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Best answer by Matt R 8 June , I have to select the older AppleTV as the audio source whenever I boot up the system which sucks, but it works for me without having cables draped across my living room. Already have an account? Enter your username or e-mail address. We'll send you an e-mail with instructions to reset your password.

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Match the color codes of the plugs to the color coded jacks on the receiver - red to red, and black or white to black or white. Note which input you use. Use the stereo's source selector to select the input to which the computer's audio output is connected.

Jul 08,   Hi I've just installed my new projector (elephas cl) onto the ceiling my problem is that the projector isn't Bluetooth and neither is my speakers so I've had to run a 10m long aux cable but I can't separate the cable from the HDMI and power cables so my speakers are getting a lot of. Nov 23,   4) Insert cable into the projector and speakers (or receiver) If you have a ceiling-mounted projector, you may find it easier to take the projector down to plug in all the wires. If you do this, make sure you put it back into place before continuing with the set-up-you don't want to go through the entire process only to realize the cable isn't long enough. Jul 12,   Obviously, you're going to need some sound amplification to be able to hear the movie you're watching, and there are tons of options for you out there. If your media device supports Bluetooth, you could always grab a great Bluetooth speaker to use for sound.

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Step 2 Insert the 3. Step 3 Insert the two phono plug ends into open audio inputs on the back of the stereo receiver or amplifier. Step 5 Select the input on the stereo to which you connected the projector.

But we're fortunate to have choice in our systems.

Best way to hook up speakers to a projector

Yes, I do love the two 5. But I haven't amassed enough money for that yet, so I'm pretty damn happy with the "no speaker wire" solution that Sonos has provided. I get it.

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For your purposes, I'd heartily recommend looking at other solutions. I think you'd be unhappy if you were to attempt to force a solution using Sonos.

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Wish it wasn't so, but I'm a fan of using the right tool for the situation. Agree, although the playbase is a dedicated TV-centric product Sure is, as is their Playbar. But if you look at all their marketing, they proclaim to be a whole home music system, first and foremost. I don't consider either of those two products to be their main focus, I consider the Play:1, Play:3, Play:5 and SUB to be where the most of their attention lies.

Better Sound! Hook Up an External Speaker - 2 min Projector Tips

JR McKee. I'm currently attempting to figure out this whole process.

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I really only want ONE system, and I'm willing to invest heavily into that one system provided it plays my music, and when I want to watch a movie projected as a 12 foot image on my wall, I'd like to harness the same audio system.

My projector works great and from a image size standpoint cannot be beat.

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I chromecast from my android device to a chromecast dongle plugged into the hdmi port of my projector, and since my projector supports bluetooth, I pair it with bluetooth speaker. My BT speaker is not home theatre quality or even stereo, hence the need to seek out an alternate to Sonos unless I can incorporate my Sonos into this system.

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I'd buy more sonos product and support Sonos were they to make their products Chromecast compatible so I can generically cast to sonos speakers without having to use Sono's interface.

John B. Here is a theoretical model for you, in the sense that I have never tried it and I don't even have a projector!

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Anyone think this will work? Or can see a way to modify it so it will? Assumption: required sources a Blu-Ray Player and cable box. Who knows,? The projector is set up in a room with the speaker for better sound surrounding.

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View real-time service status. Powered by inSided. Is the projector producing audio? Can you hear other audio through the external speakers?

It would be way easier in a projector setup to run an optical cable to either the sub or rear speakers which could be placed near the source. With a projector, the only speaker that kind of HAS to be wireless is the soundbar. Insert the mm stereo plug into the projector's Audio Out jack. Step 3 Insert the two phono plug ends into open audio inputs on the back of the stereo receiver or amplifier. Note which input. AZEUS RD Video Projector, Lux Support x with Built-in 5W Sound Speaker, Compatible with PS4, HDMI, VGA, USB, Laptop, Phone, TV Box, Mini Portable HDMI Projector [ Upgrade Model] out of 5 stars 1,

The process of testing this differs depending on whether the speakers are dedicated to the projector or part of a broader sound system. Connecting through Bluetooth can save you the hassle of securing cords, and can be especially helpful in ceiling-mounted projector systems-if you can get it to work on your equipment.

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Most transmitters will pair automatically with any available Bluetooth speakers the first time you plug them in. Start by asking the troubleshooting questions above.

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If both the projector and the speakers are functioning correctly, the issue is with the Bluetooth connection itself. This should get you back up and running. Sign in.

Nov 20,   Plug the speaker's audio cable into the audio "out" port of the projector, which you may find in the connection panel. #3 In turn, simply plug the opposite end of the said cable into the audio "in" port of the speakers. #4. May 22,   To get everything in place for your programs is to connect your source to your sound systems like the Xbox, Blu-ray, media players, speakers, phones, pc and many others. The HDMI cables carry the sound and video from the source to the AVR and then to the projector to allow it to transmit video.

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