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I was very pleased to find that CTC would continue to produce its top-of-the-line products with the same people at the helm and in the same Oregon location as in the past. I rely on CTC Laser sights on both my duty and off-duty handguns, and consider them a critical part of my gear. The current use of the Bodyguard name is something of a misnomer. Its humpback frame has a slot in it to allow manual cocking of the slightly exposed hammer spur for emergency single-action fire. The Bodyguard name is also supplied to the. This is not a big deal, as the name confusion likely only comes to the attention of older aficionados like me who have too much time on their hands.

Nov 22,   Inherited a "Smith & Wesson 38 S&W Special & US Service CTG'S" revolver, and would like to know the Mfg. Date and Model #, if any. Serial Number is xx. is on the cylinder. G on "wings" of cylinder pivot (hinge), in front of cylinder. Smith and Wesson Serial Number Date of Manufacture J Frame Revolver Lookup. For models 36, 37, 38, 49, 50 and pre model number versions. = start at 1. Mar 06,   I am trying to determine when the Smith & Wesson 38 Special Ctg. that I recently purchased was made. Model Barrel length 4 inches. Serial number "AWZ" appears on the metal portion of the gun butt. "38 S. & W. SPECIAL CTG." appears on the right side of the barrel.

The Bodyguard name is also supplied to the. This is not a big deal, as the name confusion likely only comes to the attention of older aficionados like me who have too much time on their hands. But there are more differences between the new model Bodyguard and the Centennial series than just a different name.

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Pushing forward up on the latch releases the cylinder, which still opens toward the left. This allows a left-handed operator to release the cylinder with his or her left thumb and to push the cylinder through with his or her right hand.

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I was worried this shifting of cylinder latch release would cause me some confusion during reloading, but the worry was baseless. The other real attention getter is the frame-mounted integral Crimson Trace laser sight.

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It is mounted on the right side of the Bodyguard frame, adjacent to the cylinder latch release and against the right-side recoil shield. Pushing it once turns the red laser on.

S\u0026W .38 Special Snubnose Revolver - Should You Bet Your Life On It?

Push again and the dot is switched to a pulsating mode. One last push turns it off. Speaking of the grip, it does not appear to be readily removable or interchangeable.

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Its size is a perfect blend between being the ultimate in compact grips and oversize ones. Here are 7. If you want to get started with wheelguns, these are the best points of entry. The Smith and Wesson Model is the best of all worlds in a concealed carry.

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It's optimized for concealed carry, with a light alloy frame and hammer shroud to ensure a snag-free draw from concealment. Soft rubber grips and the virtue of having the hammer shrouded - rather than removed like other J-frames - means single-action shooting is possible.

Apr 06,   Both the Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson (second edition) and Ftjestad's Blue Book list 59, Perfecteds being made between and with serial numbers It was S&W's last top break revolver model. I really like your Perfected, Mike.

The has been a perennial favorite for concealed carry and plainclothes police for decades. The modern iteration - on the Airweight frame - is designed for easy EDC and will deliver that in spades. The light weight - less than 16 ounces - means it'll snap when you shoot, but since it carries. Charter Arms was started in the s to provide quality carry pistols that had simpler, stronger designs than that of competitors.

Since its founding inthe bread and butter model has been the Charter Arms Undercover, a five-shot.

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It's a CCW revolver through and through. Charter Arms have long been accused of lacking refinements, but have always been known to deliver performance for value.

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Traditional and hammerless models are available, as are a number of finishes. Regardless of the model you get, it's a light, compact, concealable revolver you can count on that won't break the bank. The Smith and Wesson Model 10 has been in production since without interruption, first introduced as the Hand Ejector model in the then-new.

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It is the ur. Today it's still one of the best you can get. However, it is not unconcealable at all as a decent 4-in K-frame IWB holster is not hard to come by. You get six shots of.

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Over time the trigger smoothes to glass, and with a bit of care, you'll be able to pass it down to your grandchildren. This pistol is rugged simplicity defined, and police departments issued this gun into the s for good reason. It is reliable, accurate and easy to shoot.

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Not as powerful as the. It might not look it, but the Model 10 - by virtue of how long its been in production and by its use by militaries, police forces and armed civilians worldwide - is measurably the most proven combat pistol in existence.

A unique cammed DAO trigger ensures a smooth pull from front to back.

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It does, in fairness, have a slightly smoother trigger pull. Hogue grips tame recoil, and low-profile sights ensure an easy draw.

We use cookies to improve your browsing experience. By continuing to browse our website you agree to our use of cookies. To learn more about how we use cookies, please review our privacy policy here. Now Smith & Wesson is creating a wider series of handguns and rifles around this storied name, and one of these is the new M&P Special +P Bodyguard revolver. S&W M&P Bodyguard The current use of the Bodyguard name is something of a misnomer. Smith & Wesson Performance Center DA/SA Special +P " 5 Custom Wood Grip Matte Silver Finish Revolver Out of stock View Details View Details Out of stock.

Load, point, shoot, repeat The LCR is a simple gun with smart features, which has made it one of the most popular CCW revolvers on the market since it was released. Crimson Trace lasers are available, as is any color you want If you want to make a.

Dating a smith and wesson 38 special revolver

Instead of the latch on the left side of the frame, the cylinder release button is moved to the back of the frame for easy access. Normally, a hammer would be there but the Bodyguard 38 is DAO, so that isn't an issue. An integrated laser is added at the top of the right side of the frame and behind the cylinder, which is actually unique as that makes it one of the few pistols where the laser is actually parallel with the barrel. The cylinder and barrel are black stainless steel, the frame is a black aluminum alloy, keeping weight down to It's a higher-tech version of the ultimate point-and-shoot pistol, so you get smart features plus the foolproof operating system of a DAO revolver.

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The Taurus is the new Taurus. Granted, all the attributes that made the 85 well-liked by some folks are still present in the The Taurus 85 was much like many other snubbies, as it had everything you need - 5 shots of.

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