klaus seems sarcastically receptive, biting his wrist and extending it to Tyler. He asks Tyler to beg him to save her life. Tyler scoffs at Klaus' attempt to underscore how powerless he is compared to him. Tyler relents and begs Klaus to save Caroline. Klaus states that it would be pathetic of him to help since in a previous conversation Tyler revealed that once Klaus was forcibly given the cure that he would kill him.

Tyler responds by offering to be Klaus' slave again in exchange for healing Caroline. Klaus refuses him.

Obviously hurt, Caroline asks Tyler to help her leave the room as she is unable to look at Klaus. The next day, as Caroline's health worsens, Tyler brings her back downstairs and places her in the family room in front of Klaus. This is an attempt to play off of Klaus' feelings for her in hopes the sight of her dying will provoke him to save her.

Klaus tells Caroline that her death is nothing personal, but as a means to achieve leverage and power over Tyler. A few hours later, Caroline is on the couch as her health deteriorates further while Klaus stares vacantly away from her.

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Caroline warns him again that if he does not feed her his blood, she'll die. Klaus seems to coldly accept that reality, knowing Tyler will have learned his lesson. Caroline asks how Klaus could do something like this to Tyler, to his mom, and to her. He responds dismissively, citing boredom as a reason. Caroline does not believe him. Klaus then suggests that his actions are motivated by the fact that he's pure evil.

Caroline counters this explanation by concluding that Klaus does what he does, because he's hurt. This garners Klaus' attention. She continues by suggesting that since Klaus is capable of hurting there is a part of him that is human.

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Surprised by her words given all that he's done, he moves closer to her and wonders how Caroline could think that. She confesses that she's seen his humanity; that she's found herself wishing she could forget all of his horrible actions. Klaus concludes presumptuously that she can't, faltering slightly as he seems to ask her if she could forget. Caroline does not answer him directly.

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Instead, she points out that she knows that he is in love with her and that anyone capable of love is capable of being saved. Clearly affected by her words, Klaus ignores her claims by reducing her words to the product of a hallucination. With her death not far off, she concedes that she'll never know. At this point, her body appears to be succumbing more rapidly to Klaus' bite.

Panicked, Klaus repeats her name a few times, but she is unresponsive. Conflicted, Klaus weighs his options before ultimately deciding to heal her. He props her up as he moves in behind her on the couch. He bites his wrist and offers it to her. She responds to his blood, holding his forearm and hand as she drinks, while he strokes her hair.

They saw signs of a struggle, so they assumed Damon has been taken and wasn't just off brooding. They asked Caroline to get Klaus' sword so they could translate Jeremy's tattoos via the photos Bonnie took and send them a map and directions. Klaus wouldn't hand the sword over, Rebekah argued. After getting off the phone, Klaus asked Caroline if she needs any help which she said no to.

Caroline and Tyler would have found the sword in Klaus' attic. The handle is a cryptex "I've seen the Da Vinci Code," Caroline sai so they basically had to twist parts and read Aramaic, which of course Klaus knew. There's only one dose of the cure. Klaus, who'd wisely decided that he could help Caroline and Tyler read the cryptex and keep that important information to himself, shouted it out to Rebekah when Caroline phoned her to say they were emailing the translation and directions.

Later, Tyler wanted to get out of town, knowing Klaus would start with him. Caroline begged him to let her try to fix things with Klaus because she didn't want to say goodbye to him again. Caroline tried to convince Klaus that he didn't have to forgive Tyler, he just needed to let him live far away from Mystic Falls. Klaus resisted, and we veered off into a conversation about whether Caroline would take the cure if she had the chance.

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That makes total sense. We heard the epic love theme in the background. But the only mercy Klaus would show Tyler, for Caroline's sake, was a head start.

The vampire diaries caroline and stefan start dating - If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating woman half your age, this article is for you. Find a woman in my area! Free to join to find a woman and meet a man online who is single and seek you. Is the number one destination for online dating with more marriages than any other dating or personals site. The relationship between the original hybrid, Niklaus Mikaelson and the vampire, Caroline Forbes first began on antagonistic terms. They first interacted in Our Town, when Tyler accidentally bit Caroline after being ordered to do so by Klaus, who was trying to get back at Stefan through his love for Elena. Although Tyler refused to intentionally bite Caroline, he still ended up nipping her on. In what episode do Tyler and Caroline get together and become a real couple? rewatching the whole series I'm pretty sure it is either the en of season 2 or the beginning of season 3 because I know tyler kisses her and I think she is dating Matt and she goes gosh everybody just needs to stop kissing me! Lol so I knows it is on between there.

On Elena's porch swing, Caroline said a tearful goodbye to Tyler. They're immortal, he reminded her. For her sake, he said it.

They kissed. He slowly walked away. And Caroline sat there crying. Klaus walked out of Elena's house. He told Caroline he assumed he was free because something had happened to Bonnie. In Bring It OnElena told Caroline that if she turned her humanity off she wouldn't have to feel guilty about the dirty thoughts she has about Klaus.

In Because the NightCaroline is at the Salvatores' home cleaning up after Elena's party from the night before. Clearly still upset by what happened the night before, she is seen drinking from a leftover beer cup as Klaus walks in. He notes what she is trying to do before she asks what he's doing there.

Klaus sympathizes with her before joking about drinking something more sanitary. In a blatant act of defiance, Caroline takes a sip from another cup before discarding it in the trash.

Klaus rebukes her attempt with sarcasm and Caroline responds by wondering why he's not out searching for Tyler, suggesting that perhaps there are still some hopes and dreams in Mystic Falls that he would like to crush before he goes. Klaus asks if she knows where Tyler is to which Caroline responds by informing Klaus that he's not with her and has surrendered the deed to his house to Matt Donovan.

Klaus steps forward and points out that it was Tyler's intent to kill him and that it's unfair of Caroline to hate him for driving him away in response. Caroline disagrees, suggesting that she does hate him before telling him to go away. Stefan interrupts at this point, informing Caroline that Stefan asked Klaus to come; that they could use his help because he thinks Silas is in Mystic Falls. Still in the Salvatore house, Klaus helps himself to a drink as he questions Stefan's assumption that Silas is back in town.

He suggests that it is Elena who is responsible for the missing hospital blood. Stefan denies Elena's involvement. Stefan explains that Silas wants to die to be reunited with his true love, but because he's supernatural if he dies he will be stuck on the supernatural other side.

However, if Silas destroys the other side altogether, he can take the cure, die, and pass on, but that means the dead supernatural on the other side will be returned to this side.

Caroline underscores this by pointing out that every werewolf, witch, and vampire - including the many that Klaus has killed - will return, wondering if Klaus cares yet. Klaus concedes that his interest has been piqued. He asks Stefan how they can stop Silas. From Bonnie, Stefan has learned that Silas needs three massacres to do the spell, noting that two have already been completed i.

He concludes that Silas is in Mystic Falls to complete the third massacre. Stefan believes that there will be something in his office that will reveal Silas' next move. Caroline jokes about the existence of an evil villain to do list that casually lists stealing blood and performing three massacres alongside more mundane activities like picking up dry cleaning.

Klaus corrects Caroline and tells her that villains usually hire minions to pick up their dry cleaning. Caroline responds by sarcastically wondering why Klaus is necessary to helping her and Stefan find Silas.

Stefan reminds her that they don't know what Silas is capable of, and therefore having an immortal hybrid like Klaus on their side could be beneficial. Klaus adds that he and Stefan work well together, referring to their time in the twenties. Stefan reasons that they did at that time because his emotions were off and Klaus explains that it's why Stefan was more fun. He also notes that Damon is probably relishing in Elena's emotionless state in New York.

Stefan argues that Damon knows what he's doing. Klaus questions this and warns Stefan not to underestimate the allure of darkness; that even the purest of hearts are drawn to it. Seemingly impacted by his words, Caroline interrupts the conversation by introducing a book she found that might be of use.

She opens the book to a section on expression triangles for Stefan and Klaus to examine. Stefan reads from the text, which states that in some types of magic, like expression, human sacrifice can be used as a focus for power. Two additional supernatural sacrifices can compound the mystical energy that creates an expression triangle.

Caroline outlines the two massacres that have already taken place, emphasizing Klaus' hybrid failure in particular. Klaus points out that it wasn't exactly a failure before urging her to reveal what the third massacre needed is.

It is revealed that witches are the third sacrifice. Caroline notes the locations of the two massacres that have already taken place with a marker, reminding Klaus once again of how he slaughtered twelve of his hybrids.

She connects both locations with a line as Klaus smirks at her. Recalling that the book dictates that the expression triangle is equilateral, she predicts the location of the third sacrifice by completing the triangle on the map. Amused, Klaus concludes that Caroline has been skipping her geometry classes.

He argues that there are two possible locations for the massacre, as he completes a second triangle on the other side of the first triangle's base. In her defense, Caroline points out that Klaus didn't give her a chance to finish. They exchange lingering intrigued looks before Stefan returns to the office and informs them that he talked to Bonnie's dad and believes he's found Silas. Later, Caroline is following Klaus in the woods as they use a map on Klaus' phone to track one of the possible sacrifice locations.

Caroline demands to see Klaus' phone so that she can see where they are. Annoyed, Klaus reminds her that she did have the option of accompanying Stefan to the other potential massacre location. Caroline scoffs at this suggestion, explaining that she wouldn't leave Bonnie's life in his hands. Still frustrated, she asks Klaus if he even knows how to read a map. Klaus informs her that he learned how to read a map from his friend, Magellan.

She makes a sarcastic remark about him actually having a friend before wondering if he was drawn to his darkness too. Klaus states that he was referring to Damon and Elena when he made his earlier comment about the allure of darkness, but concludes that it struck a chord with Caroline. She denies that there is any allure to darkness.

Klaus stops and turns to confront her. He asks her if she's never felt the attraction that comes when someone who is capable of doing terrible things for some reason cares only about her. Caroline acknowledges that she did once when she thought he was worth it, in obvious reference to Klaus. She continues by saying that some people can't be fixed; that people who do terrible things are terrible people.

Visibly impacted by Caroline's harsh words, Klaus changes the subject back to the location of the sacrifice. Since there are no witches present, he concludes that they went to the wrong point.

Jun 19,   This is the relationship between the vampire, Caroline Forbes and the former hybrid/currently triggered werewolf, Tyler Lockwood. Originally, the two did not like each other. She thought he was hot-headed and temperamental, and he thought that she was spoiled and selfish. After Caroline breaks up a fight between Tyler and Matt, and Tyler kills Sarah, she's the first to realize that First Met: Childhood.

They meet Stefan at the correct point where the twelve witches are attempting to cleanse Bonnie. Stefan informs them that the witches are linked and that Bonnie is going to kill them.

This won't happen if the witches kill her first, Klaus points out. Caroline urges Klaus that they need to save Bonnie. He reminds her that the only way to stop the witches is to kill them, which would give Silas what he wants.

With the witch ready to kill Bonnie, Caroline intercedes and drives the dagger into the witch's chest. This kills the witch along with the eleven other witches present. This puts the massacre location into darkness as Caroline ensures Bonnie is okay. Klaus and Stefan look on with shocked and defeated expressions. Early the next morning, Caroline sits in shock as Klaus finishes burying the twelve witches who were sacrificed.

Now that they are buried, Klaus concedes that it's almost like the sacrifice didn't happen, before he reminds Caroline that it did happen and now Silas has what he needs to destroy the other side. Caroline scoffs at his willingness to let Bonnie die. Klaus argues that one sacrifice i.

Bonnie is less than the twelve witches Caroline sacrificed, to which Caroline responds by emphasizing that the one witch she saved was her best friend. Klaus replies by telling Caroline to say whatever she needs to in order to sleep better at night.

The significance of what she has done begins to dawn on her in that moment and she becomes emotional. Klaus touches her shoulder reassuringly and notes that she looks like she is in need of comfort.

She nods slightly and Klaus responds by telling her to find someone less terrible that she can relate to - referring to Caroline's earlier disparaging comments directed at him.

Disappointed and hurt by his words, Caroline pulls away and leaves him with a regrettable look on his face. In American GothicKlaus, meanwhile, was shirtless and in pain because a piece of the white oak stake was still inside his back in a spot he could not reach.

Caroline arrived. He can take the shape of whomever he wants you to see. Then he left. Later Klaus was sweaty and cowering on the floor when Caroline came in again. He started to think it was the real her when she quipped about how she should be running three prom committees at that moment.

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He told her about the white oak stake, and since he was hurt, she was the person to call. She found that hard to follow: He ran Tyler out-of-town and killed his mother.

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She had to help. He told her she'd need to cut the stake out of him. Caroline was having a difficult time getting the stake out of Klaus. Caroline finally smartened up: If Klaus wants her help, he's gonna have to let Tyler come back and promise not to kill him.

He wouldn't do that because Tyler tried to kill him, but yeah, Caroline's right, Klaus has tried to kill most of them. Silas had gotten into his head and made him think he was dying. Caroline was ready to call it a night after using all of Klaus' bleach to clean up.

He thanked her for her help. She poked his chest when she told him if he needs anything else not to call her because she has a prom to plan. She asked if he was letting Tyler come back to town. She smiled a bit sweetly. So did he. In Pictures of Youshe interrupted Klaus' fireside brooding to inform him of the "real crisis" that was Elena's prom dress theft.

The tailor couldn't remember who'd picked up the gown, which meant she'd been compelled. So the vervain is out of the town's water supply. Klaus laughed at Caroline, obviously, but couldn't resist her when she smiled and begged him to go into his "creepy trophy chest of family collectibles" and find her a gown that would make her look "Princess Grace of Monaco" hot. He couldn't refuse her so he helped. He was also out of the Lockwood mansion after Tyler showed up, he asked Tyler if it worth it, and then he gave five seconds to Tyler for leaving, after Tyler goes, Klaus look at the mansion with a regrettable look, knowing that Caroline is inside.

In The OriginalsKlaus was standing in a city he loved and he wanted to be with the girl he loves. He called her and said, "Caroline, I'm standing in one of my favorite places in the world surrounded by food, music, art, culture, and all I could think about is how much I want to show it to you. Maybe one day you'll let me. In GraduationCaroline repeatedly calls Klaus for help but she still gets no reply.

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The witches that Caroline killed showed up to get revenge until Aja gets decapitated by a graduation cap thrown at her. Klaus saved Caroline and the others.

He threatened to speed-toss more caps, and the ghosts retreated. Caroline smiled at him, happy to see him. Caroline, we learned, had sent Klaus a graduation announcement-hoping for cash, he joked.

Or a mini fridge, she admitted.

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He'd thought about offering her a first-class ticket to New Orleans, but then he opted for something she'd use: He was letting Tyler come back to town. I intend to be your last.

However long it takes," he said. He kissed her on the cheek and escorted her back home. Later Klaus leaves, heading back to new Orleans. In Years of SolitudeKlaus and Caroline are reunited. Caroline is searching in the woods for Matt who has been kidnapped and locked in the safe where was Stefan by Nadia and then Klaus appears, she is shocked but she behaves in an unfriendly way towards him.

But Klaus keeps following her, he tells her that he has returned about the news about Katherine but Caroline isn't interested in the conversation because she has to keep looking for Matt and moves away with her vampire speed but Klaus returns to follow her.

Klaus stops her and talks about Tyler, Caroline asks if he has killed Tyler, and Klaus assures her that he "let him go with a little bruises". They banter, and Klaus claims the reason he returned to Mystic Falls was to "gloat over Katherine's corpse-to-be" now that the one person he'd hated and pursued almost relentlessly for more than half a millennium was finally dying.

Caroline tells him off and speeds away. Klaus catches up to her, and reveals that Rebekah has already rescued Matt from the safe. Klaus comes clean and informs Caroline of the real reason for his return to Mystic Falls; he wants genuine answers about her feelings towards him, and that not only is he willing to give up his vendettas against both Katherine and Tyler for her if she will be honest with him, but if she tells him the truth he will leave and never return to Mystic Falls.

Caroline goes on the defensive, saying that she's in college and planning a life for herself, and none of her dreams involve Klaus in the least. Klaus understands, but counters that she is still afraid of him. Caroline elaborates that she is more afraid of how she feels about him than he himself, that she thinks it is wrong to feel this way about him, but finally gives into her desires and initiates a kiss.

Klaus hesitantly smiles. Caroline herself is positively glowing, and kisses him again, this time with Klaus reciprocating. Klaus pushes her against a tree, and they begin to strip each others' clothes off. What can only be described as "hot vampire-hybrid sex" as Klaus referred to it while in Tyler's body happens thereafter.

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Caroline herself does not return to the Salvatore boarding house until nightfall, with a leaf in her hair and disheveled clothing. In The Devil InsideCaroline tells Katherine who is impersonating Elena that she kissed Klaus and that she felt so good doing it that she ended up having sex with him. Whilst attending the "Bitter Ball" at Whitmore College with " Elena ", Caroline is seen shredding the pony drawing Klaus gave to her in Dangerous Liaisonsshe says that she is making a decision and that these relationships are over because she wants a fresh start.

In No Exitat the Salvatore's house, Caroline is standing in front of the fireplace, and Stefan arrives, Caroline says him, that she knew that the Klaus thing was gonna come with consequences and that now she just have to deal with it and learn from her mistakes.

In Gone GirlCaroline is talking with Tyler and he says that she always sees the good in people, referring to Klaus, Caroline tells him she saw the good in Klaus and that she is a vampire with the same impulses as him, so she is allowed to make some mistakes along the way.

After a phone conversation with AlaricJosie asks Caroline where they are going.

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Caroline then answers her daughter that they are heading to New Orleans ; "To visit Mommy's friend". James Infirmary and Caroline tells the bartender that she actually doesn't know where the person she is looking for lives. The vampire then tells her that she is looking for Klaus Mikaelson. The bartender told her that she has wasted a trip. Caroline tells her her name, saying that Klaus will Know her.

The bartender says that Klaus is gone, shocking Caroline, and adds that no one has seen or heard from him for three years. Stefan arrives at St. James Infirmary bar, and Klaus pops up, they have a little tension filled conversation which ends in Klaus asking "How is Caroline?

Stefan tells Klaus all about what has been happening with Caroline and in Mystic Falls since he's left, when Klaus notices Rayna 's mark on Stefan's shoulder and shouts at him to get out because if Stefan stays then Klaus would kill him for putting his family and city in danger. Stefan Leaves. As Klaus turns around Stefan's phone goes off, Klaus picks it up and sees it is Caroline. Klaus pauses looking a bit nervous before answering "Hello Love. The baby cries and Klaus say "I know that sound all too well, you should try picking her up".

Caroline listens to the advice and picks up Josie. Caroline a bit nervous starts bumbling about Stefan and his safety, Klaus makes a joke about onesies and his daughter. Caroline gets frustrated because of Josie's crying and Klaus calms her down by saying "Stefan will be fine", she replied "how do you know". They both have a moment. Klaus quotes back to their conversation in the woods in Years of Solitudeand she has a small laugh and say "Klaus I'm not doing this with you".

They talk some more about family and Klaus says "It's not a crime to love something you can't explain" and he mentions how sorry he was to hear about her mother 's passing. She takes a sad breathe. She then notices that Josie has fallen asleep.

Klaus says "Well then we mustn't wake her", and so he says goodbye to Caroline. Klaus then saves Stefan in the woods from Rayna, because of his promise to Caroline. In the car ride Klaus hands Stefan his phone back then asks Stefan if he loves Caroline and Stefan doesn't answer but asks "why do you still have feelings for her?

Klaus doesn't answer but smiles and looks down with an emotional face then makes a joke. Klaus assumes that Stefan got Rayna's mark because he was protecting Caroline but Stefan tells him the truth, that he did it protecting his brother Damon, Klaus stares at Stefan and tells him to let Caroline go.

Stefan notices Klaus is not taking him to the train station and Klaus says he is taking him to New Orleans to a witch for help. Referring to his promise to Caroline that he will insure Stefan is fine. In Requiem for a DreamCaroline said to Stefan that she was desperate, and turned for Klaus's help.

She also tells Stefan that the hybrid is nowhere to be found. Klaus' letter. In I Was Feeling Epicnot long after she and Alaric opened a school for gifted children, Klaus wrote Caroline a letter saying: "Dearest Caroline, I have often imagined the paths your life might take, but your chosen future is more noble than I ever fathomed. Please accept this contribution to your virtuous cause. I do look forward to thanking you in person someday. However long it takes. Yours, Klaus". With a check for three million dollars donation for her new school.

Alaric voice over in the background said that it was the beginning of another story. Marcel notices Klaus good mood. In Bloodlettingwhen Klaus and Tyler are about to face off in a fight, Klaus tells Tyler that he is very surprised because he is able to hurt a pregnant woman -referring to Hayley - only for revenge. He then asks him what Caroline thinks about that, Klaus says that perhaps he will call her to tell her what Tyler has done, but only after he will kill him.

Tyler says that whatever he does to him, Caroline will never stop hating him. This bothers Klaus, and so he reacts, pushing Tyler against a tree.

Klaus thanks Stefan. The hybrid and the vampire soon start to talk about their loved ones, and when Stefan shows Hayley a picture of Caroline -that she immediately recognizes- the hybrid said, amused; as she remembers, that "Klaus had a thing for her". Stefan agrees with a little laugh. Referring to their earlier conversation in the car. Stefan says he will, and Klaus thanks him with an emotional expression. After Klaus finishes massacring a family in their home because he believed that they and others would later become an enemy to his daughter, Caroline grabs Klaus by the throat against a wall of the home and tells Klaus to pick on someone his own size.

However, unfazed by her sudden appearance, Klaus smiles flirtatiously and says, "Hello, love. Caroline explains to Klaus that his daughter misses him, and that Hope is smart, too smart for her own good, "just like her father", they both say at the same time, to which Klaus seems touched by.

This puts Klaus back into his thoughts for a moment.

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After their short reunion, Caroline gets Klaus to help her clean up the home of people he just massacred. Caroline also does this because she knows he massacred two people the night before at a night club and the owner just happened to be from the same family.

Klaus picks up the cleaning tools Caroline had brought, and after her bossing him around, he begins to clean his crime scene.

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After discussing more about Hope, Caroline gets mad that Klaus is using his father and his abuse as an excuse be a bad father to Hope. She tells him he will lose her if he doesn't reach out to her, and adds that he is a person worth knowing. Klaus finally decides to take Caroline's advice about Hope. However, Hayley goes missing Hope answers the phone when Klaus calls. Hope tells Klaus about her mother going missing and that combined with Caroline's advice to be there for Hope, Klaus rushes back to New Orleans for the first time in seven years.

In What, Will, I, Have, LeftCaroline visits Klaus' house in New Orleans, to inform him that Hope has run off with a boy from her school, and try to calm him saying that her entire Honors Tracking class is looking for them.

Klaus immediately gets upset, asking Caroline who this boy is, and threatening to kill him. Caroline tells him that they don't know exactly where they are, but they know they are heading somewhere just outside of New Orleans. Klaus wonders why Hope chose to come home, and Caroline tells him he can ask her and they find her.

She then rushes him to come with her. Later on, at a diner's parking lot, Klaus is waiting as Caroline comes out of the diner with coffee for both of them. She tells him that her tracking class will text her the minute they find Hope. Klaus wonders what they should do until then, making fun of the diner's cheap coffee, and Caroline tells him that he should think about what he will say to Hope when they find her, or more importantly, according to Caroline, what he won't say since it'll be tempting to lash out on her, but he shouldn't since he will regret it.

Klaus gets angry again, saying that Caroline has a lot to answer for, and just for losing his daughter, for telling him to be more involve in her life, just for to run off. Caroline interrupts him, saying that she gave Hope constructive advice, only for Klaus interrupts her this time, saying Hope didn't make this easy on him.

Caroline tells him she is not a child anymore, and that he have to earn her respect. Klaus finally admits that it's really hard on him, and that he have known such pain before. Caroline tells him that he just became a father. Klaus asks Caroline why Hope escaped, and she tells him that some girls like the bad boys. Klaus tells her it's not a rite of passage, but Caroline disagree, saying that it was for her, and she was only into bad boys, even if some of them was way too old for her, implying to the time she and Klaus flirted non-stop when she was in high school.

Klaus amusingly saying that some of those boys had pure intentions. They both giggle and looks nostalgic. Then Caroline gets a text, and tells Klaus that while her tracking class failed; however, she has their location from "Find My iPhone".

On the road, Klaus asks Caroline if she regrets the time they have spent together.

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