Are is alison and emily dating in real life are

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Could two little liars be making their secret romance official? Though Alison and Emily have kept their recent hookup to themselves, these two won't be able to keep real feelings for one another under wraps for very long. After all, if Alison's feelings for Emily are as genuine as she claims them to be and I'm not saying that they are quite yet these two will have to let their loved ones in on their romance eventually, right? Emily's crush on Alison was a secret to everyone but Ali before the Queen Bee of Rosewood High went into hiding, but once Emily reunited with the other little liars following Ali's "death," the Rosewood swimmer let her friends in on one of her biggest secrets: She loved Alison as way more than just a friend. Emily never thought that Ali could possibly feel the same way about her, and moved on with girlfriends Maya and, later, Paige - but her feelings for Ali never really went away. Alison and Emily have bigger things to deal with right now then their love lives I mean, hello, A is back!

Ali and Emily watch a video of Addison and her boyfriend making out when she was supposed to be too sick for practice. At Rosewood High School Alison walks in on a conversation between Emily and Paige and asks if she and Emily can talk since she's between classes. During this time, Paige leaves, allowing Emily to talk to Alison.

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The two head into Ali's classroom, where she tells Emily that she knows keeping the secret has been hard for her, but she won't have to do it much longer, as she's made an appointment to terminate the pregnancy. Emily asks if she's sure, and Ali says that she is. That Archer manipulated her into loving him, marrying him, and when he locked her up at Welby her took away her ability to make decisions, and with the pregnancy, it feels like he's in control still.

She states that she wants her life back, and Emily tells her she doesn't need to explain.

Ali says that she knows, but she wanted to say it all out loud. Ali tells her that she takes her first pill at the clinic that weekend, and the second at home a few days later. Emily offers to drive her to the doctor and Alison accepts the offer and the two hug.

Moments later, Marco Furey knocks on her classroom door and asks if she has a minute to talk. When it's Ali's turn at the game she has to go to a baby store and scan items she really wants. She finishes the task and goes to the cashier to buy a bracelet. The cashier asks if she wants the other one as well, the bracelet she had made for the donor. Alison is confused and asks to see it, and is surprised when she sees that the bracelet has Emily's name on it.

She finds her puzzle piece and leaves shocked and in tears. Later that night, Emily confronts Alison about what A. Alison states that she had to find out the truth - or what she thinks is the truth, about the baby.

That the baby isn't hers, it's Emily's. When questioned about this, Alison states that it's from when Emily donated her eggs, and that Emily was right about A. She says that whoever was doing this must have planning it for a really long time. Emily, who is in denial, says that just because A.

However, Alison says that she remembers the procedure from when she was in Welby State Psychiatric Hospital and tells Emily what she remembers.

Is alison and emily dating in real life

The two girls look at each other, both in tears, and Emily shocked. Later on, on the same night, Alison calls the clinic and cancels her appointment and says that she - they, just need more time to figure things out. Emily stands in the background with her arms crossed and tears in her eyes.

In the Eye Abides the Heart. Ali and Emily are standing in the living room and Emily asks her what she's going to do. Alison asks if she's talking about the game, and Emily states that she's not - she's talking about the baby. Alison asks her what she would like her to do, and Emily responds that it isn't up to her. Alison asks her how she feels about it, and Emily responds that she feels angry and violated, and asks how Ali feels. Ali says that she's exhausted from how angry she is.

Emily states that they don't even know it's true, and they could get a blood test to be absolutely sure, which Alison agrees to do. Later, Alison calls Emily while the latter's at work and tells her that it's true - the baby is hers. It's both of there's, and Emily says that it wasn't just the two of them someone else was involved too.

Ali states that it wasn't Dunhill, as it's the wrong blood type, and there are only a couple million other people it could be. Alison asks what she's thinking about, and Emily says that she's not thinking at all. Later that day, the two are back at the house and Emily asks how she's doing, and she says that she's doing pretty good. Emily takes a few breaths and then tells Alison that she wants her to have the baby, and she knows she's asking her more then she has the right to ask, but she wants a chance to raise the child.

Alison takes a moment to process before saying that they don't even know who the father is. Emily says that they know it isn't Archer, and whoever did this to them, she doesn't want them to win. She goes on to say that it isn't her only reason for wanting the baby, and she understands if Ali can't have the baby.

However, she wants her to promise that she'll at least think about it which Alison agrees to. That night, Alison is visited by Paige who states that she's ready to leave Rosewood - she got what she came to town for. Paige states that she knows Ali is going through a tough time, but before she goes she has to know something - if Alison loves Emily. Alison is taken aback by the question and that she's the last person to ask about love. Paige states that she's the only one that can answer the question and that Ali knows Emily loves her.

Maybe she's known all along and that's what made her such a scared and terrible person. Paige continues to try and get Alison to tell the truth - not to just to her, but to herself as well. Alison says that she knows how she feels when Emily looks at her and she's never felt that with anyone before.

It's like Emily can see who she really is, and maybe that's the scariest part of all. She says that when she looks at Emily's eyes she wants to be worth the effort, and wants to be the person she sees.


When Paige is on her way out, she comments that Alison is going to have a beautiful baby. The next morning, Alison is seen sitting on the floor with tears in her eyes. Emily walks in and asks her what's wrong, to which Alison says that she's thought about having the baby and what it means and what it could mean, and she's decided to have the baby. Emily asks if she's sure, and Ali states that she's not, but if Emily helps her she can do it.

Emily agrees and Alison says that it's settled and she'll do it. Emily corrects her by saying they'll do it - together, and thanks her as she hugs her. Alison, in turn, thanks Emily for trusting her and the two sit on the floor together holding hands.

The Glove That Rocks the Cradle.

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Emily, who is covering Ali's eyes, leads her into a room. Ali informs her that it really isn't helping her nausea, and Emily apologizes and takes her hand telling her she can look now. The room is revealed to be a nursery in progress in Ali's old room. Ali asks when she did it, and Em nervously responds that she knows it's early and it won't be a permanent situation, but while the baby is here he or she should have a room.

Ali tells her to stop, and that the room is great and that she and the baby can stay for as long as they want, and that it just makes sense - at least for a little while.

Ali goes over to some boxes and asks where Emily found all this, and she tells her that she found it in the attic. Emily also apologizes for not asking first, but the week before was so crazy that she just wanted to put her energy into something positive. They look at some of the items in the boxes, and Emily tells Alison that Jessica saved a lot, and packed everything in tissue paper - even baby clothes. Ali smiles and states that for her all her mom's faults, she did have good taste.

The same night at the school, the pair is waiting for A. Emily sighs and states that she's sorry about what happened that morning and that she's just scared she won't be able to do this.

Alison says that she's scared to, but mostly because she feels like Emily's testing her, and even though she doesn't know what the tests are she knows that she's failing them. Suddenly, they are interrupted by what they believe is A. Ali turns a corner but Emily hears a noise and runs the other way, shouting for Ali to follow her. There are a loud thump and a yell, and a terrified Emily runs over to Alison only to find her laying at the bottom of a flight of steps.

She asks if she's okay, and Alison says that she is and someone knocked her down and that they moved past her to fast so she couldn't see who it was.

Emily tells her to forget about the package and A. Back at the house, Aria is destroying the nursery per A. Emily grabs a candlestick on her way out of the room and looks back at Ali one last time before heading upstairs.

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She sees that the door to the nursery is open, but whoever it was is gone now. Later that night, the pair is in the nursery packing up and talking about the confrontation with Lucas Gottesman earlier that night, and the fact that Emily almost used a pottery barn candlestick as a weapon.

Emily says that she doesn't know why she thought she had to protect her since Ali's basically the strongest person she knows. Ali states that Emily's always protected her and ever since they met she knew she could count on her. Emily asks why Alison always pushed her away, and the latter states that she doesn't know but she's ready to stop. She states that she wants to do this together, and Emily asks her what she means by together and Ali responds that she wants to be a family.

Emily starts to say that she needs to be clear about something, but Alison interrupts her. She states that over the years she's been in so many failed relationships and she always made excuses why, but she knows the real reason and that Paige tried to get her to say it but she didn't want to say it to her. Emily asks what Paige did, but Alison quickly interrupts her and says, "I love you", for the first time. She then says that Emily told her not to do this until she was ready, and brushes a strand of Emily's hair away from her face before kissing her.

Driving Miss Crazy. Emily is seen walking in the DiLaurentis House while talking to Ali, and tells her to call her before she goes to sleep and to tell Jason she said hi. Mona tells Emily to make sure Ali takes her pholbic acid, and Emily tells Ali that the voice she heard was Mona and she said something about acid. They say goodnight, and Ali presumably says "I love you", but Emily just says "me to", as she doesn't want to say "I love you" in front of Mona and hangs up the phone. Mona states that Em can say I love in front of her, that it hasn't been a secret since they were in brownies together.

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They exchange some words and Mona tells her that she found out who the doctor was that did Alison's procedure, per Emily's request, and asks if she wants to know who it is. Since that person bankrolled it and could be her baby-daddy - she also remarks that it still takes two to make a baby. Mona and Emily then spend the next day searching down clues for who could be the father of her and Ali's baby, only to find out that the doctor didn't know who it was - it was an anonymous donor.

Emily brings Alison a mug of something and the couple sits on the couch together and drinks. Alison apologizes for all the tossing and turning the night before, and Emily states that it's fine, and considering what's going on in their lives it's amazing either of them can get any sleep. She tucks a lock of Ali's hair behind her ear and states that she's so beautiful in the morning, and the two kiss.

She then seductively says that just because they had a bad night doesn't mean they can't have a good morning. They both smile before heading to the bedroom where Ali is seen unzipping Emily's sweatshirt. However, she stops when she sees the game which is suddenly on their bed, and Emily asks when Ali moved the game into the bedroom.

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Alison states that she didn't and the couple realizes that there's a new puzzle piece, and Emily states that someone was in their house and might still be there. Seconds later, a police siren is heard followed by a knock on the door. Emily leaves to answer it. Alison exits the bedroom to see the police in the house with boxes and asks what is going on, and Emily informs her that they have a search warrant.

An officer informs another to check the bedrooms, and the couple exchanges a nervous glance, knowing that the game is in their room. Alison goes to leave, but the officer makes her stay in the living room. Hanna calls Emily and informs her that the police have been to all of their houses, but their phones are quickly confiscated.

An officer goes to their bedroom and Ali follows, only to discover that the game is gone. Later, the Liars are having a meeting and Emily tells them all that she knows that everyone is cranky but they have to stay focused. She goes on to say that she and Ali are as freaked out as the rest of them, maybe even more considering A.

She quickly realizes what she said and everyone looks at her in surprise. Hanna asks if they're together, and they both awkwardly don't answer, and Hanna states that it's about time. They are quickly distracted by the game going off in another room. That night, Emily and Alison are seen walking through the woods, and Emily states that she has no idea where they're going.

Alison sarcastically informs her that's why it's called a surprise, and they both chuckle. Emily says that being out in the woods has given her a chance to think, and maybe they should get out of Rosewood while they still can. That it could be an adventure - raising a child on their own, not knowing anybody. They stop walking and turn to face each other. Ali informs her that her leaving, them escaping, it's just a dream.

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Emily asks if Rosewood is a place where dreams go to die, and Ali states that not all of them. She then takes her by the hand and leads her to a clearing, where The Kissing Rock is. There are candles and everything for a picnic.

Ali states that she had a dream of them being at the Kissing Rock. Emily is shocked to see everything that Alison has put together, and comments that it's beautiful. Alison sits on a blanket and extends a hand to Emily who takes it. She says that if this is their last chance at freedom, they should make the most of it. They kiss before undressing and laying on the blanket and proceeding to have sex.

Jul 22,   Emily's crush on Alison was a secret to everyone but Ali before the Queen Bee of Rosewood High went into hiding, but once Emily reunited Author: Kaitlin Reilly. Pretty little liars emily and alison dating - If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating woman half your age, this article is for you. How to get a good woman. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. Rich woman looking for older woman & younger woman. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Mar 03,   Alison & Dr. Rollins. Hanna passed the time by dating good-guy Travis - although they ultimately parted ways. 9. Spencer And Andrew half the time, Alison was manipulating Emily Author: Maggie Malach.

Farewell, My Lovely. Emily and Alison are in the DiLaurentis House, and Emily walks over to the couch from the window and tells Ali that it was just another police car. Alison comments that it's the third one in an hour, and Emily states that they're watching them and Ali responds that the police don't care that they know it. Alison takes a breath and says that Ezra was right, they should be out looking for Aria, but Emily quickly shuts down the idea by saying that Ali's safer at the house.

Alison pauses before asking that if they get arrested, what will happen to the baby, and Em tells her not to think about that. However, Alison states that they're going to take him or her away and what happened to Charlotte is just going to happen again. Instead of the baby having a family, it's going to be homes and hospital and institutions.

Emily puts a hand on Ali's knee and tells her that they won't let that happen, and Alison states that they're not going to be able to stop it. Emily states that she took her so long to finally get to a good place with her, and she's not going lose everything now. She promises Ali that she won't let them hurt her, and the two kiss before snuggling up on the couch. Unbeknownst to them, a gas pipe is open which causes them to fall asleep. Emily has a dream that Alison is writing all her different names on the chalkboard of her classroom at Rosewood High School.

Are is alison and emily dating in real life consider

The Liars burst into the room and Emily tells her they have to go and they came back for her and to move it. Whoever is there has already arrived, and Emily along with the other Liars stack desks and chairs against the door in an attempt to stop whoever is coming from getting inside the room. A terrified Alison moves her back against a wall, only for a hand to punch through it and grab her, causing Emily to scream in horror.

Moments later, Emily falls off the couch and wakes up from her dream. She then wakes up Alison who also fell asleep and informs her that they both must have fallen asleep.

Feb 22,   this one's for all the emison shippers;) watch in HD!! So I know emily and alison aren't actually a couple but I still ship them and think they should be! had to shorten down the song a bit. Jun 27,   Pretty Little Liars 7x20 Series Finale/Season 7 Finale - Emily and Allison are engaged SUBSCRIBE for more! Premieres on Freeform and. She's not gay in real life. wrote: I think she is gay fo real cuz she stay kissing be making out whit ali,paige,and mya so i think the gay.

Ali asks how that's possible, and Emily responds that she's not sure but they did. Seconds later, the game goes off which is now on their kitchen table. They walk up to the game and Alison asks her to please turn it off, and Emily does. The two then look down in horror at the game. There is a bang on the door, and the couple thinks it's the police. However, it's just Aria. Later, after being caught trying to dig up Archer Dunhill's grave and being taken to the police station, they watch Mary Drake give her statement about killing Archer Dunhill.

Mary also confesses to killing Jessica DiLaurentiswhich causes Ali to cry and Emily to comfort her. The Liars are then allowed to go free, as Lt. The episode starts off one year later, and Emily is seen in the kitchen attempting to feed peas to the twins, Lily and Grace.

However, both twins are very uninterested in the peas, although Lily does try them. Alison enters the kitchen and watches them interact with a smile on her face for a few moments before Emily realizes she's there. The couple greets each other by saying, "Hi", before Emily asks her to pick up Lily. Alison happily agrees and picks up Lily, and reminds Emily that she can't stay long - she has a meeting with Mrs.

Alison kisses the babies before handing Lily to Emily, and giving the latter a kiss and saying "I love you", to which Emily says it back. Emily then walks out of the kitchen with the kids while Alison watches happily. Pam asks if Emily knows that Ali's here, and Ali says that she doesn't - but she hates lying to her. Pam assures Ali that Emily will find out soon enough. Pam goes on to say that Alison is giving her peace of mind just knowing that Emily will be taken care of, and Alison takes Pam's hand and promises that she will always be there for Emily.

Pam then thanks her. After Alison's class is over, she has words with Addison Derringermoments before Emily meets up with her. Emily asks her how her meeting with the teacher went, and Ali lies stating that she had to reschedule.

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The two then look at Addison who is with her group of friends, and Alison says that between the two of them, they have to know someone who knows someone who can take care of her. Emily wrinkles her brow and looks to Ali, who is watching Addi. A girl opens up her locker to find a doll that looks just like her with a knife through its heart, and Emily quickly notices that the girl is upset. Emily and Alison walk over, and Emily asks the girl, Claire, if she's okay.

Claire quickly says that she's fine, and Alison asks if Addison is bullying her. Claire states that it's fine and she's late for class. Emily and Ali exchange a look and Jenna walks down the hallway and has words with Addison before continuing on. She makes a comment to Ali about her being the mean girl once. Alison smirks and tells Emily that she's sure Jenna makes a kick-ass life skills teacher, but she still gives her the creeps.

At Ezra and Aria's bachelor and bachelorette party at the now renovated Lost Woods ResortEzra remarks that he doesn't think marriage will be that hard. Emily quickly says that's just because the couple hasn't had kids yet, and that this is Alison and her's first night out in months.

Alison agrees and says that is exactly why they should go back to their room. Emily smiles a little surprised and takes Alison's hand, and the two say goodnight to the group before excitedly leaving the party, the rest of the group watching them go. They are seen together again in bed, naked and making out.

Alison pulls away from Emily, who asks if everything is okay. Ali asks Emily if she knows she's there for her, and Emily is taken aback by the question and questions where this is coming from. Ali goes on to say that she wants Emily to know that she always has a family, no matter what. Emily asks why she's getting so sentimental all the sudden, and Alison says that she's right and she'll stop. Emily smiles and says that she's trying to create a vibe that is definitely not sweet.

The couple smiles before kissing again, and proceeding to have sex. She watches curiously and starts to walk over when Pam and Ali leave. Back at the house, Alison and Emily are in their pajama's cleaning up baby toys. Ali asks Emily if the girls are still sleeping to which she curtly responds, "yeah". Alison states that Emily hasn't said more than two words to her that night, and Emily sarcastically responds, "that's not true" and continues cleaning up.

Ali retorts that either she's entering a vegetative state, or she's pissed at her.

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Emily takes a breath before stating that she saw Ali and her mom at the party whispering, and asks what they were talking about. Alison tries to lie, but Emily continues pressuring her by saying that she saw Pam put something in Ali's purse and asks what it was. Alison lies and says that it was probably breath mints and that Pam is very passive aggressive. Emily doesn't believe this and says that Pam didn't talk to her all night and that they aren't going to sleep until Alison tells her what's in the purse.

Alison sighs heavily and tells Em to remind her never to throw her a surprise party. She opens the purse and takes out a red box and opens it, showing Emily that it's a ring. Emily is surprised to see that it's her grandmother's ring.

Alison states that she had a whole romantic proposal planned out that didn't involve a pug sweatshirt, so she'll just have to wing it. Emily asks if Alison was going to propose to her, and Ali takes the box back and chuckles saying that she's still trying to. She says that when she was at her lowest she loved her, no matter what and saw a beautiful soul beneath an ugly surface.

She states that Emily makes the world a better place and she makes her a better woman because she searched for one.

She asks if Emily promises to do that for the rest of their lives, and Emily tearfully agrees. They say "I love you" before kissing happily, now engaged. Later, Alison and Emily are seen talking to Officer Maple who informs them that Mary Drake escaped last night from prison. The couple is shocked to learn this, and he tells them that if Mary does try to reach out to them to contact the police.

Alison interrupts him and asks if this is a joke and states tearfully that their friend is getting married that day and that this can't be happening. Emily puts her arm around Alison and comforts her, before telling the officer that if Mary does try to contact them they'll let him know immediately.

He tells them that they should know that Mary probably isn't alone since she needed help to get out and that they and their friends should stay vigilant. She just can't get past the past. Emily and Alison have since gotten married and are still co-parents to their twin daughters.

However, they still struggle to move beyond their complicated past. While they love each other and remain married, it has become hard for them to trust one another and figure out who they are without A.

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Alison received papers from the Rosewood county family and law courts. She ignored the papers along with the influx of missed calls and texts from Emily. When Mona finally confronted Alison about her weird behavior, Alison explained that she saw a picture of Emily and the girls on Instagram that morning. Emily wasn't wearing her wedding ring, which she assumed meant that she had moved on. Mona helped her realize that if she had moved across the country she must have known how this was going to end, to which Alison admitted to convincing herself that Beacon Heights was the fresh start she thought would help her marriage.

A few days later, she texted Emily that she was sorry for having avoided her, but the last step had been really hard for her. She then tearfully signed the divorce papers and removed her wedding ring, setting it on the papes as she cried. She looked solemnly at a picture of her, Emily, and the twins on her mantle. Add an image.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. You loved me. Even when I was an ugly human being, you saw a beautiful soul. You make the world a better place because you see the good in it. And you make me a better woman because you searched for one. Do you promise to do that every day for the rest of our lives? Contents [ show ]. Emison with their daughters. Alison: [reading to Emily] I loved her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, and against all discouragement that could be.

Alison: Shy in the streets, sexy in the sheets. Alison: You and me in sweet Paris. How does that sound? Emily: Maybe we should learn to 'parler francais' before we go. Alison: We could start in the South of France. Dancing through the sunflower fields Lounging around in our bikini's in the French Riviera.

You'd look so good on top of the Eifel Tower, the wind in your hair Alison: Just because you and I kissed in the library doesn't mean I'm into you like that. I like boys. And trust me, if I'm kissing you, it's practice for the real thing. Emily: I loved Alison. As more than a friend. I just never had the chance to tell her in the right way. Alison: That bitch thinks that is what you really want To be completely free of A.

Emily: Do you know who A is? Alison: Of course, I do. Emily: You have to tell me. Alison: I don't think that's a good idea. Emily: Why? Alison: Because only two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

You have to decide what you want, Emily. You can stay here, or you can come with me. Alison: I saved your life, twice.

I risked everything for you. Emily: You destroyed me, okay? I thought you were dead. Alison: But I'm not Alison: That's why I need you. You always saw the best version of me. The person I want to be. Emily: Mrs. DiLaurentis, I want you to know that you're not the only one who's seen, Ali. I have too. Jessica: Of course, you have. You loved her as much I did.

For a wife on-screen but in real life, and is kate gosselin dating her bodyguard steve casually dating back in real life omg. They started dating former cellmate, with the first time daniel. Daily letters to dates daniel dating in revenge dating in real life. Special, ' emily . Oct 26,   Directed by Peter Hedges. With Steve Carell, Juliette Binoche, Dane Cook, Alison Pill. A widower finds out the woman he fell in love with is his brother's girlfriend. Jan 13,   Emison fans might be disappointed. Verrrry interesting. And anyway, while Emily's dating her "revolving door of girls," we know that Alison's actually married to a .

I wish that Ali could have returned those feelings. I couldn't have asked for a better person to love her then you. Emily: It's weird. There's one story where she says that I'm so desperately in love with her I'd rob a bank if she asked me to, and another where she says I always put my friends and she wishes she was more like me.

Shana: Ali said she missed you the most. You were her favorite.

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Nobody loved her as much as you. She gave you a choice, to stay or go with her. Before she left, she kissed you. Emily: Where is she? Where is Ali? Shana: I never know. She's always on the move, she finds me. Emily: How long have you known that she's alive? Shana: Since Mona went to Radley. Emily: You've known this whole time? Why did she-?

Did she come to you? Shana: She wants to meet you, Emily. But you have to go alone, that's the only way it will be safe. Emily: Why me? Shana: My guess? Because you were her favorite. Emily: It's really you. Alison: I've missed you so much. Alison: I know I can trust you, Em. I'm just not sure about them. Alison: You never stopped caring about me did you? Even after everything I put you through. You don't know how much I regret hurting you. If I could do it all over again things would be so much different.

Alison: When I was talking to Paige I realized that I owe you an apology too. I always made you think your feelings for me were totally one-sided. That wasn't true. Emily: I don't know what you want me to say. Alison: You don't have to say anything. Emily: Why are you telling me this now? Alison: I just thought you should know.

Alison: You probably don't remember what I said to you when I pulled you out of that barn. Emily: I remember every word. I just Don't know what's real and what I made up. You said you missed me the most. Alison: You were the hardest one to leave behind. Alison: Em. I know I screwed up. Will you look at me? Emily: Why wouldn't you just tell us the truth? You know, it's so much easier then lying. Alison: I didn't tell you everything because I was afraid I was going to lose you.

Alison: I never thanked you for what you did tonight. Emily: I didn't do anything. Alison: You risked your life for me, Em. Most people when they see danger run in the opposite direction as fast as they can. Emily: It's-it's getting late.

Do you want me to take you home? Alison: I don't wanna me alone tonight. Can I stay here? We'll just sleep. I promise. Now that Ali is back and saying that she's into Emily, too, could Emison become a real, official couple?

Lamb," we see Emily's mother what's up, Mrs. Could Emily's mother see that Ali and Em have a love connection and is encouraging her daughter to move on with the returned Ali D.? And does that mean that Emison might have a shot at taking their relationship beyond friendship - possibly even going Facebook official?

It's possible, but even with Mrs. Field's encouragement, I'm not sure that it is very likely. Sorry, Emison shippers, but I'm not completely convinced that Ali has the best intentions with Emily.

While I do think that Ali cares very deeply for her friend - and possibly has real romantic feelings towards her - Ali's number one priority has, and always will be, Ali. Alison may insist that she's changed, but she still hasn't become a person worthy of the title of Emily's girlfriend. Then again, Emily's last girlfriend, Paige, did try to drown her, so let's not pretend Emily has incredibly high standards.

Alison is still the selfish little girl she was before she left Rosewood two years ago. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. This content is imported from Twitter. Hey Emison fans, I hear you okay. I hear you. Marlene King imarleneking October 21,

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